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The USA flag and US Military Service flags that we offer are made by Annin, the oldest & largest flag manufacturer in the United States. Since 1847, Annin flags have been interwoven with the history of America itself. An Annin flag flew at the inauguration of President Zachary Taylor, starting an inaugural tradition that continues to this day. An Annin flag draped the coffin of President Abraham Lincoln on its journey from Washington DC to Springfield Illinois. In 1945, the USMC raised an Annin flag atop Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima. NASA selected an Annin flag to participate in Apollo 11’s mission to the moon in 1969.


All Annin flags are made from the most durable nylon flag material available, Solar-Max Nylon with Nyl-Glo ColorFast, giving their flags the longest life, brightest colors, and the best resistance to damaging UV radiation. All Annin flags are proudly made in the USA, from domestic materials, and by American craftsmen, so you can be assured that your Annin flag will be of the highest quality.


US Wings is proud to be an official Annin Flagmakers factory distributor for the American and US Armed Forces Flags. We offer a complete line of flags, including all branches of service and POW/MIA. I am confident you will be completely satisfied with our top of the line, Made in USA, quality flags.

We are a US Military Veteran owned company located in Hudson, OH and fully understand the pride that comes from flying the American and POW/MIA flags.

All size flag poles are available.  Please call us for pricing.

We would be honored to be your supplier.


Please feel free to contact me personally at 1-800-650-0659 if you have any questions.



NOTE: The Purple Heart Flag is not made by Annin however, it is the official Purple Heart Flag.



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