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WELCOME! We wish to spread a simple message: you don’t need to live on the islands to dress like you do! Hawaiian “aloha” shirts were first introduced back in the 1930s and have since become a fashion staple. These island-inspired shirts are steeped with the essence of aloha, capturing the beauty, tranquility, and cheerfulness of island life with their distinctive designs and colors. And they aren’t simply for luaus or tourists anymore. In fact, aloha shirts have moved beyond the realm of seasonal or vacation wear and have come to represent a state-of-mind. These shirts are the very antithesis of uptight and have become the “uniform” for a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle all year ’round. Many of our customers feel that wearing an aloha shirt brightens their day and makes their troubles seem a little less significant; it’s like wearable therapy. We couldn’t agree more. Simply put, wearing an aloha shirt just makes you feel good! We offer aloha shirts to suit every taste, occasion or personality: from low-key conservative designs to bright tropical florals to novelty prints featuring aircraft or automobiles. We encourage everyone to experience a bit of this wearable aloha spirit for themselves!

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