G-1 Bomber Jackets

Naval Aviators are often considered to be the finest of military flyers. Their G-1 flight jackets have always identified them as members of an elite group. Now you have the opportunity to own one of these authentic G-1s through US Wings! We believe our US Wings-labeled Signature Series™ G-1s are the finest G-1s available… and we think you’ll agree!

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  • Goatskin G-1 Jacket

    US Wings USCG Goatskin G-1 Jacket

  • Sale! navy bomber jacket

    US Wings US Navy Bomber Jacket G-1 w/Wings of Gold

    $269.00$309.00 $195.00$235.00
  • g-1 flight jacket

    Signature Series™ USCG G-1 Flight Jacket

  • Sale! kids flight jacket

    US Wings Leather Top Gun Kids Flight Jacket

    $129.00 $49.95
  • Bison G1

    Signature Series™ American Bison G-1 Jacket

  • Sale! top gun bomber jacket

    Signature Series™ Top Gun Bomber Jacket G-1

    $609.00$700.00 $551.00$643.00
  • Black Bush Pilot Italian Cowhide G-1

    Black Bush Pilot Italian Cowhide G-1

  • cockpitVG1NP_DETAIL

    The Cockpit USA® Vintage Goatskin G-1

  • centennial naval aviation

    Centennial Naval Aviation Wings of Gold Lining

  • us navy flight jacket

    Signature Series™ US Navy Flight Jacket G-1

  • Navy Flyers Creed

    Navy Flyers Creed Wings of Gold Lining

  • top gun g-1

    The Cockpit USA® Top Gun G-1

  • navy flight jacket

    Signature Series™US Navy Flight Jacket G-1 w/Navy Flyer’s Creed

  • Goatskin G-1 Jacket

    US Wings USN Flight Jacket G-1

  • cockpitVG1front_DETAIL

    The Cockpit USA® Vintage Goatskin G-1 With Patches

  • AVG Flying Tigers Jacket

    Signature Series™ AVG Flying Tigers Jacket


    US Wings Black Label Goatskin G-1 Jacket

  • schott cowhide leather flight jacket

    Schott Cowhide Leather Flight Jacket w/zip-out Liner