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bestleathercircle-bestjacket1Naval Aviators are often considered to be the finest of military flyers. Their G-1 flight jackets have always identified them as members of an elite group. Now you have the opportunity to own one of these authentic G-1s through US Wings! We believe our US Wings-labeled Signature Series™ G-1s are the finest G-1s available… and we think you’ll agree! US Wings, Inc. is an authorized US Military vendor.

US Wings CEO, SFC David Hack, joined the USCG in 1957 and served for four years before joining the US Army (Ocean Station Victor USCGC Chautauqua (WHEC-41/NRUD) ’57-’58; USCGC Kukui (WAK-186) Hawaii ’58; Wake Island Loran Station ’58-’59; USCG Station Cape May ’59-’60; CG Stations, Shore Units ’59; USCGC Sumac (WLR-311) ’60; Marine Safety Office St. Louis MO ’60-’61) so he has a real affinity for fellow Coasties!

A US Wings® Bomber Jacket becomes part of the person who wears it!


G-1 Bomber Jackets

The Cockpit® USA Top Gun G-1


G-1 Bomber Jackets

Schott Cowhide Bomber Jacket