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G-2 Flight Jackets

bestleathercircle-bestjacket1The ANJ-2/G-2 Flight Jacket is our reproduction of a lost classic! The ANJ was developed in 1943 by the USAAF as a replacement for the venerable A-2. It was a joint venture between the Army and the Navy (AN) to create a standardized aviation jacket (J), but was never officially adopted by either service. Although the ANJ-2 (G-2) style was never officially adopted for military service, it is still an outstanding flight jacket! In many ways it is very similar to the USN G-1, but without the mouton fur collar or inside wind flap. The lack of a fur collar makes our G-2  the ideal jacket for those of you who like the styling of a G-1 but prefer a leather collar. The G-2 is a lost classic indeed… but thanks to US Wings, it is not forgotten!

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