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 The Life of a Warrior, a book based on the life of SFC David Hack, CEO of US Wings, traces the tragedies & triumphs of Sarge’s life, including his impoverished childhood, his military service in Vietnam, and his business & personal successes. Bad credit is not a problem with Payday visit our link Life of a Warrior is the story of a man who rose from a childhood home of a dirt-floor shack to rub elbows with Presidents and the like.  Sarge’s life, sacrifices and accomplishments in the face of extreme adversity are examples of the spirit of anyone who has feared, doubted, suffered and even failed,but refused to quit.
Sgt. Hack, The Life Of A Warrior has a positive message of triumph over adversity has helped & inspired countless people from around the world. Here is what some people have said about the Life of a Warrior:
Famtastic Book, Great read, very Inspiring
Thank you Sargent David Hack for your service and thank you for all you have done for this great country. Your book is not only a great read but it is truly inspiring. I learned about Sgt. Hack by doing business with his company U.S. Wings. This book gives you an insight into how a boy growing up in a dirt floor shack can achieve greatness through hard work, never giving up, never succumbing to fear. His first minutes in Viet Nam tells the story. They had to jump out of the plane with no parachutes as it flew low and slow over the runway. Sargent David Hack is an All American great man. The Life of a Warrior is an excellent book and I feel so lucky to have read it. Thank you Sargent David Hack.
Robbie Meckler
Shooting Star Aviation
A Warrior Required
on May 3, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

I did not serve with SFC Hack in Vietnam. I did serve with him in the Cleveland, OH Recruiting Main Station when I was a Unit of Choice Recruiter for the 101st Airborne Division. He was, without question, the most dynamic, personable, motivated Army Recruiter I have ever had the pleasure of serving with. He singlehandedly was responsible for the entry onto active duty to the 101st Abn Div more recruits than the rest of the RMS combined. We worked together to set up parachute demonstrations, Helicopter Rappelling demonstrations and for the lack of a better term – meet and greets with all of the high schools in the area. He taught me more about how to motivate people than all the other schools, classes, people in my life.

I purchased my first jacket – an A-2 in 1994. I was pleased to find the owner of the company, US Wings was none other than my old friend SFC David Hack. I knew he had retired from the Army and was a Chief of Police in the town they lived in, I had no idea that he and Lannie had started one of the very first internet sales companies on the planet.

I consider David one of my oldest friends. We can go several years with no contact and start again without missing a beat. Good book, that accurately portrays what we went through in the RVN. I served with D 2/503, 173d Abn BDE (Sep).

Thank you David for finally writing the book!!

A Book to Hope and Inspiration to overcome Despair
Format: Kindle Edition
I read your book over the weekend and enjoyed it. I found it floating around the VVA office here at Moberly Correctional Center. Your book give hope about my future. I feel down a lot and grasp at information to help me along. I am 43 years old, and Army medic, and did a tour of Iraq 2007 to 2008. I cam home and began having all kinds of problems. I was dealing with a hyper vigilance, nightmares, paranoia, and depression. I got into a fight that turned deadly and came to prison on a manslaughter charge. I , too, just wanted to go away and disappear when I cam home. I lost several guys from my FOB, I can’t imagine losing a whole company. I was a medic for convoy security driving throughout Iraq while dodging IED’s.
I am an associate member in the VVA chapter here. I do a lot of the secretarial work. I like it because it keeps me connected to other veterans here at the prison. I hope to get involved with other veterans organizations when I get out.
Your story give me hope about returning to society and being successful. I was a firefighter/paramedic and can’t return to my profession because of my felony. But I will continue to strive to be my best. You also give me hope to find love again. I was married but that has gone away with my conviction. I do hope to remarry one day.
A Must read for All Veterans
Format: Kindle Edition
As a Vietnam Veteran, I believe SFC Hack’s book, “The Life of a Warrior”, is a must read for all Vietnam Veterans and anyone interested in getting some idea of what often happened to the dedicated warriors who answered the call to serve in the most controversial war our country ever faced, came home to an uncaring, often hostile, public, went into a long, downward spiral and then rose from the ashes to resume a place in society as a respected, hard working citizen. The book is easy to read and goes straight to the point as it moves quickly along. The story is honest without being gruesome. I found SFC Hack’s path upward very inspiring and I believe any Veteran of any war would also find inspiration within these chapters. It reminded me again that our cause was just and we have nothing to be ashamed of. Do yourself a favor and read this book. I also recommend to read foodsealer reviews from Vacuum sealer research – our reviews, everyone should have this machine in the kitchen.
Tom S.

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