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hudsonliving4Get to know Sgt. Hack, CEO of US Wings: Walk into Sgt. Hack’s office at US Wings and you will find yourself surrounded by the memorabilia of a life well lived. Lining the walls are letters of commendation for his service to his country and signed photos from Clint Eastwood, John Travolta and former President George W. Bush. Propped against his desk is artwork taken directly from some of the best known fighter pilots in Air Force history including Rusty Williams of the original Tuskegee airmen.


Sgt. Hack served the military as a member of the Coast Guard for four years, starting in 1957; as a member of the Ranger Training Brigade in 1964-1966. Sgt. Hack served with the 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam and was injured twice and awarded the Purple Heart, and later led the nation as the number one recruiter for the military from 1969-1973. Following his retirement from service he quickly rose through the ranks of law enforcement, as a member of both the Hudson Township Police Department and Summit County Sheriff’s Department before earning the title of Chief of Police in Sebring. Afterward, he lived in Florida where he met his wife, Lani, and together they created US Wings in 1986 based on her business acumen and his military history.

It should come as no surprise then that in his soft-spoken, knowledgeable voice Sgt. Hack can regale you with stories ranging from historical accounts of the Flying Tigers, a volunteer force of pilots known for their astounding victories in World War II, to his own status as one of the premiere outfitters of leather jackets and associated accessories to the United States Air Force and numerous Hollywood productions.

Dick Rossi, Flying Tiger Ace wearing US Wings G1


His experiences and successes as a member of the military and local community is easily reflected in US Wing’s success as a business. US Wings supplies the United States Air Force and Coast Guard alongside the Australian, New Zealand, and Chinese Air Forces with their collection of A2 and G1 bomber jackets, both based on significant historical designs. They know when to be playful, though, with signature collections based on such pop culture mainstays Magnum P.I. and Indiana Jones.


The company is always looking to introduce new pieces of historical importance, as well. New products include a series of shirts that feature nose art, the decorative painting seen on many military aircraft of the twentieth century, from the late John Schumick. One example of such artwork is El Lobo, the nose art that adorned the craft of Ted Williams. Another new line comes in the form a jacket whose inner lining includes an authentic recreation of the World War II European escape map, which was originally sewn into the lining of troops to aid their survival in occupied France. Sgt. Hack is particularly pleased to offer jackets with this lining as many other versions of the jacket, often seen in Hollywood productions, are incorrectly sized and aligned.




There’s much more to tell about the life and pursuits of Sgt. Hack, but perhaps nothing offers a better picture of the man than to hear him talk about his family. He speaks lovingly of his wife, two daughters, son, and two young grandchildren. Not that he would forget to mention his golden retriever, either. Regardless of the successful business or the office filled with the memories of a lifetime, nothing gives Sgt. Hack more pleasure than the company of his family. Reprinted with permission from North Hudson Living Magazine.


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3 thoughts on “Sgt. Hack

  1. Jayann Morgan Brooks says:

    Dear Sergeant hack in 20 16 I was painting the walls in my house my brother’s medals from Vietnam were hanging on the wall with other mementos his medals from Vietnam and peace sign a Vietnam ribbon. My brother Rickys pictures Cuyahoga Falls parade coins from Memorial day parades I packed it all nicely in a box put it down in my family room and accidentally gave it to Goodwill I am heartbroken over this I was put in charge of all these precious things of my brothers Corporal Richard Morgan was killed in action April 7th 1971 in Vietnam
    I gave the medals to the Goodwill Midway Plaza Akron Ohio I’ve talked to them and they can’t locate them and I thought if anybody could find my brothers Medals it would be you I am devastated over this I am heartbroken my brother gave his life in Vietnam for our freedoms and I’ve lost his medals and everything prescious to me. CAN YOU HELP ME..❤. Respectfully, Jayann Morgan Brooks phone 330 687 0798.I live in Tallmadge oh 44278. Thank you

    • Bob says:

      Dear Jayannn:
      I am so sorry to learn of your accident;lhowever, once Goodwill sold the medals there is no way to track them. I would suggest you request your brothers DD214. You can do this by going to and filling out the appropriate paperwork. Then you will be able to get a list of his medals. I would then go to your local Marine corp recruiter and he can assist you in obtaining replacements.
      Sgt. Hack

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