Cindy K

Good morning David,


I got my jacket yesterday – and I have been going around showing it off to everyone this morning!  I L-O-V-E it – I absolutely love it! I can see why everyone loved the A-2.  I LOVE the baseball cap too! Its going to get allot of wear!! And the garment bag is awesome!


I read your book (and thank you for signing it!) – you are frankly quite incredible……. nothing and no one stops you, that is the bottom line – you are an American story unto yourself.


I was brought close to tears reading your experience on Wake Island – the the enemy had simply left our GI’s there to rot – What you did for them – by yourself – is beyond words – I don’t know how you did it.  I got chill bumps…..  – And in Vietnam, the General you were the body guard for was right on target… I have a friend whose husband was a gunner on Puff (Gooney Bird with many mini guns) and he said that they would circle the Ho Chi Minh trail and see the enemy in their infra red and visable (I guess they carried candles) – but they had to receive permission up the chain all the way to Washington before they could engage – by the time they got permission – well you know how that story goes….


Gentle Peace of the Lord.


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