Robert A.

I received my size Large, Modern A-2 today. It is a PERFECT FIT. I am 5″ 11″ tall and 160 lbs. This jacket is top quality, from the lining to the leather. All at a reasonable price. So glad I bought a U.S. Wings jacket. Robert A.

Jack M.

I didn’t expect such prompt service, I’ve never received in my lifetime a service, quality of merchandise by any company.  Thank you US WINGS..    This is the finest jacket that I’ve ever owned and I’m proud to wear it and tell that it was purchased from US WINGS. THANKS AGAIN, Jack M.  

Steven B

I just received my signature A2 flight jacket and all I can say is WOW. This is a beautiful jacket. I have wanted one of your A2’s for several years now and finally purchased one. I love it, it’s quality thru and thru. Thank you. Steven B.

Heidi J.

Hi  US WINGS my brother wanted me to thank you so much he loves his  A2 flight jacket as purchased from you. He has had a lifelong interest  in US history and military merchandise It arrived very promptly and he enjoyed watching the  DVD and  receiving the  carrying  bag -the quality of your jacket is […]

Tom Mercer

Hey Sgt Hack The field jacket i got from you with a liner is great. We’ve had some terrible weather and I’m still stuck in the ice and snow. It kept me really warm. I can go outside with no shirt, just the jacket and stay warn.Great jacket and a great buy. Thanks a lot. […]

Steve Z.

Dear Sgt HacK,Just wanted to say that my recent purchase of a modern A2 goatskin leather jacket was the best decision I ever made. I served in the USAF as an air crewman from 1970 to 1980 and I never did own a leather A2 jacket . I was totaly blown away about the jackets […]

Matt S.

I just wanted to say, “Thank You” for going above and beyond normal protocol to provide me with excellent customer service. I’m very pleased with my A2 jackets. Rosita was great to work with. You have a customer for life and I will continue to recommend US Wings to others.Sincerely,MattPS – feel free to use […]

Sara D.

I love my WASP A2! I am a reenactor and I wore it to The Great Los Angeles Air Raid last weekend and got a lot of complements. I got mine without patches because the original WASP A-2 did not have a Hap Arnold on the sleeve. I looked through the entire Texas Women’s University […]


Good afternoon respected company US Wings – today received my order. Very pleased with all of excellent quality. Grateful and great service and super fast delivery excellent postal company UPS. With thanks from the heart Yuriy.

Stephen S.

Dear Sgt. Hack, I want to thank you for your military service and a fine business model and website. I too served in Vietnam (’65-’66) but had it much easier than you. Thanks also for the Myth busting data. I look forward to purchasing your U.S.N. G-1 Flight Jacket, as soon as I receive some […]

Robert G.

Hey Sarge! This is long-overdue but I wanted to say “Thank you!” again for your help when I was ordering my jacket.  The jacket I ordered for myself (and the one I ordered for my daughter) are both magnificently made!  I wore mine to our corporate office this week and received a lot of compliments […]

T. Abel

Just a brief note to express my gratitude to the wonderful staff at US Wings for repairing and preserving my father’s WWII G-1 jacket. My siblings and I have many loving memories and mementos of my father, but other than photographs this jacket is the only physical reminder of his time in WWII. Sadly, it […]

Paul (UK)

Hi Sarge Just ordered a B15 and USAAF Cap. Have ordered from you before–love the quality many thanks. Also flew with the USAAF in the KC135 Tankers and operated the boom as well as in the Pave Low Helicopters–great times and very friendly guys. Loved the USA kit we would always trade. The USAF guys […]

Alan R.

Order arrived today. Fits GREAT. Good Quality. So typical of U.S. Wings!! AND…..a BONUS Garment Bag!!! Thanks a bunch. Never been disappointed with ANYTHING I’ve bought there!!! Alan R.

Randy D.

Just received my A2 modern flight jacket………..ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Could not ask for more in look, fit, quality, speed of delivery, value….. I will definitely come back to you when I am ready to buy my black A2 adventurer! When people ask, I will definitely pass your name on… Thanks so much! Randy D.


Just received my A2 Lambskin Italian Leather Jacket absolutely delighted everything I expected and more. Thank you Regards Mike