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US Wings is the premier supplier of Flight jackets, Indy jackets, and military apparel located in Hudson Ohio.  US Wings combines top quality unique leathers with authentic military and civilian patterns to produce the best leather jackets.  US Wings has been in business since 1986 founded by SFC David D. Hack, USA (Ret).  Forerunners in marketing, US Wings pioneered selling on the web and was the first Master Card International business in Ohio to take credit cards via the internet.  US Wings Signature Series™  are made in the USA.  The factory is staffed with the finest craftspeople who skillfully hand-cut, hand-sew, and hand-inspect each jacket.  They take enormous pride in creating the finest American-made garments.

US Wings jackets are made from the highest quality Grade “A” leather, constructed to US Military specs or better, unlike many imported “bomber jackets” which are often inferior in both construction and materials. US Wings in addition to producing jackets from Goatskin, Sheepskin and cowhide, has pioneered exclusive manufacturing of unique leathers such as Kangaroo, Bison and Horsehide. Unique Leathers are a US Wings exclusive.  Modern day leather is generally shaved to obtain a smooth finish.  In doing so, the characteristics which distinguish Unique Leathers is eliminated.  The naturalness of leather is enhanced by range marks which gives it the old European look.  As leather ages, the range marks bring out its character and give it a suppleness and richness.

Chances are you have seen US Wings jackets in many Movies and TV productions.  US Wings has supplied jackets to HBO for films about the Flying Tigers and the Tuskegee Airmen as well as “Behind Enemy Lines”, “Dogs of War”, “Space Cowboys”,”Jack Reacher”,”The Last Stand”, and various TV shows including “24”.

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19 thoughts on “US Wings

    • Bob says:

      Thanks for your interest in US Wings. Due to the high cost of printing, we don’t publish a catalog anymore. Our entire product line can be viewed on our If you have any more questions please contact me at 1-800-650-0659

  1. Michael Burns says:

    Hello, As a Marine Veteran who worked at the 2nd Marine Air wing i was always jealous of the fancy jackets the pilots were issued. I believe the jackets you guys make are the ones they were issued. Could a request be put in to have a velcro patch be sewn on to one of the leather jackets?

    • Bob says:

      Thanks for your interest in US Wings jackets. We don’t sew on velcro patches on our jackets. You can take your jacket to a Dry Cleaner or check out any shops in your area that does clothes alterations.

  2. William Fletcher says:

    Vintage Leather Aviator “Trapper” Cap

    $49.95, when do you expect to get more in stock??? Sixe L/XL… Thanks, Fletch

  3. hans schmidt says:

    I’m 72, 5’8″ 237 lbs with 32 sleeve length.
    So I assume I’m going to need a size 48 leather flight jacket…preferably with the fur collar..
    A) what kind of price am I looking at
    B) can your New Jersey plant take measurements for a custom fit since I’m fat with short arms….

  4. john.vf111 says:

    My question is about G-12 Navy Flight Jacket,, I was issued Mil Spec in early 1950, and don’t remember any hand warmer pockets,, But I saw one on web that was with Mil speck tag and claimed authentic but had side entry pockets., was any ever issued with side entry pockets WW2 or Korean war,, ??
    I would like to win my argument,,

    • myke says:

      Yes, we can ship to Portugal. The price for that jacket up to size Large is $295.00. With Shipping and handling, the total is $394.75.

      Thank You,

      US Wings, Inc

  5. slobodan says:

    I am from Bosnia, and serve US Forces for 24 months in SFOR and IFOR mission. I’d like to have an US Wings and USSeal cap.

  6. Nigel Keenan says:

    I am a New Zealand Air Force Cadet officer and looking to purchase an A2 black jacket. May you please confirm whether the A2 jacket supplied to Royal New Zealand Air Force personnel are with or without hand warmer pockets. The product reference would be helpful. Thank you.

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