Wear with Pride our Fall Favorites

Wear with Pride our Fall Favorites that our grandfathers, fathers, uncles, brothers and friends wore in defending our freedom.  The Army Air Corp and Air Force donned the A2 and B3 as they roared up in to the sky.  The A2 was originally made of Horsehide and then changed to Goatskin.  The B 3 was worn primarily by crewmen of the B17 and B 24 aircraft .  Across the perilous oceans our sailors wore the G1 and Pea Coat.   The G1 was made of Goatskin and worn by Navy Pilots and the Peacoat was the heavy cold weather coat for our seamen.  Our Army and Marine Corp marched across foreign lands wearing the Field Jacket.  There have been several variations of the Field Jacket including the M43, the M51 and the M65.  These jackets symbolize  and honor all those who gave so much.

Be proud to be and American and honor our protectors wearing the jackets they wore into battle.  Silently you can honor these heroes not as a fashion statement but as a testament to their efforts.  Nod silently and smile at your fellow Americans similarly dressed in our Fall Favorites as you share in your patriotism, never forgetting those that came before us.

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