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New Jersey Manufacturing Facility

Our US Wings-labeled Signature Series ™ jackets are made right here in the USA! Although the US Wings Retail Store and warehouse is located in Hudson OH, our factory is located in New Jersey. It is staffed with the finest craftspeople who skillfully hand-cut, hand-sew, and hand-inspect each jacket and take enormous pride in creating the finest American-made garments. All US Wings Signature Series™ leather jackets are made from the highest quality Grade “A” leather, constructed to US Military specs or better, unlike many imported “bomber Jackets” which are often inferior in both construction and materials. Additionally, in choosing a US Wings Signature Series™ jacket, you can feel good about wearing a quality garment that was handcrafted in America by Americans! We feel that each Signature Series™ jacket represents the finest of its type anywhere in the world and we’re confident you’ll agree!

Check out the following pictures of some of the talented craftspeople who work in our US Wings New Jersey manufacturing facility.

uswfactory5 uswfactory6 uswfactory7 uswfactory8 uswfactory1 uswfactory2 uswfactory3 uswfactory4

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