Frequently Asked Questions


Where in [insert city, state, or country] can I purchase a US Wings leather jacket? What stores carry your jackets?

One of our most frequently asked questions! Genuine, brand-new US Wings-labeled jackets are only available from our Retail Store/Corporate HQ in Hudson, OH or online through our website. Beware of inferior imitations. Phony US Wings labels being sold here and abroad. All US Wings Signature Series jackets are made in the USA at our New Jersey manufacturing facility.

Our jackets are constructed to US Military specs or better from the highest quality Grade “A” leathers and are handmade & hand-inspected by American craftsmen to ensure their outstanding & enduring quality. This personal touch results in a superior level of quality that can’t be matched by a cheap knock-off, so be sure you’re getting the “real deal” by purchasing your US Wings jacket through our retail store or our website. Either way, we look forward to serving you!


Do I need an RMA or exchange number to return or exchange my jacket?

No. As long as the order adheres to the Return/Exchange Policy, you can fill out the form on the back of your packing list and send it in with your order. All packages will be processed accordingly once it has been received.


Are your jackets USA made or import?

All Signature Series jackets are made here in the USA. Check out our US made jackets and accessories. We offer both to meet the demand of some customers looking for a quality jacket at a lower price point. US made items cost more because they are made in our government factory to the highest standard. Imported versions are also very good quality products.


What should I put on my jacket to keep it new?

Nothing is really needed but for our Leather care products. You may try a little product on an inside panel or under a pocket flap to see if you like what it does to the leather. The product will darken the leather somewhat, so be careful not to use too much.


How should I clean my jacket?

Usually there is no need to clean a leather jacket but if you must, we recommend sending it to professional leather cleaner or furrier. A spot on a lining or sheepskin can be cleaned with a little Woolite. Apply with a damp sponge and allowed to air dry. Note: Special finishes on many of the jackets may totally disappear if you dry clean it by regular methods.


What should I do if my jacket gets wet in the rain?

Leave to dry in a cool dry place with no covering and keep away from heat.


Do you offer repair services? What services?

We can replace the lining, the knit cuffs and waistband, zippers, and most leather and mouton collars. We also repair some seams, minor rips or tears, and sew on patches. Visit our Jacket Repair page or call our customer service line at 1-800-650-0659 for prices and time estimates.


What do I need to send in my repair?

On our Jacket Repair page, you will find a list of repair services, pricing, coloring, time frame, and our Repair Form.

Please ship all repairs to:

  • 561 East Hines Hill Road, Hudson, OH 44236


Do you accept any old jackets for trade in or credit?

Unfortunately, we do not accept jackets for trade or credit.


I don’t like to use debit or credit card. Do you take checks or money orders?

We will gladly take a check or money order, however it may delay the order for a week or two until it clears with the bank. We also accept PayPal or Western Union.


Why have your prices increased over the last few years?

The price increase of our jackets reflects the increase in the cost of raw materials. Raw material commodities are becoming scarcer and therefore more expensive.


Do you customize jackets and how much does it cost?

No. We don’t make custom jackets however, we can sew on patches or embroider letters and logos onto the jacket.


What is the difference between the different fits?

The fits of our jackets are:

Trim/Military Fit: A slimmer fit in the shoulders, torso, and sleeves. Jacket stating to be slim or mil spec, you may want to order one size up for a more normal fit.
Normal Fit: Conforms to a standard sized jacket that you would find in most stores.
Full/Oversized Fit: An oversized fit, usually about a whole size larger than normal. You may want to order down a size.

Please refer to our size chart for help. If you need more help, contact us at 1-800-650-0659 or email at


How would I know if I need to order a LONG/TALL size?

We recommend you ask our customer service department about long sizing if you are 6′ 2″ or taller. Most of our long jackets add an extra 2 inches in length for each size. Please note that our size chart is based on an average height. Contact us at 1-800-650-0659 or email at


Are any of your jackets fire retardant, fire resistant, waterproof, etc.?

Yes! We offer a line of FIRE RETARDANT Nomex® Flight Jackets.


For any further questions, please contact our customer services team.

Telephone: 1-800-650-0659   •   Email: