US Navy Pea Coats

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The classic military peacoat has been a tradition for generations.

Our authentic peacoats continue that tradition with all the practicality, warmth and timeless style of the original. We have the USA made Sterlingwear Authentic, the most accurate reproduction of the USN peacoat available anywhere. Available in both men’s and women’s versions.

The peacoat was originally designed for sailors who climbed up the ropes of sail ships. The classic peacoat is close fitting with a slight flare around the hips. The jacket was design to be longer, to cover the backside, but short enough for the sailors to climb and move about. Unchanged for over 200 years, the basic Navy peacoat has everything a person wants in a jacket: function, durability, and esthetics. The peacoat has a simple, classic cut, and can go from casual to slightly dressy. It is classic in style and design. It also wears well and keeps a man warm in all kinds of weather, at sea or otherwise.


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US Navy Pea Coats

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