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WASP History

Jacqueline Cochran formed and headed the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP). Cochran, the famed aviatrix, became the first woman to break the sound barrier. Combat duties were filled by male pilots and left a vital need for service pilots during WWII. WASPs filled the need. The WASPs logged over 60 million miles and flew virtually every type of aircraft from trainers to heavy bombers. They would often fly them as skillfully or better than their male counterparts. Recognition of these pilots were not until much later in life:

  • 1984 – Awarded the Victory Medal and American Theater medal
  • 2009 – Recognized and awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for invaluable service in WWII

Considered trailblazers, they paved the way for future female USAF pilots. Our WASP Jackets are a tribute to these pioneering aviators.

Along side our infamous Women’s leather A-2, we also carry leather motorcycle jackets, peacoats and Nylon jackets. Made with the craftsmanship and integrity of Schott, Alpha, and Sterlingwear.