Few items have as much character and personality as a comfortable, reliable leather flight jacket. Here’s your chance to extend the life of your “old reliable,” and keep it flyin’ high for years to come!

Don’t throw out your favorite jacket… let us repair it! Over the years, a good leather flight jacket becomes like an old and trusted friend. Through hard wear, day-in and day-out, the leather becomes softer, more comfortable, and achieves that desirable “broken-in” look. Unfortunately, by the time the leather achieves that “broken-in” look, your jacket’s knit cuffs, waistband, and zipper are often “broken-down.”

US Wings professional repair services make it possible to re-gift that special jacket. We repair jackets from any manufacturer (including Cockpit and Avirex), vintage jackets, newer jackets and those that seem irreparable. We can also repair nylon and cloth jackets as well. The US Wings® professional Team can repair most any jacket.  We provide this service worldwide.

Jacket Repair Order Form


  1. Print and fill out the repair form above. Any special requests may result in additional cost. Please contact our Customer Service at 1-800-650-0659 for questions and possible costs
  2. Place the item to be repaired into a box with the completed repair form.
  3. Ship the package via the carrier of your choice. We suggest to select a method that provides tracking and a delivery receipt signature.
  4. Ship the package to: US Wings, Inc., 561 East Hines Hill Road, Hudson, Ohio 44236 


Once the package has been received, we will process your order and send you an email confirmation. If we have any questions or concerns, we will contact you before processing your order. The repair turn-around time will be about 2-3 weeks however, repairs that are more labor intensive may take more time. Once repairs are completed, your order will be packaged and shipped with UPS. Each package will be insured and require a signature upon delivery.



Leather Flight Jacket Repair

We are honored to service you and have over 31 years of experience in the repair industry.



Professional Leather Jacket Repair Service Options:


  • CUFFS – $60: Colors: Dark Brown, Medium Brown & Black
  • WAISTBAND – $60: Colors: Dark Brown, Medium Brown & Black
  • ZIPPER – $60: Colors: Dark Brown & Black; Styles: A-2, G-1 & B-3
  • G-1 COLLAR – $90: Color: Dark Brown
  • ESCAPE MAP LINING – $140: Colors: Gold & Egg Shell (as seen in Avirex jackets)
  • LINING – $120: Colors: Standard Brown/Black Lining
  • NO LINING CHARGE – $50   (Charged if your jacket DOES NOT have an existing lining)
  • RE-LINE POCKETS – $15 per pocket
  • PATCHES – $10 per patch:   Please take a photo/draw a diagram of where you would like them sewn.
  • NAVY FLYER’S CREED – $59.95   (Note: Adding this item to existing lining ONLY. Banner: approx. 17.75″ x 13″)
  • SHORTEN SLEEVES – $70.00   (FINAL SALEPlease indicate, with white chalk or measurements, the desired length to be shortened.)
  • Please call us at 1-800-650-0659, or email us at info@uswings.com, with any questions, concerns, or special requests. We are here to serve you!


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