Fit Guide

Runs trim in shoulders and torso. We recommend to order a size larger for a more normal fit.

Trimmer in shoulders. For a more normal size or if you have broad shoulders, we recommend to order a size larger.)

Order your normal size. Use our sizing chart below for more help.

Slightly oversized. For a looser fit, order your normal size. A normal fit, order a size smaller.

If you are uncertain of sizing of any item on our site, you can Email Us or call our store at 1-888-946-4787.

Size Charts

  • Sizes Typical for US Wings Flight and Bomber Jackets , Military Clothing, Aloha Shirts and more sold through US Wings.
  • Weight to size are estimated on average body types.
  • Size recommendations do not apply for larger than average body types.
  • We suggest customers 6’1” and over to order a long/tall size. If the item isn’t available in a long/tall, then we advise to order the next size up.
  • We do not offer big sizes.
  • NOTE: The sizing below is based on a normal fit. For specifics, please refer to the “Fit” on the individual pages.


We suggest women purchase based on their dress size. Check out our exclusive collection of Women’s Jackets.

Children sizes vary from brand to brand. We suggest measuring children to verify their height and other parameters. If a child’s height measures for a particular size but the other parameters are exceeded, purchase a larger size. See our extremely unique collection of Kids Jackets.



Small (8) 27 25 24.5 24.5
Medium (10/12) 28-29 26-27 26-27.5 26-27.5
Large (14/16) 30-32 27-29 27.5-29 27.5-29
Extra Large (18) 34-35 31-32 29-30.5 29-30.5


To measure for your hat size, place a tape measure around the widest part of your head (usually about one inch above your ears). Pull tape snug, but not too tight. Visit our exclusive collection of character building Military Headgear!

Measure around the hand at the fullest point excluding the thumb. Need a pair of Flight Gloves?

How to measure for frame sizing:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror.
  2. Hold a ruler so one end is lined up with your right temple and the ruler goes over the bridge of your nose.
  3. Measure the distance between your temples to the nearest 1/4 inch. Accuracy to 1/8th inch is even better. Keep ruler straight, do not bend.
  4. Use the chart below to determine the frame size that would best suit your face.

52mm Frames ———– Up to 5 in (127 mm)

55mm Frames ———– 5 in to 5.5 in (128 mm – 140 mm)

57mm Frames ———–5.5 in to 6 in (141 mm – 152 mm)

Need More Help Sizing One of Our Items?

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