US Wings uses many Types of Leather in the manufacturing of their Flight Jackets, Bomber Jackets and Indy Style Jackets.   While some leathers are known for their strength and toughness, others are known for their softness.  Each leather has its own characteristics of feel and look and should be evalutated based upon your need.  Care of leather will dictate how long it lasts-base your decision on how you plan on wearing your jacket. Note: leather is a natural material and will contain naturally occurring blemishes as well as variations in grain and color.

US Wings uses Full Grain leather.  Full grain leather is the best quality and is the most popular type of leather. It has not been snuffed, sanded or buffed to remove any natural marks or imperfections from the surface.

goatskin_swatchGoatskin: Goatskin is a very good all-around leather. It can be worn for dressy or casual wear, but it is also durable enough to handle the abuse of a “working” jacket. Military jackets like the USAF A-2 are made from goatskin. It is lighter than cowhide and is generally quite supple, requiring little break-in time. Goatskin has a pleasing “pebble” grain. 2.5 oz
 capebuffalo Cape Buffalo: Cape Buffalo is one of the most durable leathers available. Our tanning and antiquing process gives the leather an “old world” look & feel, with subtle color variations and varied graining. The drum dyed leather is very supple with a thickness of 1.2mm-1.3mm, making it similar to cowhide in weight and ideal for three season wear.
 lambskin_swatchLambskin: Lambskin is very supple but generally has less tear resistance than goatskin, cowhide, or horsehide. However, our lambskin is substantial (not paper-thin like the lambskin found on “fashion” leather jackets) and is treated to give it an “antique” appearance. It will “break-in” and age rapidly, becoming softer as you wear it. 2.75 oz
 cowhide_swatchCowhide: Cowhide is well known for its toughness, which is why most motorcycle jackets are made from cowhide. It’s very strong and tends to be heavier than goatskin. Our special VIP Cowhide is an ultra-luxurious “high-end” cowhide with a very pleasing grain and is incredibly soft and supple. 3 oz
 vintagecowhide_swatchVintage Cowhide: Our Vintage cowhide leather is the ultimate in distressed leathers! The leather is aged to give it that authentic “50 Mission” look, and the variety of graining throughout the jacket enhances its rustic, vintage appearance. Tough as nails, but still very soft & supple for comfort. 3 oz
horsehide_swatchHorsehide: Horsehide is well known for its rugged durability. Most WWII USAAF A-2s were made from horsehide leather, so you know it’s tough and battle-tested. Our horsehide has a variety of graining and will develop the rich look of a vintage jacket the more you wear it. The overall weight is greater than goatskin. 3.25 oz
 sheepskin_swatchSheepskin: The WWII B-3s worn by our AAF bomber crews were made from sheepskin leather, so you know it’s tough and will keep you warm at high or low altitude. The variety of graining throughout the jacket enhances the leather’s appearance.
 OWABisonBISON: Our American Bison leather is made from premium Wisconsin farm-raised bison, tanned using the “old west” method. It’s heavy in weight and features beautiful graining. An extremely tough & durable leather, but still very supple. 2.75 oz
KangarooKangaroo:Kangaroo leather is very light in weight but is much stronger and more durable than other leathers. The hides come from wild kangaroos, not farm-raised, so the leather will display naturally occurring scratches, scuffs and range marks that adds unique character. Dark reddish-brown in color. 2 oz
 TexasSteerhide Texas Steerhide: Our special pre-distressed Texas Steerhide features a variety of graining, scuffs, range marks and distressing to give it an authentic “vintage” look. A durable hide that is also soft & supple. 3 oz