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Amazon reviews of The Life of a Warrior

 The Life of a Warrior, a book based on the life of SFC David Hack, CEO of US Wings, traces the tragedies & triumphs of Sarge’s life, including his impoverished childhood, his military service in Vietnam, and his business & personal successes.  Life of a Warrior is the story of a man who rose from a childhood […]

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Honoring our Veterans, I Served Cap

US Wings is proud to announce our new I Served Cap! Military veterans are a proud and humble bunch, and this cap is a simple & subtle way to show that you served this great country. A great cap for all active or former military personnel, from any branch of service; makes an excellent gift […]

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U.S. Wings Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday Gift Guide from US Wings is available to help you determine our best products.  Searches for products under $20, $30,$50, $100, $150 $200, and over $250, will help you in your selections.  In addition, US Wings is having a special promotion each day from now until Christmas featured in our 21 Days of […]

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Leather Bomber Jackets at US Wings

 Leather Bomber Jackets can be found at US Wings.  Who has the world’s largest inventory of  Leather Bomber jackets and military apparel?  US Wings!  From A-2’s, to G-1’s to B-3’s,  US Wings has the jacket or coat for you.   Leather Selection is the first step in purchasing your Leather Bomber jacket.  What type of leather do […]

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The Honorable Sergeant David Hack

Meet Your Neighbor: The Honorable Sergeant David Hack By Malinda Oakes, North Hudson Living, December 2016 Reprinted with permission    The life of a warrior is hard life. It begins with rigorous training and endless drills. Whether sick, physically or emotionally drained, injured, or completely overwhelmed, a warrior is taught to get back up, take […]

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American Pride Jackets

Does US Wings have Military Bomber Jackets?

Military Bomber Jackets largest supplier in the United States is US Wings .  Located in Hudson Ohio, US Wings is the world’s leading authority on Military Bomber Jackets and aviation apparel. Vietnam Veteran-owned since 1986 and online since 1994, we have the world’s largest inventory and are a supplier to the US Military.   From A-2’s, G-1’s, and B-3’s,US Wings […]

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US Wings at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

The Jacket of Champions! Our popular US Wings Signature Series Goatskin A-2 2000 as worn by Mr. Walter Omiecinski, the “World War II Military Trainer/Liason Aircraft Champion” at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016 Fly-In, posing with his winning 1941 Interstate Cadet S-1A plane and his coveted “Bronze Lindy” first place trophy! Congratulations Mr. Omiecinski! EAA […]

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Have you seen US Wings on House of Cards?

The Jacket Worn By Presidents!   Did you know that the A-2 leather jacket that Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood wears in the popular series House of Cards was supplied by US Wings? Well, you can own the very same “Presidential” A-2 jacket (our USA-made Signature Series Goatskin A-2) as seen on the show. In […]

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