What’s New with SFC Daivid Hack is the 2015 Army Historical Calendar has selected SFC David D. Hack, US Army (Ret) as one of eight Vietnam Veterans to represent the Vietnam era in the 2015 calendar.  Hack, known as “Sgt. Hack”, is a decorated 74-year-old veteran, and the recipient of two Purple Hearts, wounded twice in Vietnam as a member of the 1st Infantry Division.  The calendars, provided to museum sponsors, will be available for purchase Nov. 1 at  Proceeds from the calendar will support the construction of the National Museum of the United States Army at Ft. Belvoir Virginia. This is the seventh calendar honoring the Army, according to retired Colonel David Fabian, director of communications for the Army Historical Foundation.  Fabian designed the calendar using Army artwork scenes for each month.  The 2015 Army Historical Calendar will honor different eras of Army service, including a special page on chaplains.  The subjects were chosen at random using the online Registry of the American Soldier:  Anyone who has received and honorable discharge, or has a family member who has been honorably discharged, can place a name in the 110,000 name searchable data bank, with some entries going back to the Revolutionary War.

Hack was wounded twice, the first time in a Rocket attack on April 10th 1968, and the second when his armored personnel carrier was hit by enemy fire on September 13th, 1968.  Hit by shrapnel in his leg, face, and back, he underwent five major surgeries.  His leg never healed and he lost the sight in his right eye.    After spending a year in the hospital, Sergeant Hack became a recruiter in northern Summit County Ohio.    His custom painted jeep, known as the “Hackmobile” which was used to recruit soldiers for the 101st Airborne, resides at the Don F. Pratt Museum  at Ft. Campbell Kentucky since his retirement in 1973.

“It is a great honor for the Army Historical Foundation National Museum of the United States Army to place my picture and name in the 2015 Army Historical Calendar,” Hack said of the announcement that he was selected.

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SFC David D. Hack, U.S. Army, (Ret) Biography