I have had this jacket for a year and couldn’t be happier. This is a well made jacket the distressing is great it is warm and looks great. I would order again from USWings. Not only because of the quality but also to support an American business and a veteran. Thanks for your service and quality jackets.

Dear Sgt. Hack, my son loves his A2 in bison! Fantastic jacket. Thank you to all; customer service is great. I will be buying myself an A2 jacket real soon. Best regards from Scottsdale,AZ…. Franzetti family

I received my authentic Navy Peacoat and I absolutely love it. I wanted a coat just like the one I was issued in the Navy and now I have it. I had gone to clothing stores and tried on several cheap imitations but this is the real thing. I am happy and treasure it. However, it is not the coat that made me write you. I have served in the Navy for 2 years, Air Force for 15 and Army National Guard for 7. When I opened the box and saw the autographed “The Life of Warrior” I was intrigued. It is Christmas morning and I sat down to see what the book is about and did not put it down until I finished the entire book. It was great and inspiring. I loved it and Sgt. Hack has a new fan. Thank you very much for a great coat, and an even even greater book that I will cherish. It was quite inspiring for me.

Thank you !!!!! Thank you !!!! Thank you !!!!
We just received the Vintage Texas Steerhide Modern A-2 jacket and it is FABULOUS !!!!
Thank you to the great customer service personnel who helped me pick the correct size for this jacket for my husband !!!!
The XXXL fits my tall ( 6 foot and some inches )
husband perfectly !!!
This is an Extremely Well Made Jacket !!!!
Again , thank y’all from Texas !!!!
God Bless Y’all !!!!

Dear Sgt Hack:
Thank you for your service during war time and as a business owner serving the US Military. I appreciate all that you do, have done and will continue to do in support of freedom. I have enjoyed the emails we have exchanged over the past few years and look forward to our lunch when I get back to your neck of the woods.
Col James L. Wahlquist
The Green Feet

Hi… just received my Antique Lamb A-2 jacket…I want to thank the young lady who assisted me in my order…I normally ware a size medium shirt and jacket, but was advised to order a size small jacket…she knows her product :-} … the A-2 jacket fits beautifully and the choice of dark brown was an excellent selection…all is well here and can’t wait to welcome a cold Colorado winter…thank you thank you thank you   ;-}   ed nakasone

Just wanted to drop a note to you about my leather A-2 jacket you repaired for me. I received it August 4th.
WOW! What a great job you guys did replacing the lining. It is remarkable and impossible to tell that it was a repair/replacement and not the original. I am so happy. I’ve had that jacket for over 30 years and it is like new again. Here’s to another 30!

Dear All at US Wings,

Thank you very much for exchanging my Flight Jacket (order #31407 date 07-13-2016), thank you very much for the cap I found inside the box, thank you for “The Life of a Warrior” and thank you for paying for shipping… I opened the box and let go an audible “wow”. I will definitely let all my fellow pilots know how business is done at US Wings.

I purchased my jacket from you a couple of years ago and without a doubt it is the best jacket I have ever had or will have. Thanks
Francis C. Jackson
Major, US Army

I bought a A2 cow hide leather bomber jacket. I did a bit of research before buying the jacket and all the reviews I read pointed to value and quality. Your staff were helpful and assisted me in choosing the right size and answering all my questions over the Internet. I had it shipped overseas and it arrived in a well packaged and timely manner. The jacket fitted well and I have worn it in all types of weather and has kept me warm, dry and has been comfortable to wear. If I need the jacket repaired I can ship it back to US Wings and get it fixed. Not many companies offer this sort of service. The jacket came with a gold lining and embroidered Navy Creed emblem. I could not be happier. Thank you.

My Indy Jacket is phenomenal! It fits to comfort as well as slick style and smooth presentation. USWings did a fabulous job creating my jacket for me! This jacket allows me to go back into time as a child and pretend to be an adventurer. Not only did this jacket make my entire Christmas holiday season complete, but I had the pleasure of meeting Sergeant Hack. Being a Kentucky native, I appreciate Sergeant Hack’s story! I read his story that came with packaging! It was an inspiration to me. I was able to speak with him personally over the phone several times in the process of getting my jacket. Man I tell ya, he is the greatest and the best storyteller of all time! I recommend this company when buying the Indy Jacket as well as any other bomber jacket that is available in stock! You will not be disappointed I promise!

Scott D.

Hi, I wanted to let you know I received my order in very good time and I’m extremely happy, my new A2 is a perfect fit and my Welcome Home Sunglasses are beautiful. My family were very much surprised and happy to receive their General MacArthur Sunglasses. Also thank you Sarge for the great copy of The Life Of A Warrior “signed” by you, I’m stoked:) And the new hat will replace the old one, no worries. Thank you US Wings for getting this package to me so fast. Cheers, Brad.

Hi guys,
Just a brief message of thanks for the A-2 Bomber Jacket, blood chit and Presidential Detail cap that I ordered.
All are simply fan-bloody-tastic.
Good on you.
Tim from Melbourne, Australia

Finally, a quality leather jacket at a very reasonable price. The ordering process was quick and easy. Not only did I find the perfect jacket for myself, I also orded the exact jacket for my 8yr.old boy. Being a military veteran, I loved the fact that I was buying an American made product from another Veteran. (Thank you for your service). In short, a great American company offering great service and merchandise. Keep America strong, support American owned businesses and our Nations Hero’s. Thank you, sincerely: Keith Knapp.

Hello Sir
Just wanted to thank you for the Bison Leather
A-2 jacket. The fit and the quality of workmanship are
first rate!
Thank you again!
Dante M T

Thank you so much for the AWESOME job you did with my leather jacket!! I can wear it with pride again!!


Thank you!!


Rena Moran

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your repair of my leather jacket. The jacket was made for me during a tour in Korea 30 years ago and I was never totally happy with it. A bit large, the wool lining itched and then finally the zipper failed. No one in my home town had the skills to repair it. Having dealt with US Wings before, I went to your web site and found instructions for shipping to you. A brief note was all you needed. When I got it back home today, I found you had gone beyond my greatest expectations. The lining you supplied was perfect and got rid of the itching problem. The new zipper is built like a truck. What I did not expect was the additional work you did repairing loose seams with new, stronger stitches. It looks like a million bucks. Thank you for exceeding expectations once again.
Rick Phillips
Kontum 1968

I just got my old A-2 back from you and I have to tell you how thrilled I am at the job you did re-lining it. It’s fabulous! Thanks very, very much.
Mark M.

Just received my repaired jacket yesterday.  Looks better than new.  Thank you so much for your outstanding work on such a precious keepsake.  That jacket has been with me through 17 years, 41 states, and 8 foreign countries.  I’ll now be able to keep wearing it with pride for years to ce.
Robert M.
Sgt Hack,
I received my exchanged cotton pilots jacket today.  I am so impressed with your customer service.  Despite the fact that the mistake was mine, you guys jumped right in and replaced the jacket with the correct size in a week and a half.  Wonderful!  Thank you for this level of service. 
Everything I have purchased from US Wings exceeds my expectations, from the leather jacket to the AO pilot’s sunglasses to the cotton jacket and top it off with outstanding customer care and service assures that I will be a customer for a long time.
Take care, bro.
John R
Can Tho 67-68

Sergeant and Mike and others,
Thank all of you for your great product in the flight jacket that you provided, for your wonderful friendly service and for the quick turnaround and splendid job that you did in getting my patches sewn on. I will wear it proudly!
John Powers
USCG Retired

Thanks Sarge!
I have the Signature Series A2; I am in the Royal Australian Air Force. I’ve told a lot of my colleagues that if you want a quality A2 jacket for our Air Force Uniform to get the US Wings Signature Series A2.
You guys have great service; and excellent products.

My son’s bomber jacket needed the cuffs and waist bands replaced and I sent it in for repairs.    

    The jacket has extreme sentimental value to Zach, as it was a gift from his deceased father.  While I was hesitant to ship it off for repairs for fear it would be lost and/or damaged, I wanted more for Zach to be able to continue to enjoy the memories and the wearing of his FAVORITE jacket.  I sent the jacket off right after Christmas. 

    I was so elated when I received a package from Wings.  I opened the box and found Zach’s jacket placed in a plastic bag for protection and packed as if it were the most valuable item in the world, which it really was.  The work done and time it took to do repairs was OUTSTANDING!!!!  

    I want to convey a HUGE THANK YOU for taking such great care of Zach’s precious gift.



Well, the US Wings® Vintage Cape Buffalo G-1 Jacket Reg-XL [Order #56196] arrived yesterday; very fast shipment at least.  I didn’t open the box right away because I’ve been burned in the past with products that fall short of sales hype where the product just doesn’t live up to what I had envisioned.  I opened the box last night, peered inside and the jacket appeared to look like what I had expected; closed the box to avoid disappointment before turning in.

I reopened the box this afternoon, removed the jacket from the plastic wrapping, inspected it and, finally, tried it on.  WOW! The jacket fit absolutely perfectly – length, shoulders, waist, sleeves; it had the “right’ color and the expected heft.  You’ve completely destroyed my negative impressions of online sellers with a quality jacket.  My compliments to your entire team.

Next project is to take the jacket to the tailor at the NSA Monterey NEX to sew on a bunch of ship’s patches to chronicle my time in the Navy (a long time ago).  I’ll send you photos when it’s ship-shape.  You are correct in advising me not to leave the jacket lying around – it will get legs and walk away!

Many thanks for your sizing recommendation and for speedy shipment of a super quality jacket.  I could not have asked for more at double the price!


Lee Blankenship

USN 1968-72

Dear Mr. Harley,

I had received my custom painted jacket the other week. I wanted to write and express my gratitude for such nice, quality work performed in the art department at US Wings. I am really happy with the results and couldn’t have imagined the work being any better. I have received much feedback and compliments on the jacket. You truly have cultivated a fine skill with your artwork


I received the jacket and to say I am thank full and humbled by your  generosity is a great understatement. However the book you sent was quite possibly the biggest treasure. I was incredibly inspired by the story about your life, the hardships and your determination to overcome everything and become the man you are. After reading it I brought it to my dad who also read it. A heartfelt thank you for everything you have done for me and all the other lives you  have touched. I hope some day I am able to come pay you a visit and shake your hand. I will stay in touch and keep you posted on my progress with the jacket. Thank you again.



This is meant to be my review for my recent A2 Kangaroo purchase:
I have known “Sarge” via emails etc for quite a few years. I have purchased 4 or 5 jackets from USWings over the years. All have been superb in quality and the USWings staff specifically “Sarge” have always gone out of their way to make sure I was well taken care of. My recent purchase of the “ROO” A2 was no different. The jacket is I believe the best I’ve ever worn; superbly crafted and extremely light. Sarge again, was overly fair & made sure I was satisfied. To me that means the most. How many places can one deal with the CEO of the company. An ethical , honorable veteran!! I have a lot of regard for the “Sarge” and the USWINGS staff !! S. LaPrade

Guys, I always wear it with great pride and love when it people ask me questions and I an tell them about the WASPS and why I wear their insignia and that of Hap Arnolds Army Air Corp.  And where I got it. I hope in some small way it helps to keep their history alive. I fly with Fifinella!

All my Best,


I’m a retired CW2 Army Aviator and have spent my entire life around military aviation. Fathers a retired Air Force Flight Engineer. I have seen many leather flight jackets before to include Air Force issue. This jacket is perfect. The quality!!!!

I received my lambskin Indy-style jacket a week ago and I must say it is already my favorite jacket.  Sizing is perfect and the leather is wonderfully soft and flexible.  It is a perfect cool-weather jacket, very comfortable, and looks terrific. Well done indeed!

I had also ordered leather-care products, including both the leather dressing cream and paste. In addition to using it on my new jacket I used the paste on a 2-year old Schott B3 jacket, and the leather looked absolutely rejuvenated after treatment. I could not believe the difference. Highly recommended! Your products are high quality and definitely worth the price.

With best regards,

Leo D. Thompson

Yet another great jacket from U.S. Wings! As with A-2 and G-1s purchased previously, quality is perfect, as is fit. The only gripe (for everyday use) is that there is only one inside pocket for the urban adventurer to put his stuff into… But the feel, the style and the quality of the jacket outweigh this, and by far! Great job, and keep going strong, U.S. Wings! Kind regards from the land of cheese, mountains and Swiss Army knives 😉 Ralph A. H. (Geneva / CH)

I can’t tell you the compliments that I have received since I purchased my second leather flight jacket from US Wings. The second jacket contains my business logo patches that Sgt. Hack sewed on my jacket. Anyone thinking about personalizing their leather jacket from U.S. Wings Sgt. Hack did an excellent job. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to showcase their company logo this is a great method.

Mr. Hack,

I just got my jacket back after having it totally reconstructed.The workmanship completed by your company was impeccable. It literally looks brand new except for the old weathered leather which makes it even better.  Thank you so much for a great job.  You have breathed new life into my favorite jacket.

I also read your life story.  A true American success story.  Thank you for your sacrifices, service, and will to succeed in all aspects of life, both personal and professional.  We don’t make em like you very often anymore  Feel free to publish this email as an unsolicited reference to the work done for me.

Thanks Again,

Chip B

Best A2 jacket. I wear it every day at winter with my uniform. Good serivce and they ship to Australia.


Karl V.

Hello, and Happy Christmas!

My name’s Abel Gleason, and in October of 2015, I ordered a Genuine Texas Steerhide “Indy” jacket from US Wings. It was an item I’d long coveted, and I’d done no shortage of searching before I finally squeezed the trigger on buying from US Wings as opposed to a lot of the other companies selling “authentic” Indy jackets. Many claimed to be the true progenitors of the genuine article, since their tailor, or owner, or chief buyer was the second cousin of the the costume assistant from Crystal Skull (or similar nonsense). And a lot of those replica jackets looked great, just like the ones on the US Wings site. But here’s the thing…

I didn’t want a PROP REPLICA. I wanted my OWN, REAL jacket for REAL ADVENTURE, and according to the scuttlebutt that I turned up during my exhaustive research of vendors, the only jacket that was really meant for real wear and tear was the US Wings, U.S.-made line. So I took the plunge.

Your company does not disappoint.


I’ve had the jacket for just over two years now, and I’ve worn it nearly every day that the temperature has been below 60°F (which, in New England, is quite often). It’s comfortable, protective, and hard-wearing in nearly every type of weather or situation, and it seems to just get better with age. I’m also pleased to say that, right from the moment of my order, the customer service with US Wings has been exemplary (when my initial choice of jackets was out of stock, and the resupply delayed, Amber, the rep with whom I spoke, gave me a slightly more expensive model with a nicer lining for the same price as my original order).

The real test for the jacket, though, hadn’t come until the last few months. I’m an Army Guard UH-60 Blackhawk pilot, and I recently got hired on to fly civilian airliners. As part of the hire, I needed to bulk-up my fixed-wing flight hours, so I was basically given a small plane to fly around and build my time. I’ve flown almost 10,000 miles since that time, and my Indy jacket has been with me the entire way, standing up to heat, cold, fuel spills, leaking oil, celebratory booze splashing, alternate use as a pillow and blanket, and, in the case of one rainy night in Florida, an ad-hoc umbrella. It has endured everything I’ve thrown at it, and only keeps looking and wearing better.

So, basically, thanks for making and selling a great product and being excellent to deal with. I look forward to picking up a B-3 jacket from you in the future for small-aircraft flying in the dead of winter here in Maine, but until then, my Indy jacket is holding me in fine stead, and more than measuring up to the real-world adventure that is my life.

Keep up the great work and the excellent quality.


Abel Gleason


I received my jacket today! Thank you, absolutely the best flight jacket, so proud to wear it and know it’s American made. Thank you also for your book.

Happy Columbus Day!

Best regards/ Tim

Sarge, I’d like to give you and your company a big “thumbs up” for the G-R-E-A-T product lines that are available at US Wings. I’ve purchased about a thousand dollars from you folks over the last few years and as it becomes a bit cooler here in the Northeast about every jacket I’ll be putting on will have come from you. I also served in the USAF during the Vietnam Era but I was not called to go and I didn’t volunteer. Thanks for your service sir and wish you well.

Just wanted to let Sarge and US Wings what a great product you sell I have a Civil A2 Jacket for the last 6 years and it’s still going strong
THANK YOU ALL FOR making a Great Jacket and a Reasonable price
Erik B
Windsor Ontario Canada

Good morning David,


I got my jacket yesterday – and I have been going around showing it off to everyone this morning!  I L-O-V-E it – I absolutely love it! I can see why everyone loved the A-2.  I LOVE the baseball cap too! Its going to get allot of wear!! And the garment bag is awesome!


I read your book (and thank you for signing it!) – you are frankly quite incredible……. nothing and no one stops you, that is the bottom line – you are an American story unto yourself.


I was brought close to tears reading your experience on Wake Island – the the enemy had simply left our GI’s there to rot – What you did for them – by yourself – is beyond words – I don’t know how you did it.  I got chill bumps…..  – And in Vietnam, the General you were the body guard for was right on target… I have a friend whose husband was a gunner on Puff (Gooney Bird with many mini guns) and he said that they would circle the Ho Chi Minh trail and see the enemy in their infra red and visable (I guess they carried candles) – but they had to receive permission up the chain all the way to Washington before they could engage – by the time they got permission – well you know how that story goes….


Gentle Peace of the Lord.


The Goatskin A2 Jacket arrived today, awesome, it is stunning, I knew it would be good but, it is just fabulous, better than I dared imagine.  All I need to do now it find a nice WW2 aeroplane to fly whilst wearing it.

Thanks too for the baseball cap and USN suitbag, and especially your book , I was hoping that I could get a copy, as I had seen it on your website, so am chuffed to have got a copy, it was good to find out more about your background, but then I am a psych major as you say on your side of the pond.


Hello, I recently purchased a Sterlingwear Peacoat from U.S. Wings, and have to say that the coat, service and prices are top notch!
I emailed U.S. Wings to inquire about the coat and sizing and the customer service was very helpful and courteous. Shipping was fast, and the free book about SFC David Hack, was a nice bonus and also a very inspirational read. Keep doing what your doing!!
Jeff G.

Good Day,

I purchased a USCG G-1 a few months ago and I absolutely love it! It’s a fantastic product and well worth the money. I get compliments on it constantly. Also, your customer service is excellent. Keep up the great work!

All The Best,
Richard from NY

Dear Folks at US Wings,

I recently purchased my fourth jacket from your store, the Signature Series Vintage Cowhide Indy-Style Adventurer Jacket, and while all your jackets are excellent, I can say without hesitation this is the finest jacket I have ever owned.

The quality and durability of the leather is apparent the moment you put the jacket on. I anticipate this is the only jacket I will need from now on.

I thank you for the quality of this jacket, and whenever someone asks about it, I’m pleased to tell them I bought it from US Wings!

A happy and satisfied repeat customer,

My Husband LOVED the jacket!  it fits him perfectly-  he was truly surprised and thrilled with it.  Thank you so much for all the help in purchasing it.  We Enjoyed the music video too – you are one interesting guy!


Thanks again and have a very happy and healthy New Year!

Nancy W.

Jacket arrived today!! Not sure how it could be better than I imagined, but it is! Thank you for your sizing help and the extras included in the shipment. Look forward to more business in the future.

Dear Sgt. Hack,

I want to thank you for your military service and a fine business model and website.

I too served in Vietnam (’65-’66) but had it much easier than you.

Thanks also for the Myth busting data.

I look forward to purchasing your U.S.N. G-1 Flight Jacket, as soon as I receive some assistance determining the proper size.

Stephen S

Hey Sarge!

This is long-overdue but I wanted to say “Thank you!” again for your help when I was ordering my jacket.  The jacket I ordered for myself (and the one I ordered for my daughter) are both magnificently made!  I wore mine to our corporate office this week and received a lot of compliments (generally in the form of veiled jealousy—-I do work in the oilfield).

Thanks again!

Robert G.

Just a brief note to express my gratitude to the wonderful staff at US Wings for repairing and preserving my father’s WWII G-1 jacket. My siblings and I have many loving memories and mementos of my father, but other than photographs this jacket is the only physical reminder of his time in WWII. Sadly, it merely hung in a closet for many years because it was in such disrepair. But thanks to US Wings the lining, waistband, and cuffs are as good as new – maybe even better than new! Luckily the jacket fits me, and thanks to the professional craftsmanship of the US Wings staff I can now wear this jacket with pride and love for my father. US Wings not only helped to preserve the legacy of my father, but of the proud service he gave to the country he loved. Thank you US Wings.
T. Abel

Hi Sarge
Just ordered a B15 and USAAF Cap.
Have ordered from you before–love the quality many thanks.
Also flew with the USAAF in the KC135 Tankers and operated the boom as well as in the Pave Low Helicopters–great times and very friendly guys. Loved the USA kit we would always trade. The USAF guys always liked our Royal Air Force Warrant Officer rank slides as they are the Royal Coat of Arms for the Royal Family.

Take care and kindest regards


Order arrived today. Fits GREAT. Good Quality. So typical of U.S. Wings!! AND…..a BONUS Garment Bag!!! Thanks a bunch. Never been disappointed with ANYTHING I’ve bought there!!!
Alan R.


Just received my A2 modern flight jacket………..ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!
Could not ask for more in look, fit, quality, speed of delivery, value…..
I will definitely come back to you when I am ready to buy my black A2 adventurer!
When people ask, I will definitely pass your name on…
Thanks so much!
Randy D.

Just received my A2 Lambskin Italian Leather Jacket absolutely delighted
everything I expected and more.
Thank you

Hello… when I received my order, I saw the DVD about Sgt Hack. My hubby and I just watched it, and I have now visited the web site. Also, watched the purple heart ceremony. Great video and song, THANKS! My hubby was in the Navy, and he loved his flight jacket! He wore his hat, jacket and T-shirt Christmas day when we went out in the afternoon. He loves everything! I’m so glad I found U.S. Wings. I do support the Collings Foundation, and sponsored a plane last year, thus I have my bomber jacket, so now hubby and I are quite a pair when we’re out wearing them together. HIs jacket is beautiful. We try to honor our military every day! THANK YOU so much!


Good afternoon respected company US Wings – today received my order. Very pleased with all of excellent quality. Grateful and great service and super fast delivery excellent postal company UPS.

With thanks from the heart Yuriy.

The jacket is beautiful! It's even much prettier than on the pictures. 
Special thanks to your customer service for answering all my questions and being 
so patient. 
Thank you again.

Order arrived today = MUCH faster than expected.  Silk Scarf is awesome.

I shall be leaving your catalog on the lunch counter at work since several other people at work are already jealous of me and my  new scarf

The jacket arrived !!!!  Love love it.  So excited to give to him.   Very nicely made.  Also thanks so much for the extras!!  The DVD and navy bag are awesome!   Thanks for the fast shipment and a quality jacket.   I will let you know how he likes it


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

Nancy W.

My grandson’s jacket came today, and I am pleased with the quality as well as the sale price.  It may be a little large now, but he should get three seasons out of it before getting a larger one.

I will have to put on a couple of my old squadron patches.  Now, can I keep it a secret until Christmas?


I am delighted to tell you , I was surprised at the quality of the leather (the smell) and the look. The fit was perfect for me. It is refreshing to receive an item and have it exceed your expectations. For the price I can’t believe you can do it? I have sent back three A-2 Jackets over the last several years that would have cost several hundred more. You are the best (in the business) at sales of quality products. I have finally ‘replaced’ my old A-2 jacket of 20 years ago, (my daughter dearly loves my old one) with what you described as a dresser Jacket I believe you’re got it right.

Carl S.

Attn: Rosita
I just want to thank you for helping me placed an order last week. The custom A2 jacket arrived a couple of days ago and I was extremely please with it. The stitching and sewing of the Blood Chit on the back of my A2 Jacket was second to none as well as the CBI and Flying Tigers emblems were done very professionally. The custom A2 jacket looks fantastic! Thank you for going the extra mile for doing all that service for me. I am very appreciative.
Yours truly,
Benjamin Cheah, B.Sc. , M.B.A.
New York.

I just received this jacket (A22000M), and I couldn’t be more pleased. I was quite prepared to purchase the horsehide signature series jacket to get a high quality jacket, but I am going to be using it for motorcycling and I really wanted the side entry pockets. I chose the jacket with this lining because I felt it would possibly hold up better than the cotton lining. (and the map is kinda’ cool too) I bought an extra large I’m a smidge less than 6 foot, 44 inch chest and something in the neighborhood of 210# and the fit is perfect. They had the jacket {and gloves, They’re nice too) at my door in 2 days

Thank you kindly good sir.
I saw the call for pictures on your Facebook page so, wanted to share
this one taken in San Francisco wearing my prized Wings Indy cowhide. I’m standing next to the official Lucasfilm artwork I painted for the IMAX release of Raiders of the Lost Ark.Photo
As you know my Wings Indy has been to Lucasfilm and Skywalker Ranch more times that I care to remember which I guess means, that my jacket has been ‘home’.

All the best

I’m writing to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent service I’ve received from one of your staff, Miss Stephanie H. This lady is an outstanding example of what professionalism is all about. Her devotion to customer service is truly exemplary.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the USAF MA-1 Flight Jacket I ordered from you. I’m a size 2XL Tall, and upon the advise of your size chart, I ordered a 3XL, and it fits perfectly. It is very well made, and looks as though it will outlast me. I just got it back from my dry cleaner/tailor this afternoon, where they sewed on all of my unit patches, U.S. Flag, name tag, etc. and it looks wonderful. When I tried it on, and looked in the mirror, I was beaming with pride. I posted pictures of it on one of our Facebook pages, Former U.S. Air Force “Ditty-Boppers” and it’s already gotten a lot of “Likes”. Hopefully, it will send some business your way. Thanks again, for a great product, at a fair price.

Mike H

These are, by far, the best flight jackets available on the market today, maybe ever. When I was supplying flight jackets for my aircrew, I many times had to justify the cost of these flight jackets, over the inferior jackets available. That was easy to do. The construction and materials used ensured a pilot or aircrew would have their beloved flight jacket last them their entire career, and beyond…



Dear Myke,

The jacket arrived yesterday. It is beautiful. I sent it for the new lining as a surprise for my husband and he is thrilled. You guys did an amazing job. Thank you.

Leslee B


I’m impressed! The jacket you sent me exceeded my expectations in every way. Excellent value for the money.

Great looking, quality materials, and sturdy construction. I couldn’t have asked for more.

The only hiccup (and one in which you had no control over) was that the order made it very quickly to Perth (about 400 miles from me), and then someone put it back on a plane and sent it to Tokyo. That added about a week to the delivery time.

The wait was certainly worth it though.

Here is another great review from bestleather.org

See their review on Kangaroo Leather  A-2 Flight Jacket.


Click Here


Victor Peoro

I am so pleased with the craftsmanship and care you took to restore my G-2 flight jacket. I truly feel you honor the legacy and American Spirit of flight and you take pride in what you do. You give your customers more than they bargained for, and you treat your customers as if they are the best clients in the world. Thank you, and I will promote your company for it’s divine and soulful purpose.

Thomas Van Stein
Master of Arts, California State University, Northridge

Oh my God! It’s beautiful!!! Please pass this msg on to the Sergeant that you guys are geniuses. The 50 long is perfect (that was his idea!). I’m going to put you both in my will! It’s really nice. Good job.

Mark “Happy” Ward

customer comment

For the absolute best in military and adventure clothing, try US Wings,www.uswings.com. Highly recommended. My good friend, David “Sarge” Hack, does a terrific job and the clothing and service are top notch.For the absolute best in military and adventure clothing, try US Wings, www.uswings.com. Highly recommended. My good friend, David "Sarge" Hack, does a terrific job and the clothing and service are top notch.

Bestleather.org Picture review just in on Signatures Series Indy Jacket by Victor Peoro

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I love my WASP A2! I am a reenactor and I wore it to The Great Los Angeles Air Raid last weekend and got a lot of complements. I got mine without patches because the original WASP A-2 did not have a Hap Arnold on the sleeve. I looked through the entire Texas Women’s University photo archives and couldn’t find an example. I thought you might consider the change because you could be making more sales on patches if it were more accurate. Otherwise it’s perfect and what a fantastic price!

Sara D.

Sgt. Hack and Co – wanted to thank you for the outstanding repair to my Lambskin A-2. Don’t know how you did it – not a trace of the tear. I would have paid any price to get it back in this condition, your fee was embarrassingly low.

We had an email exchange over a weekend when I contacted the site regarding whether the jacket could be repaired. I was impressed with the friendliness of the customer service rep and moreso that you were personally monitoring email activity and responded that you understood my desire that this jacket is your favorite also. Unfortunately the customer support person and your emails both dropped off of my inbox and I no longer have your direct email address to send this to you personally. Thank you again for exceptional service.

I received my size Large, Modern A-2 today. It is a PERFECT FIT. I am 5″ 11″ tall and 160 lbs. This jacket is top quality, from the lining to the leather. All at a reasonable price. So glad I bought a U.S. Wings jacket.

Robert A.

I didn’t expect such prompt service, I’ve never received in my lifetime a service, quality of merchandise by any company.  Thank you US WINGS..    This is the finest jacket that I’ve ever owned and I’m proud to wear it and tell that it was purchased from US WINGS.


Jack M.


I just received my signature A2 flight jacket and all I can say is WOW. This is a beautiful jacket. I have wanted one of your A2’s for several years now and finally purchased one. I love it, it’s quality thru and thru. Thank you.

Steven B.


my brother wanted me to thank you so much he loves his  A2 flight jacket as purchased from you.

He has had a lifelong interest  in US history and military merchandise

It arrived very promptly and he enjoyed watching the  DVD and  receiving the  carrying  bag -the quality of your jacket is very good

An equivalent  in the UK is  at least £400 so even with  the exchange rate,  postage, customs fees  etc  it is still  well worth it

Heidi J.

I will with my USWings Nomex Shipboard jacket. I have worn it all winter in all conditions. Fantastic!


John A. Tarantino

Hey Sgt Hack

The field jacket i got from you with a liner is great. We’ve had some terrible weather and I’m still stuck in the ice and snow. It kept me really warm. I can go outside with no shirt, just the jacket and stay warn.Great jacket and a great buy. Thanks a lot.

Tom Mercer

Silver Star 4-10-68   “ The Point man Big Red One Vietnam “

Dear Sgt HacK,

Just wanted to say that my recent purchase of a modern A2 goatskin leather jacket was the best decision I ever made. I served in the USAF as an air crewman from 1970 to 1980 and I never did own a leather A2 jacket . I was totaly blown away about the jackets quality and workmanship. Ive recieved some very nice comments from current military and ex military about the jacket and even from civilians as well while in movie theaters and other establishments when I wear it. When they ask me where I bought it, I reply GOOGLE US WINGS on the web and be prepared to be staring at some of the nicest quality military jackets to be found anywhere for hours. A jacket for every budget too !

As a matter of fact, while searching for my A2 jacket, I had several web sites saved on my pc searching for that perfect coat and deal. Then I found the US WINGS web site. NO CONTEST AT ALL !!! ( I deleted all the rest ) Even the US WINGS site was set up in a manner that was complete with very detailed description of each product you carry with very nice pictures of each skew you offered. Whom ever designed your web site did it right !

There are certainly some COPIES of A2 and G1 appearing in the market now and from a distance the may fool a few onlookers but Ive seen them up close and the MADE IN CHINA label inside says it all. Not to slam the Chinese but if the US WING jacket rates a 10 as an example, the imported knock-off would rate a 6 at best. Im not even sure what kind of leather is used in the Chinese imported products. ( Im a little afraid to even ask too ) 

Im so happy with my purchase sarg that Im going to convince the wife that theres a terrific G1 NAVY jacket on your site in my size and fits my budget . My father was a NAVAL AVIATOR from 1946 to 1972 and flew thousands of hours and gave me his old G1jacket and its beyond restoration as to the leather is totaly dried and partially rotted. I cant even save the old squadron patches sewn on it as to their totaly faded. Besides, I grew a bit larger than dad and the coat wouldnt fit anyway. Im going to locate as many of my dads old squadron patches as I can since many companies make reproductions now. By the way, dad is still living at 87 years old and would certainly be pleased of me wearing a beatiful US NAVY G1 jacket with many of his old squadron patches neatly attached to it. My father even commanded a submarine hunter squadron during the cold war so he was in a sense a real hero that in some small way contributed to our nations security so a personal salute to his career would not be appropriate in a CHINESE KNOCK OFF PRODUCT. 


Thank you Sargeant Hack for your time. Steve Z. Virginia Beach, Virginia

I just wanted to say, “Thank You” for going above and beyond normal protocol to provide me with excellent customer service. I’m very pleased with my A2 jackets. Rosita was great to work with. You have a customer for life and I will continue to recommend US Wings to others.


PS – feel free to use this email as a testimony about your company

This is a bit late to the party. However last year I had requested an A2 from your site as a Christmas present from my family. As I can be attentive to details, I gave very specific instructions, as to type, style, color, size. They were very patient and helpful and I have been enjoying the jacket for most of this year. Obviously, given that the original was deemed a “Summer flight jacket” it is difficult to wear in freezing temperatures it has more than surpassed my expectations. Prior to this purchase I had dome my homework and was most impressed, both with your site as well as a lot of the knowledge that one can get from it, like leather types, leather repair, leather maintenance and storage. Thank you for a great jacket and site.

Federico B.

This jacket is by far the best leather jacket I have ever owned. The Bison Leather is extremely soft and supple. The rich, dark brown color looks exactly how I was hoping it would. The craftsmanship is superb and the zipper and pocket snaps are top quality and are brass in color (not silver), which compliment the overall look of the jacket. It feels warm enough to wear late into the fall season and maybe even into the early winter months with a hooded sweathsirt underneath. Sgt. Hack and his sales team were exceptionally patient, professional and accommodating with me as I had to return two previous jackets before deciding on this one. The size Large-Regular fits my frame to a tee, (6 ft. Tall, about 180 lbs.). I would highly recommend US Wings to anyone interested in this style of jacket. Thank you US Wings!!

Anthony 4/22/22


I received the jacket and to say I am thank full and humbled by your  generosity is a great understatement. However the book you sent was quite possibly the biggest treasure. I was incredibly inspired by the story about your life, the hardships and your determination to overcome everything and become the man you are. After reading it I brought it to my dad who also read it. A heartfelt thank you for everything you have done for me and all the other lives you  have touched. I hope some day I am able to come pay you a visit and shake your hand. I will stay in touch and keep you posted on my progress with the jacket. Thank you again.






I just wanted to write you and tell you that the A-2 jacket I purchased over a year ago is everything that you said it was. I keep it for times when I wish to go out and have a really nice piece of clothing. Here in the Pacific Northwest it keeps me dry in the rain, repels the wind and I’m amazed at the warmth the pockets give my hands when it’s cold. I’m a very happy customer. I recommend anyone who wants a great bomber jacket buy from your business.

Les W.

Les W.

Just wanted to let you know my new G-1 is perfect, absolutely perfect. Thank you so much.

Alan C.

Alan C.

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my G-1 Jacket. I am 72 years old but I can tell you I opened the box with the excitement of a six year old in a candy store… it is beautiful. Just the right size. You included a gift of leather conditioner and a “I Served” baseball cap… it was very kind of you to do so. I have let my AOCS classmates know were to find the finest flight jackets available. But more importantly Sarge, I want to thank you for stepping up when your country needed you. I read your book and truly appreciate the sacrifices you paid in support of our Nation. Thank you so very much.

Ron G. (USN-Ret.)

Ron G. (USN-Ret.)

N-2B Cold Weather Jacket: I bought this in early November and wore it to work every day through early April. It handled the extreme winds, snow, rain and zero-degree weather of winter in Cleveland. The hood is essential for staying comfortable, and zips apart in the middle for snapping down. Best of all is that it a comfortable length to wear while driving; full-length parkas seem to get in the way of car seats.

Carl K.

Carl K.

I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE my new vintage cowhide A2 flight jacket!!! I’ve been a customer for quite a few years and bought a lot of jackets from you. This is by far the best jacket I’ve ever owned!!

Scott N.

Scott N.

Dear US Wings,

I just received my US Wings Cooper Original™ WWII-style Russet Antique Bison A-2 this afternoon, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! ❤️❤️ The jacket is drop dead gorgeous, fits perfectly, and it is better than PERFECT!!! I will gladly tell others about your website!!!! I could NOT be happier!!!! 👍👍👍

I am a retired airline Captain and I really appreciate the quality of your products!!! Keep up the great work!!

Thank you again!!!!! ✈️👍🇺🇸

William C.

William C.