Hi there,

I have never been moved to this before but I just wanted to say thanks a bunch! I recently ordered a USN Top Gun G1 from you and it arrived here in the UK just two weeks after I went to my Western Union agent. It’s first rate and fits like a glove. I honestly expected it to take a month. I have told all my friends to get on your web site and that they can expect the finest service and care. Keep up the excellent work people.

Yours Faithfully,
Satisified (and pround new) US Wings customer
Tim R.



US Wings,
I have ordered products from you from jackets, shirts, tee shirts, hats, and other items… I just want you to know your service is by far the best on the net! Regardless by phone or service over the Net it is the best. Your service and product is fast reliable and top quality. It is my pleasure to do busness with you!!!

Steven C.



Sir David,
Just a note to tell Sir David how much I enjoyed reading The Life of a Warrior. He is an example of someone who does his duty as he see it, without believing he is owed anything for doing it. It is encouraging to see that success can be achieved through personal effort even when things seem at their lowest point. This is a message I try to instill in my students on a daily basis: life is what you make of it.

James F.
2/7 1st MarDiv ’74-75



US Wings,
Just wanted to say how awe inspiring Sgt. Hack’s book was. My wife has had trouble finding a job recently even though she is a hell of a salesperson, and I intend for her to read David Hack’s life story as motivation to hang in there. To say he faced adversity in his life is an understatement. My own father is a retired US Navy Commander who in 1982 had to retire after 20 years in the service due to Multiple Sclerosis hindering his ability to walk. He too has always had the never give up attitude that the military instills… I had ordered cuffs, waistband and a zipper for a G1 jacket and started reading the book as soon as I opened the package. Two days later a couple of my coworkers have also read it and were equally impressed. I plan on seeing my father this weekend and will pass it on to him to read. Again thanks for the product but even more for the book.

Jeffrey H.



Dear US Wings,
Thanks a ton for the book about SFC Hack’s life. Please pass on to him that I enjoyed the book very much and appreciate his service to our country! Hoo-ah!!

Brent E. B.
Director of Aviation



Good Morning,
My name is Adam Schneider. I am e-mailing you because I just finished reading your book “The Life of a Warrior”, and I must commend you on all that you have done. I had one of your jackets years ago that my wife bought me, it was a Kangaroo Jacket. I was in the military for 10 1/2 years and my wife bought the jacket for me while I was deployed to Egypt after Sept 11th. I was in Egypt from Sept 18th until November 20th as Marine Corps General Neal’s personal security, while planning missions in Afghanistan. I returned home and my wife gave me the jacket as a homecoming gift. I did not realize where the jacket actual came from and the lineage that the jacket had behind it until I read your book. I mean I just sat the book down and I am now e-mailing you. I was stationed at Ft. Campbell for 4 1/2 years and I have seen your Jeep, it is great, and I now have a new claimed appreciation for it since I know the real history behind it… I again want to say thank you for all you have done and all that you continue to do.

Adam S.
Patrolman Police Officer



I purchased an Adventurer Jacket from your website about three years ago and have been very glad to have it with me on all the trips I’ve taken. The jacket has taken extreme abuse from the high desert of Afghanistan and Central American rain forests, to forty below temperatures on the coast of the arctic ocean… not to mention more than a couple of seedy bars! It has held up admirably. Thank you for making such a wonderful product, worth every penny it costs.

Quinn E.
Prudhoe Bay, AK



Dear Sgt. Hack,
I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding quality of your products and product services. I am a cap collector, and am really impressed with the quality of my purchases through you folks at U.S. WINGS. I will be making all further purchases with your company exclusively.

At a time when this country is going through much change, it sure is a good feeling knowing that I am dealing with a company that has such a positive reflection on our great country. I have also sent your site to family members and friends.

Thank you all again,
John-Michael M.



Sgt. Hack,
The two hats I ordered just arrived. The quality was so superb that I had to call and order four “Aloha shirts.” Your staff is great — they even helped me find the perfect U.S. Marine Corps Aloha shirt (which I’ve never seen before). Since I fly old, World War-II airplanes around the country, I’ll tell everyone where I purchase my cool line of clothing (and they WILL ask by the way!!!!). Keep up the great work you’re providing!

Semper Fi & Blue Skies…
Jim “Cap’n Jimbo” W.
U.S. Marine Corps 1969-’73
Pensacola U.S.A.



The whip arrived yesterday and my husband was quite thrilled with it! Thank you for the catalog and the ball cap. He looks forward to reading your book. His Father served during WWII under Patton. Thanks again!

Shirley J. B.



Dear US Wings,
I would like to commend your staffer Stephanie Hecker for a great service. I was assisted and directed by her with politeness and patience. I wish all companies employed people like her. She sincerely cares about the customer and would like to help for great satisfaction. Furthemore, she promotes your products with great honor!

Thank you!
Rachel S.



Hello Dave,
My brother Gary presented two copies of your book “LIFE 0F A WARRIOR” to the mayor of the Bulgarian city of Varna, and the police chief, at a mayorial ball to celebtate their freedom from communism. Your name was among those toasted that night (they’re mad about the Yanks in Bulgaria). Gary is single-handedly promoting all things American there, without any prompting or assistance from anyone. It think your embassy people should take note and make him Honorary Consul!

Gerry C.



US Wings,
I ordered the Silver Pilots Wings by telephone on approx. April 5th. They arrived and my father likes them very much… I opened the box to be sure the wings were there. I saw the Life Of A Warrior book and I sat down immediately and read it from beginning to end. Very enjoyable. My father enjoyed it too… He was a Hump Pilot in WWII. He is on page 390 of the Hump Pilots Association, China-Burma-India. His name is Wm. T. “Bill” Dotson.

William T. D.



Dear Sgt. David Hack,
I just wanted to tell you I read your book The Life of a Warrior… I just wanted to say thanks for writing the book. I am proud of you Sgt. Hack, keep up the good work.

Chief Scott J. S.
Pandora OH Police Dept.



Dear Sgt. Hack:
I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my newest US Wings Signature Series jacket. This time, I ordered the Vintage Cowhide G1 from your clearance section. What a great jacket! The new jacket joins my Navigator & Avirex A2 Antique Lambskin jackets that I bought from you previously.

You & your team came through for me yet again… but I expected nothing less. Thank you for great products, customer service & fair (if not unbelievable) prices. I will continue to buy all of my military-related merchandise only from you. Take care & continue your great work.

By the way, I just read your biography that came with my order. What a truly great & inspirational story. You are a living example of the all-American success story. God’s speed to you & your family!

Al G.



US Wings,
I have just received my order of WHMA1, A2L, crush cap and more. I’m very pleased. I bought a jacket similar to the WHMA1 several years ago at Oshkosh for $50. Obviously foreign made. The WHMA1 is a clearly superior product for not much more money. Definitely worth it, and I’m thrilled they’re all made in the U.S.! Also the A2L is wonderful and fits great…

David C.



Dear Sgt. Hack,
I just wanted to let all of you know that when I received my MA-1 jacket it brought back old memories of my military life. Not quite as memorable as Sgt. Hack’s, but rewarding just the same. The jacket is well made, comfortable and warm. Just what I was looking for! I’ll be ordering a N2-B extreme cold jacket for this coming winter. I enjoyed your book and I’m enjoying my jacket.

Take care and God Bless,
Chet H.
Sheriff, Clearfield Co., PA
USAF 1965-1969



Hello Guys,
I’m home in Germany Braunschweig (EDVE) with my new G1bought at U.S. Wings and since I’m back I took it in the air around 7 hours and now it fits perfect. Many thanks to you guys there at Stow Ohio. I love your service and I like your store; it was too bad that we didnt have more time to stay longer. Thanks to Mr. Hack for being so helpful and all the stuff I got from you. Next year when I’m over in the States again I will definitely stop at your store and hope I’ll meet you again.

Greetings from Germany
Take Care!
Marco “0G” K.



Just want to let you know you’re doing a fine job there. I liked your book a lot. Keep up the good work. It is appreciated by old soldiers like me.

Eric P.
USAF 1979-1994



Dear Sir,
Just recently my husband purchased a vintage G-2 jacket from your company for me as my Birthday present. For years I’ve thought about this jacket. It takes me back when I was a little girl, my dad had a jacket so much like it. It was his pride and joy. When I wear my jacket I feel as though I have him with me again. I’m more than pleased with it. I’m proud to wear it. This jacket is what is called an authentic Bomber Jacket. It also reminds me of one of the old Pat O’Brien war movies. Oops… I’ve really told my age now (smile). Thanks for taking me back in time (the good old days). This is a well crafted product. I’m more than pleased. Everyone wants to know where did I get this jacket. My reply is, Eat Your Heart Out (smile). Thanks again.

A more than pleased customer,
Ernestine C.



I am writing this in regards to the Goatskin A-2 jacket I recently purchased from US Wings. Being a former QC and ISO specialist I understand what quality and service is all about. I want to thank you and your organization not for the good service and quality of the item I purchased, but for the EXCELLENT service and quality of that item. From your suggestion on what size and how to order to the delivery and fit of the product was nothing less than outstanding. It is a pleasure doing business with such a proffessional and quality oriented company such as yours.

Dave S.



US Wings,
I just received an A2000 lambskin jacket I purchased last week. Before I even opened the box I could tell by the weight it was well made solid jacket. I was pleasantly suprised at the free cap, book and map inside. The craftsmanship of the jacket was beyond all expectations. Tell Stephanie I appreciate her expert advice when I placed my order. You are a 1st class company all the way. Thank you very much for your quality product.

Bill R.



US Wings,
I just received my Signature Series Vintage A-2 flight jacket. It looked really impressive in the photo but when I opened the box I was even more impressed with how it looks, feels and fits in person! I was going to get an XL but Sgt. Hack told me to get a 2XL for my hight and weight and it fits perfectly!! Thanks a lot and I would tell anyone not to hesitate to buy one of your products.

Terry W.
Chu Lai ’68-’69



Hi, Sarge
My order has just arrived. Great looking leather jacket and your service is excellent. I read your life history. Quite a story and had me glued to the book and finished it in one shot. Should be made into a TV or movie adventure. Good luck.

Isadore R.



Hi, Everyone!
I just wanted to let you know how happy my Dad is with the two hats the he received yesterday. He needed it by the 13th and you were right! It was delivered before that! You see, he is a WWII Veteran of the 8th USAAF and is going to vacation with the former bombardier of his flight crew! He wanted the second cap to take as a gift. Thank you all again for making his day (and mine!)

Diane C.



US Wings,
I wanted to tell you what a great job your company did in repairing my flight jacket. The jacket is twenty years old, and I needed a new zipper, wristlets and waist band. They now look and work like brand new. The workmanship was first rate. Thanks.

John P.
Sellersville, PA



US Wings
Just wanted to let you know that I received my jacket yesterday and it’s an awesome jacket. Thanks for your quick shipment and really great quality product. Just wanted to let you know that I have also throughly enjoyed browsing your website. I’m a WWII buff so I enjoyed looking through all the WWII stuff. I hope to be able to get some of the model planes some day. Have a great day!

Mark H.



Mr. Hack,
I must say that I am most impressed with the quality of the product I purchased from you. The Goatskin Adventurer jacket is of the highest durability to weight ratio I have ever had my hands on. The stitching is superb as well as the interior to the jacket. This is the best jacket I have ever owned, which is why I want to thank you for constructing such a great product.

I would also like to mention the great free gifts you send with the jacket. For instance, your biography was the first book I have read cover to cover since 2003. The map of Vietnam is also another great gift. As I plan on becoming a U.S. History teacher, it will serve wonders when I teach students of the Vietnam Conflict.

Court E.