Hello friends!
Package arrived, thank you! My son liked the kid’s peacoat. I liked my flying jacket! (Very, very cool!) High quality of production and conformity of the size! Thank you for the gifts, really nice! I hope I do more orders with US Wings and will recommend to friends! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

All the best,
Roman P.



Hi Rita,
Rick is on his way to Japan in his new coat and hat. You should’ve seen his face when he saw the hat!!!! He has helped so many disabled children for many years and never asks for anything in return. He is a left arm amputee himself and a flight instructor. I cannot thank you enough for your caring ways to ensure that he had that jacket! There are angels on Earth and you are proof of that!!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

Sharon D.



To all the great folk @ US Wings,
I have sent quite a few black leather A-2 jackets back to the retailer due to poor fit, inferior quality, even sent some back because they smell like a cheap leather store!! Today the Current issue A-2 (black) arrived & at long last, I found a real “keeper”!! It fits quite well, isn’t so heavy it weighs you down, and the quality & appearance of the leather is of the highest quality!! Even better, it’s made in the USA!! Keep up the good work!!

James T.



Dear Amber,
I just wanted to inform you that I received my jacket and I am very pleased with it. The fit is perfect, this is my third jacket from your company and I am sure I will buy more in the future.

Thanks again,
Bill D.



Hi Amber,
The goods were received last week so just wanted to thank you for your professional service.

Best regards,
Maamar F.



US Wings,
I purchased two A2s in the early fall, a black one and a brown one. They are the highest quality jackets I have ever owned and I’ve owned Schott and Harley jackets for years. I wear them all the time and even when very cold a sweater under the jacket renders it perfectly warm. The Sarge should be proud of a product of such high quality. I highly recommend these jackets to all who are undecided. You will not be disappointed. Thanks Sarge for the best!

Leonard J.



First off it was a pleasure to meet you today and second… the jacket is AWESOME! I could not be happier. Thank you for taking the time to show me around the place. It’s quite the operation you have going on there.

Customer for life,



Hello Amber,
My new A2 jacket arrived yesterday and I was stunned by the quality of the jacket for this price. I was a little afraid about the military fit, but it fits me great. Also the leather on this jacket is super smooth, buttery soft and it smells great. You guys outdid yourselves on this. Please share my thanks with Sarge and let him know that I’m very impressed. The antique cowhide A2 will be next on my list. Merry Christmas!

Ken M.



US Wings,
First I want to thank Rita for all her help for me, a guy who couldn’t make up his mind. Secondly, this coat is spectacular! It is definitely high quality and I could not be happier. Fits great, looks great, and is wonderful through and through. Sarge should be proud of his business and employees, they are great!

Leonard R. J.



Just received my A2 2000 Black (which I got shipped to Oregon and then forwarded to Sweden). I love the jacket: amazing quality, perfect fit, totally awesome and way above my expectations! I also wanted to thank you for the goodies in the package and thank you Amber for the recommendation regarding the size! Outstanding service/shopping experience all the way through! I’m extremely satisfied and I wanted to share it.

Best regards,
Matt M.
Stockholm, Sweden



Sgt. Hack,
I want to thank you for your “squared away” approach to business. It is rare today, sadly. Your operation is great and keep up the good work.

Art M.



KUDOS To Rita!!!!!
Mission accomplished. SGT Hack, I can’t say enough about the help and assistance that I received from Rita. She was outstanding!! Working on exchange order. From shipping the A2 flight jacket to exchange receiving the correct size. One week, not bad. The product is great!! But when you have the customer service to back it up, that really makes a difference!! Well done RITA!!!!!!!!

Ted C.



Hello Amber,
I just received the jacket today with the t-shirt, hat, dvd and everything else. It looks great and I am very happy with it. Thank you guys for the attention.

Cicero C.



Hack et al,
I received the two pair of khaki pants that I ordered from you today and I wanted to send you a short note to let you know that, once again, I’m extremely satisfied with the high quality of your merchandise. Each time I’ve placed an order with your company, it has been exactly right. Not only that, it’s been very quickly delivered. It seems like so many companies cut corners at the customer’s expense. I’m very pleased to be able to recommend your company and its products without reservation.

Very Sincerely,
Jason J. F.
SGT, United States Army



US Wings,
I purchased my goatskin A2-2000 from Sgt. Hack 10 years or more ago, and I have to say that the quality and wear of the jacket is unbelievable. I wear this jacket almost daily and it has traveled with me on countless trips to Asia and all over the US. NOTHING has become unstitched or broken; the leather is perfect as is the lining; just like the day it arrived. The edges of the leather are just now starting to show just bit wear from being wadded up and stuffed into overhead luggage bins and it still looks great with tie and slacks. Thank you US Wings for what has become my trusted traveling companion. If I ever need another jacket there is no question that I will purchase it from US Wings, but I am afraid that my current jacket is going to out last me.

Best regards,
Steven R. M.



Dear, Mr. David Hack,
I send you a warm and thoughtful wish on Memorial Day. I know America soars proud, strong, and free thanks to those who unselfishly served her. Share the pride of Memorial Day with your friends and family. Peace and happiness today and always.

Col. Sergii Z.



Hello Rita, Considerate and Dear!
I am happy to report, today I received my parcel. Everything is fine! Everything! I am satisfied, in the extreme. One million thanks for Sergeant Hack, U.S. Wings and all the people working there. A special thanks to you for the sensitivity, understanding and friendly assistance. I am sure I shall buy from you again.

With the most sincere regards,
Ivan V.



Greetings Sergeant Hack,
Thank you very much for the way you delivered the jacket with all the goodies with it. I’m very pleased with the nylon jacket and my next order will be the A-2 2000 leather jacket. Once again thank you and God Bless America!

Stan H.



US Wings,
This is a very high quality jacket, very soft leather, and much lighter weight than most A-2 jackets. I’m 6’2″, weigh 185 pounds, and the 2XL is a perfect loose fit size for me. Being an old Air Force pilot, I have been looking for an authentic replacement for the A-2 jacket I had when I retired 45 years ago. I certainly have found the right jacket in this Wings Collectors Edition Antique Lambskin A-2 2000. Like Sarge, I had a tie to the 101st Airborne at Ft. Campbell. I have dropped many of the airborne from my C-82 and C-119 aircrafts before and during the Korean War.

Lt. Col. R. S.
Retired Air Force Command Pilot



I just received my jacket and love it, perfect fit and a solid jacket. A special thank you to the young lady for the inclusion of the blue US WINGS baseball hat.

All the best,
Jim G.



Just received my new vintage cowhide A2 jacket. It came complete with all the extras, including the cap and t-shirt. The jacket fits like a glove, is supple and so comfortable to wear. It exceeds my expectations. So thank you again for this great jacket which will remain in my family for a long, long time no doubt.

Best regards,
Ross M.
Sydney, Australia



Hello! Sir Hack,
I have received the US Wings Signature Series Goatskin A-2 and the free Naval Centennial Patch. They are very good! I very much like the US Wings Signature Series A-2. Happy Easter Day!

Lei X.



Good morning,
Received both jackets; very happy with your company and service. I look forword to doing more business with you. Again thank you very much.

John A.



Dear US Wings Team:
Just to let you know… I finally placed an order for a goatskin, Indy-style Made-in-the-USA adult jacket… been looking at it for months… finally followed through. Been around leather goods for a long time (in the footwear business for many years before retiring)… I absolutely love the jacket, the quality and the Made In USA label… which is a rarity for some folks today… my grandkids even noticed… You’ve much to be proud of in what you do and with the brands you have. Not that everything has to be made here in the states… BUT… when it is “fitting” and appropriate it can be a boost to the integrity of the American Promise. All My Best to US WINGS and the team…

Chuck R.



Hi Rita,
Received my nice WWII field jacket yesterday — was delighted with it, and thanks for seeing that I got it sooner… please tell Sgt. Hack how much I LOVE his story, and who he is — his service to his country, and the hardships he endured are testimony to his fine company. THANKS AGAIN — WELL DONE!

Jeff L. 🙂



US Wings,
Just love the M1943 jacket. Thanks for the extra effort finding it. It fits great, not the extra room for layering but the length is awesome. I work at the VA hospital in Fort Wayne and get comments about the jacket. I just tell them online at USWings. Thanks for the extra goodies too.

David L.



To Sgt.Hack and his team,
Today I received my new A-2 (my first), I couldn’t wait to open the box. The fit seemed like the jacket was tailored just for me (XL long), and the quality of the leather and workmanship are excellent. I’m confident that it will look great for many years to come. Great service as well! It only took three days from order to doorstep! Congratulations Sarge for a job well done. Thank you for a great experience. God bless America.

Dave M.



Dear US Wings Team,
I had ordered an AO Topgun Sunglasses 20 days ago. I had got it today via PTT cargo. I liked very much my AO Topgun Sunglasses. Thanks a lot for all of your services. I hope see your items again thanks.

With my regards
Haluk B.
Izmir, Turkey



To Sgt. David Hack US Army,
I am a new customer and just purchased an M51 field jacket from your company. I have to compliment you, your staff and your product. Putting on the M51 was like meeting a fox hole buddy after 40 years! The jacket is almost exactly like the one I wore back in 1965 and it brought back memories and emotions from the past! I will pass the word about US Wings whenever I can, no doubt the jacket will advertise itself!! Well done!

Sgt. Alex D.
USMC 1965-1971
1st Battalion 3rd Marines 1966
Sub Unit 5 Khe Sanh 1967
Lifetime Member Khe Sanh Veterans



Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’d like to say thank you for the wonderful Signature Series Indy-Style Adventure Leather jacket I just received from you. The whole experience was top notch. Your website was easy to navigate, offered many fine choices, and most importantly: pictures and descriptions of each to make an informed decision. I have owned many leather jackets, but I must say the quality of this jacket, the ease of ordering, and the quickness of delivery have convinced me. All my future leather purchases will be with USWings! Thank you also for including the great items on Sgt. Hack. What an inspirational story. I salute you Sergeant: you are a true American Hero!

All the best,
Bill C.



Dear Sirs:
I ordered the 30th Anniversary Antique Lambskin Legend Jacket from you last week and it arrived in just five days. Before ordering I spoke with Rita (Retail Store Manager) because I had some questions about several alternatives I was considering. She answered all my questions professionally and made helpful suggestions (such as suggesting that this particular jacket ran a bit small and that I may want to order one size larger than my usual, which I did). I am very pleased with the purchase, the jacket was exactly the right size thanks to her suggestion and I think it is an excellent value at $195. Thanks to Rita and her excellent level of service, I am likely to order from you again.

Best regards,
Ramon K.
Carlsbad, California



Hello again!
I just wanted to say thank you for the great customer service I received when purchasing my first leather jacket from U.S. Wings. The help both Sgt. Hack & Myke provided to ensure I was able to select the proper size was outstanding. I ordered a black goatskin A-2 2000 jacket on Friday, Feb. 3, 2012, and received it on Thursday, Feb. 9th – not too shabby for cross-border shopping. The jacket fits great, and I’m very happy with the quality of the leather and the stitching. Thanks again for your help. Hopefully, my wife & I will have an opportunity to visit your store later this year.

Best regards,
John W. S.
Ontario, Canada



US Wings,
I received my order today and was very pleased with the items I ordered. I ordered two web belts with brass buckle, one navy and one tan. I could not believe the fantastic quality of this product. The buckles were solid brass and not a brass coating. Not only that they were made in the U.S.A. Wow! And the Jeep knit wool hat is awesome too. High quality and I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it either. And as an added surprise I received a free CD “The Ballad of Sergeant Hack” sung by Erica Lane. What an a voice she has. Just wondering what else she has sung. I love the CD too. Just want you to know that U.S. Wings goes all out for their customers. What a great company. I have done business in the past with you and will continue on doing business. Thank you so much.

Michael J. K.



Dear Mr. Hack,
I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience dealing with your company, and I would especially like to thank Amber for being so prompt, professional and a pleasure to deal with.

Thank you,
Steven F.



Good day,
I recently ordered the USW 30th Anniversary Antique Lambskin Legend Jacket. This afternoon it arrived. I have to tell you that I am thoroughly impressed with how well made this jacket really is. The leather is soft, and the quality is above top notch. Whenever I order another leather jacket, you’d better believe that I’m only going to order it from US Wings!

William P.



Dear US Wings,
I recently purchased an Indy-style Goatskin Adventurer and I really like it and it has a nice smell of leather. I wear it just about everywhere I want to look good!!! Thank you for making them in the US. That is what sold me. I try to buy American as much as possible!!! Thanks again for a GREAT high quality real leather jacket.

Mark J.



Hi there,
I’m English and live in Morrisville NC and have just received my cowhide Aviators jacket. Well I can only say that it is the bloody dogs bollocks. The best leather jacket I have ever bought and am really toying with the idea of the navy one with the handwarmers as well. I have had a lot of leather jackets over the years but it feels so soft and looks like I’ve had it for years, no other jacket comes close to yours.

Once again cheers mate,
Iain A.



To: US Wings Managing Director,
This is to commend Amber from US Wings. I really appreciate her effort and the extra mile she performed while dealing with my frustrating experience. I almost gave up and have the items I ordered returned. But due to her sincere dedication and her professional skills in managing the situation I opted to have those items shipped back to me.

I thank Ms. Amber for it and will still patronize your products. I will recommend US Wings to my family and friends and, as a former airman, I thank her for a job well done. I just hope every employee would do what you did.

TCS “Total Customer Satisfaction”

Sincerely yours,
Arvin P.



U.S. Wings,
I recently purchased your Indiana Jones Legend Jacket and I couldn’t be happier! It’s fantastic! The jacket is a wonderful reproduction of the original Raiders’ jacket. I’ve wanted an Indiana Jones jacket since I was 13 and first saw the movie in the theater 30 years ago. I’ve done a lot of research and between your online reviews, the photos of your site and finally receiving it, I can happily say that I made the right choice. Another key deciding factor for me was that you’re an American company, I really appreciate that. I’ll be shopping with your store from now on, whenever I need a leather garment.

Additionally, your customer service representative, Stephanie, was a great help. Not only was she pleasant and patient with my leather ignorance, she took the time with me to get the correct fit and the jacket I really wanted. Also, she was just as delightful when I called two additional times, with follow up inquiries.

U.S. Wings, thank you again for the great product!

Eric M.



US Wings,
I recently purchased a Vintage Cowhide A2 from you folks as a start to my A2 collection. The low price and unusual choice of leather (no goat or horse) led me to think that it would be inferior to other more expensive A2s on the market. I’m here to tell you that I couldn’t have been more wrong. The coat was everything you advertised and more. While it doesn’t have the level of detail of a $1,000 dollar A2 it certainly gets more “right” than it does wrong. The jacket is a beauty and would pass muster anywhere. I served in the Regular Army, in the Combat Engineers, but for years I wanted a historically accurate A2, and your product was/is a great start. A marvelous product with excellent fit and finish.

David M.



Dear SGT Hack:
Just placed an order for a A-2 jacket and some other things (can’t wait!) and wanted to thank you for your service for your country — I read your military bio — wow, I am humbled by your service! My military career began in 1967 as enlisted USAF active duty and ended as a reserve officer in 2009. I had the honor and privilege of serving three tours — Vietnam (68-69, USAF 22nd Bomb Wing), Afghanistan (01-02, USA 101st ABN), and Iraq (08, attached to the 9th Marines). I served 120+ days on active duty with a USAF hospital unit (924th TFG) in Desert Storm (alongside a lady who would become my bride and who, luckily, I am still with today) but the war ended before our unit could deploy.

It is so refreshing to see a company like USA Wings that:

1. Demonstrates that Americans can still produce and market clothing products of the highest quality.
2. Provides the highest levels of service to their customers.
3. Thanks veterans for their sacrifices for freedom by providing special pricing and more.

…Best wishes to you, your lovely wife Lani and the whole USA Wings team this holiday season.

Craig C.



To whom it may concern,
Just received my jacket and am very pleased with the quality and workmanship. I have been looking at these jackets for some time and was very happy to find one at this price. Keep up the good work.

Bob F.



Sergeant Hack,
I read the Life of a Warrior, great account of things. I too was in Viet Nam during TET. The offensive kept me in country longer than I wanted but since I had my orders to go home the day all hell broke loose, I spent the next 10 days laying low and helping defend our perimeter.

I was a rifleman in the 25th Infantry Division and worked the Iron Triangle and the Delta area during my tour.

I’m happy for those of us who made it home in one piece and sad for the real heroes who didn’t. Thanks for your service and thanks for US Wings.

Robert R.



Just a word about your website. I am a client of U.S. Wings (I own, and wear, 4 of your jackets). I check your website daily. It is the best conceived website I ever saw. Very well illustrated, extremely user-friendly, and really informative. Congratulations to the person(s) responsible.

Michel A.
Quebec City, Canada



SFC Hack,
Thank you very much. I didn’t notice until too late that you offer free shipping to military personnel. I really appreciate you refunding the money. I think that there are, unfortunately, a lot of businesses that would have just taken the extra money. I am impressed by the way you do business and you can expect more orders from me in the future.

Thanks again,
SPC Chris L.



I’ve purchased two jackets from you over the years and have never been more pleased with a product in my life. I’ve referred many people to US Wings. America is a better place with people like you who have served our country. I’m honored and will be purchasing again soon.

John H.



US Wings,
I don’t do this sort of thing very often, but I received my Lightweight New Zealand Lambskin A-2 today and just had to write to tell you how very pleased I am with it. The jacket is beautifully made and the leather is butter-soft, just as advertised. Thanks to your detailed sizing chart the jacket fits perfectly. In short, it’s exactly the 3-season jacket I was looking for and I could not be happier. I’m not sure how it’s possible for you to sell it for such a low price, but I’m glad you do. Thanks for making such a great product.

Best regards,
Dick M.



Order received in full with no damages. Thank you for the baseball cap, which my grandson commandeered immediately, and the signed photo and biography of CEO Sgt. David Hack.

It was an honor for me to be able to read about Sgt. Hack’s life experiences during the Vietnam War. On my behalf, please thank Sgt. Hack for his SERVICE and my family’s freedom!

My dad was a member of the 11th Armored Division, 56th Engineering Battalion and fought in the “Battle of the Bulge” in the Ardennes. My son has enlisted and been accepted into the U.S. Air Force and leaves for San Antonio, TX on Nov. 29, 2011.

I look forward to making future purchases from USWINGS.

David W. F.



Dear David,
My Name is Erik Billing. I live in Windsor Ontario Canada. I have so far ordered 3 jackets from US Wings and I am delighted with them… Everyone commented on what a beautiful coat it is and where did you get it. I immediately said US Wings of Hudson Ohio!!!!!!

David, did you ever think of doing the Canadian Airshow Circuit with a small trailer and a van? There is a good market for flight jackets and related items at airshows over here… worth a thought.

Best Wishes,
Erik B.
Spitfire MKXVI/Mustang MKIV, Hurricane MKVI, P-40N, Goodyear FG-1D Corsair Crew Chief



Dear Mr. Hack:
I just want to let you know that I received my US Wings Collector’s Edition Antique A-2 2000 Featherweight Lambskin jacket today. I was concerned about the size when I ordered the jacket but it fits perfectly and the lambskin is beautiful. I will be recommending your company to all my friends and family. Thanks from a USMC Viet Nam vet.

Steve M.



Mr. Hack,
I just read your book that came with my jacket and was awed by your life story. I am glad I spent my money at your store. Thank you for the free hat and I will send business your way whenever the opportunity arises. God bless ya brother, you’re a warrior and a patriot!

Robert G.
Navy veteran
VFW Post 2093
Orlando, FL



Sarge and Myke,
I’ve just got home from the office and sitting on my desk was a Wings box. I guessed immediately what it was and in under two seconds, I had demolished the package to reveal your magnificent Raiders 30th Jacket.

Gentlemen, I’m privileged to have acquired a good many things in my life, but seldom have I felt as fulfilled as I do tonight. I’ve honestly never seen leather like this before and the jacket looks (and is) truly stunning. I’m honored and humbled by your generosity and the thoughtfulness of including the additional items Sarge, is sincerely appreciated. My profound thanks good sirs – this gesture was totally unexpected.

Humble regards and cheers…
Mark R.



US Wings,
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I got my new jacket today and… WOW, this is one truly beautiful jacket. I’ve had a nice leather jacket hanging on my bedroom door almost all my life and this one ranks right up at the top. Nice cut, nice loose fit to layer with a sweater. And of course, that truly masculine scent. Thanks to all and don’t be surprised if I order another one soon. Take care everyone.

Don M.
Fort Worth, Texas



The Bomber Jacket arrived today and I am absolutely delighted with the size, fit and colour. I have some very envious colleagues here at the moment. Thank you very, very much. Have a terrific weekend. Again, many thanks.

Best Regards,
Jerry C.

PS – Thank you for the hat too. I actually collect Baseball Caps so this will go with them nicely.



Hi Myke,
Just wanted to drop you an email to say THANK YOU very much for such an easy transaction with US Wings. I just had my jacket (Collectors Edition Vintage Cowhide Indy) delivered this morning and I’m very happy with how fast the delivery time was sending an item from the USA to Australia!

The jacket is superb and fits perfect. I will recommend you guys down here in Australia for such a pleasant purchase.

Thank you and keep up the brilliant quality of jackets.

Best Regards,
Chris Y.



US Wings,
My M65 Field Jacket arrived today and looks great on me. The craftsmanship is very good and the size is perfect, thank you for suggesting the size change. I’m very pleased with the service and shipping/delivery time. I look forward to ordering from you guys in the future!

Thanks again,
Johnnie Y.



Sgt. Hack,
Just a quick note to tell you that US Wings exceeded my expectations! My son and I received his leather jacket on Friday evening and he hasn’t stopped smiling since! In fact, he hasn’t taken it off but to shower and take a walk in the woods this weekend! (I insisted he leave the jacket in the car — it was 92 degrees!)

The quality of the leather and the craftsmanship and the details are fantastic! The color is perfect too! It is a beautiful jacket and you’ve made my son a very happy 9 year old boy! And me a very satisfied customer! I’ve already told three families about your fabulous company. Thank you!

Nan E. B.

P.S. And thank you for the ball cap and the book! He loves both!



Dear SFC Hack,
As a chaplain involved with CASNOTs and pre- and post-deployment activities, I’m well aware of the sacrifices that our service members have made, some more than others. And you’ve done something impressive, not only through your battlefield experience and years of service with the Army, but also through the wide-reaching business that you’ve created. A business that started with an idea and a dream, a business that through the years has inspired others and reminded them of what it means to put pride of country and pride in the product created as their highest priority. In your own way, you’ve devoted your life to serving others; and in that sense, you’re still on active duty and still serving the country you love.

With best wishes,
David H.



Hi Team,
My package arrived today and I couldn’t wait to try on the jacket (Current Issue A-2). It’s a perfect fit and looks great. Thanks for a good product and fine service.

Peter W. (from down under)



Hallo, US Wings
Thanks for your jackets – they are magnificent. I am very happy. Separate thanks for Sergeant Hack for his book, as an example of courage and honor for modern youth.

Anton K.



I am writing in hopes this will actually reach Sgt. Hack’s desk or ears at least. I just wanted to first and foremost say a sincere heartfelt thank you for your service and sacrifice to our nation. My father was in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam war and served on the PBR Riverine Boats. He does not speak about it much and always changes the topic when I ask about the war. I have learned over the years to respect this and to have a deep respect for the men and women that served in Vietnam. You folks in my view were not and are not treated well by our government.

Secondly thank you for the replacement cuffs and waistband for my U.S. Navy G1 jacket that my father gave me years ago. I am very much attached to this jacket it brings me back to a different time.

I went to college and worked a day job and went to school at night. It took me 5 years but I earned my degree. My folks helped when they could how they could. I took R.O.T.C. and was all set to go in the Navy and serve. My father heard of this and sat me down and talked me out of it. He wanted to save me. As a obedient son I respected his wishes. Instead I became a Fireman here in Los Angeles and worked hard to achieved the rank of Captain. I still clean the head and cook though not required I lead by doing and showing. My fire fighters know I will do anything that I ask them to do.

On a recent visit with my father he shared with me two things with me. The first being that he was proud of me and that made me smile. Second was he shared why he talked me out of the Navy. He said you did your 20 as a Navy Brat. I said huh? He said yes you and your mother served as well. I guess that is his view and well I just listened.

I read your story and I have the greatest respect for your tenacity. To overcome some much and in such a short life amazing.

Thank you for the product and for your service.

Kind regards,
Tony V.



Thank you once again for your tremendous service and follow through after the sale. I truly appreciate it. This jacket is also nicer than I actually expected. A great deal and heck of a bargain. Thanks again! Best of luck and continued to success to you and the staff at US Wings!

David R. E.



US Wings,
Several years ago, I purchased a US Wings khaki shirt and trousers to wear at Confederate Air Force events. I own several other khaki shirts and trousers that I purchased from other suppliers but they don’t compare to the quality, authenticity and reasonable price of US Wings khakis.

I am a veteran and honor guard member. Our old navy blue trousers and light blue shirts were polyester, hot and shiny. We were often mistaken for policeman, so I started wearing my khakis from US Wings. Other veterans have commented they like the authenticity, clean cut simplicity and feel of breathable cotton. Now our honor guard looks like veterans of the armed forces.

These are great khakis, I hope you never quit making them.

Arthur S.



Hi there,
Thank you so much for the awesome flight jacket. What amazing quality! I have volunteered in Air Operations at the Sun N Fun fly-in for 30 years. This year we celebrated the Centennial of Naval Aviation with the Blues, Fat Albert and a F-18 Growler. My father served on the CV-15 (the USS Randolph) so I am really partial to Naval Aviation. I love the t-shirt and dvd oo! Your company is an example of what is right with our country. Outstanding quality and above and beyond service.

Brian D. G.



Dear Sgt.Hack,
I received my order right on time, along with your life story and the t-shirt. I intend to read your book this week, unfortunately my 23 yo daughter immediately claimed the t shirt! Very pleasant experience doing business with US Wings, it’s good to see a veteran doing well, and I shall of course deal with you guys in the future.

Best wishes,
Sean D.



Hey there,
I picked up a used US Wings imported antique cowhide Indy jacket. I got it from a fellow member on the COW website. This baby is 5 years old and it’s awesome! I just wanted to tell you how well I like it, even it being used. I was curious if US Wings has a Facebook page. I would love to compliment the jacket and how well the durability it is. You take care and thank you for your time.

Keith H.



Dear Friends:
Just received my jacket (Current Issue A-2) today and I wanted to thank you for the help in sizing over the phone (I think his name was Mike). Between the sizes and types of jackets I have purchased in the past from you, he nailed the sizing dead-on on this A-2. Super jacket, super quality, super value and most important… super fit! Thanks for all your help.

John S.