Dear US Wings,

This is to confirm that I received the item ordered via online (Duro-Jac peacoat). The item was in good order and I am very satisfied with it. Thank you for your prompt service, and I look forward to placing another order again in the near future.

Sincerely yours,
Wayne H.
Gumi, South Korea



Sgt Hack,
The Wings Jacket I own is amongst my most treasured possessions and although I’ve only had it for around 9 months it has been worn very hard and travelled numerous times around the globe (including a few times to Skywalker Ranch). It’s been hammered, rained on, dragged through mud and enjoyed more than one beer with me so in short, it’s been my best pal and pure pleasure. As I said to you after taking delivery of my jacket, as an ex-soldier who has served 12 years active duty, the fact that my jacket is made by a man of your military background is not only proper but I consider it an honor.

Warm regards,
Mark R.



Hello Amber,
I received the B-15 Jacket today, it is perfect… thanks for that. Also many thanks for the gifts (cap, book and DVD). Will you thank Sgt. David Hack for me?

With Kind Regards and ’til next time,
Rob R.
Zoetermeer (Sweet Lake City)



Sgt. Hack,
I received my Wings of Gold Centennial G-1. I cannot be more pleased with my jacket!! I still have my original G-1 Navy issue from 1970 (Pensacola) and this is far superior when comparing new to new. Your sales and service was “Great.”

Semper Fi,
Ted C.



Hey SGT David,
I got my RAF Sheepskin jacket back today. It looks GREAT!! Thank you very much. Your folks did an excellent job. The new zipper is even heavier than the original. I think it’s a little easier to zip.

You may remember I was a little hesitant to send it to you. I like it so much and didn’t want anything to happen to it. Well it turned out great. If I’m not mistaken, I think your folks even cleaned and conditioned it for me. I usually do that myself every spring and fall, but waited this time due to the new zipper I needed. Anyway, thanks for the excellent work. The Maximum Warmness Mode works perfectly now. LOL

Mark L.



Sgt. Hack and team,
I have received my G1 leather jacket. I want to say thank you very much for a great product. You and your team have done an outstanding job. This is a great product, well put together and brilliant quality. I also want to commend your excellent customer service. Please keep it up. I am proud to wear a U.S. product even though I’m from South Africa. I am really impressed with the jacket and it turned out to look even better than I ever imagined. To all at U.S. Wings, thank you, and know that your work is being admired all over the globe.

Kind regards,
Jaco K. from South Africa



I received my G-1 jacket on Monday. I am very pleased with it (as I am with my 2 other US Wings jackets). We are often prompt to complain when we are not satisfied so I feel we should share our joy when everything is okay. Lots of thanks to the team at US Wings.

Michel A.
Québec, Canada



Hello Rita,
I thought I’d drop you a line just to say that the two jackets have arrived. Fantastic, is all I can say… simply fantastic.

Many thanks also for the US Wings baseball cap and the book and signed photo of SGT Dave Hack. The cap will get a work out. I walk about 4 and a half miles every Sat & Sun morning; so it will be put to good use. And the photo into a respectful frame.

I was a SGT myself and first started as a Leopard Tank crewman in the Aussie Army, changed trades and left the Army after twenty two years service in 2001 as a Chief Clerk of a Light Horse unit. In that time the Army was pretty insulated and the majority of service personnel did not see service overseas. Which is a vast contrast to now.

Dave doesn’t know me, but if you could pass my best regards onto him and thank him for the jackets, I’d be obliged. I’ll let a few of my friends know about them also.

Kind regards,
Brian M.



US Wings,
Just received my new Centennial G-1. I love it. As a former Naval Aviator I can tell you that this is a carbon copy of my original issue flight jacket… except for the nicer lining. Thanks.

Glenn C.



US Wings,
I received my A-2 2000 today and I’m very pleased. Great workmanship, looks fantastic, fits great. MADE in AMERICA! You can’t ask for anything better. Will recommend US Wings to all. Thanks until next time.

C. B.
Folsom, CA



SFC Hack,
I just received my Cockpit Type 440 (G-8) jacket. All I can say is: Flawless.

A note you may find interesting: This one is replacing an identical one that I bought from Avirex back in 1987. I wore my first one just about every day until around 2003 when it was getting “a little tight across the chest” and my son decreed to me that “it is now my jacket. I just hope I can be cool enough to wear it.” (First time my son had ever hinted that he thought I was “cool.”)

As well as around town, I had worn my older jacket as I proceeded to travel around the world three times, plying my post-military trade of itinerant contractor engineer and program manager. Needless to say, I cannot wait to get this one looking as classic and well worn as my previous one, which has definitely “taken a lickin’ and kept on tickin’.”

Also, thanks for the copy of your book. Very interesting! While I am not an in-country Vietnam vet, I am a Vietnam-era vet, and have served very closely both in uniform and in-mufti with many fellows who were in-country Vietnam veterans. (I have taken it as a personal mission to hire as many veterans as I can, whenever I am the “hiring manager.” Several times, I hired the veteran even though he may not have been the “outwardly best qualified” because I always say that veterans have “internal qualities” that make them superior to someone who has never served. And, to this day, I have NEVER regretted it nor have I ever been proven wrong in my judgement.)

Please pass my thanks to your staff, and keep some for yourself, for doing such a great job keeping American jobs in American business in America, and for producing a truly outstanding product.

Yours in the common cause,
Rich V.
Captain, US Army, Retired (disability)
3/11 ACR (“Blackhorse Regiment”)
2-9 Cav / 24th ID / XVIII Corps (Abn)



US Wings,
I just received my XL US made Legend long. I must say this is my favorite jacket ever! I’m so happy! It was well worth the wait. Thanks Sarge and Rita for helping me. It’s Christmas in March for me.

Zane F.



Just wanted to inform you that I received my jacket last week – fantastic! Def worth the wait. I also received and greatly appreciate the added “goodies” you included! Today I finally got around to reading your autobiography – closed my office door, turned down the phone… wow, harrowing to say the least!

I was playing with my GI Joes in the late ’60s but still remember watching the “Huntley and Brinkley Report” and hearing the “thwump-thwump-thwump” of helicopters and hearing about how many were shot down on the day!

In 2005, I was a Navy Lieutenant stationed with DIA working on the US/Russia Joint Commission on POW/MIAs as the senior Vietnam Analyst. I got to work with, meet and interview Sen’s McCain and Kerry, and Reps Sam Johnson and Pete Peterson as well as interview former Soviet military advisors to the NVA. It was very sobering to realize that while I was playing “war,” they were fighting one!

Anyway, thank you for your service, and God bless all your brothers in arms who made the ultimate sacrifice!

Very respectfully,
Thomas R. I.



Dear SGT. Hack,
Thank you for my fine Cockpit Stearman Vest, it is absolutely fantastic. I’m wearing it now and find it very comfortable, I love it. Thanks for making it available and giving me the opportunity to wear something so rich with history. I think I must be the only person around here with one so when I wear it with my new U.S. Wings cap I get a few looks. BTW, I read “The Life Of A Warrior”, Wow, you sure were lucky to survive. The world is truly a better place for that.

Yours Sincerely,
Bradley M.



Hi Sarge,
Just letting you know I received my Hero Jacket today! What is it with you guys and the AMAZING SERVICE & FANTASTIC QUALITY of product you provide. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this jacket (my second from you)! It is absolutely perfect in every way. The fit is unbelievable and the leather is so soft that it doesn’t feel like cowhide at all. I live in Australia and understand that shipping can take some time, but to received my order in 10 days from date of purchase… How is this possible? Please accept my appreciation for recognition of outstanding international quality of service you have provided for me on both occasions.

George B.



US Wings,
Today I received my order thank you very much! When I opened the box I saw a small book, I immediately picked it up and read. I was amazed, amazing life story of this remarkable man. Impressed by his desire to live and be useful to his country, striving to be a soldier, even in peacetime. Sgt David Hack, you are the solder of your country! My deep respect to you as a person and a military salute as a soldier!

Aleksey V. L.



Thanks Rita, thanks to all of Sgt. Hack’s team! Amazing overseas customer service! Proud to be your costumer since 2007! Full scale compliments from an Italian Barnstormer!

Best regards,
Maurizio O.



US Wings,
I just received my new A-2 2000, and am very pleased. It seems to be very good quality (materials and workmanship), the price was very reasonable, and it was delivered exactly on time as advertised. Thank you!

David F.



US Wings,
I just received the jacket you replaced the zipper in. I wanted to thank you for the a job well done, and I am very satisfied with the quality if the zipper itself. Thank you very much.

William S.



To all at US Wings,
I would like to say thank you for my antiqued cowhide Indy Hero jacket that I ordered from your company. The jacket is simply amazing, very well constructed, and worth every penny that I had spent. Your workmanship, fit, and attention to detail are unreal. Thanks for the autographed picture and baseball hat (my 7 year old son loved it). I look forward to doing business again and again. I will definitely recommend you to others. Please keep up the good work and Thank You for your service to our Country!!

A Very Loyal Customer,
Greg M.



To Sgt. Hack and all the staff at US Wings,
I would like to say thank you for my wonderful products that I ordered from your company. It was so nice and easy to order from your website through Pay Pal. It could not have been any more efficient. I received emails one for my Pay Pal receipt and another thanking me for my order and the shipping number. First class all the way!!!!!

Today my order arrived and I could not wait to open it. The package was wrapped up and everything was protected well. When I opened it to try my gloves and hat on I noticed a book in there along with a wonderful picture of Sgt. Hack along with other information about items for sale and the return and exchange policy sheet. The book and picture are wonderful gifts and I will read the book tonight and frame the picture and put it with my other heroes of the military. What a nice surprise and once again cannot thank you enough.

This first time order from your company has truly made me a customer forever and will look forward to doing future business with you. In fact I will be making another order for some pants and shirts and another possible flight jacket to add to my collection. My first jacket was purchased for me from a relative and like your business it is first class all the way. It was the Indian Jones leather, I love it, but not easy to fly in the small cockpit environment so I feel an A2 should work out just fine.

Once again thanks for making my experience with U.S Wings the best I have every had with doing business on the internet. I do hope to make it down to your store one day soon.

A very happy customer,
Walter M.

P.S. Thank you so much Sgt. Hack for serving our beloved country. Godspeed.



I received the jacket (Striated Lambskin Legend Jacket) this morning. I want to tell you how fantastic I think this jacket is and how I appreciate business with you. Many thanks for helping me to choose and order. Best regards and I hope to buy more from you soon. A special “thanks” to Sarge.




US Wings,
We got it today (Cockpit Cotton A-2)… love it, love it, love it. It was to have been a Christmas present, but due to back order, Christmas was today… love it, love it, love it!!!

Rosalie D.



Just wanted to drop a note to say that I received my jacket today … I’m absolutely blown away. Best jacket I’ve ever owned… and I own 2 other Wings jackets! The leather is beautiful and the construction is amazing. Thanks to you and the entire team at U.S. Wings, I truly appreciate it and look forward to wearing this jacket for years to come.

Take care,
Mark T.



Just received my new AF current-issue A2, and I couldn’t be happier!! THIS is what I wanted the first time. Heavier leather feel, American-made, ACTUAL ISSUE!! The size 42 is THE right size too.

Please thank all the staff who handled my order, and SGT. Hack for another cap (even nicer than the first one), and a proper hanger (included in the box). That was a nice touch.

I will hopefully be ordering the same jacket in the American-made horsehide soon. Can’t wait for that one either!

P.S. We got 1-3 inches of snow on the way to Austin this pm and night! Great time to finally get the jacket…

Thanks again!
M.D. B.



Just a short note to tell how how pleased I am with the Signature Series Adventurer jacket I purchased in December. I’ve never ordered a clothing item sight unseen over the Internet before, so you can imagine that I had some concerns as regards fit, but none about quality — I was raised on “Made in the USA” meaning quality, and U.S. Wings certainly does live up to that, as was apparent as soon as I unpacked the jacket. And I’m pleased to say that it fits perfectly. I’ve had several compliments on it, and I’ve certainly told people where I got it and how to get in touch with you. Call me another very satisfied customer.

Bob B.



Hello Sir Hack!
Just today, I have received Presidential Goatskin G-1 in Chongqing, in China. It is very appropriate for me in size and it is very good and very beautiful! And the Signature Series Goatskin G-1 is high-quality. I am very proud of US Wings and its honor. Later, I will continue shopping with US Wings. Thank you very much again, and have a good time in the Spring’s Day (the Chinese New Year) to all of you.

Lei X.
Chongqing, China



Hi Folks,
I wanted to let you know I received my McGuire CWU-45P jacket today and I am extremely pleased. As I mentioned in my previous emails, the fit of the McGuire is quite different from the regular CWU-45P, which obviously run that much smaller than the McGuire in sizing. It most likely is attributable to the material differences.

Lastly, having some familiarity with customer service – and challenges – I wanted you to hear directly from me, one of the customers, that I really appreciate the work you put into resolving my order. Many times we only hear the complaints and rarely do those folks working on the front line get the praise and recognition they deserve. I wanted to ensure you understood that it isn’t always just the product that makes a difference in how a customer feels about the transaction. It includes real people accomplishing the sale and resolving any associated issues. Over the years, I have avoided Internet sales simply because I am one of those people that like to see it, taste it or feel it and had some trepidation when I found the jacket I wanted only available through an internet sale. While there appear to be many suppliers of this style jacket, I chose U.S. Wings for a number of reasons positive to your company image and I have to tell you, you validated that and have represented U.S. Wings very well.

I will recommend your company to anyone I encounter looking for similar products and will be sure to include a recommendation due to customer service. Feel free to utilize any of these statements as necessary and wish you a successful future and New Year 2011.

Best Regards,
Capt. R.S. H.



Dear Sir/Madam,
I got the Antique Cowhide A-2 Wings of Gold jacket delivered to me yesterday and it’s just perfect! Thank you very much. It was worth the wait.

Constantinos K.



Dear Sergeant David Hack,
A few days before Xmas I ordered a New Zealand Lambskin A-2 jacket and to my great surprise I received it only a few days later, although the weather conditions everywhere in the world were just miserable. Shipping performance, quality and value of the jacket (I am able to compare it with two others, a bit heavier A-2 jackets from the USA, I already own) are just outstanding!

In the meantime, I read your booklet “The Life Of a Warrior” with great interest. I am totally impressed about your life, about all the strokes of fate you survived, about your enormous will to stand up each time and continue to build up a new life successfully from nothing.

I am also very much impressed about the way you built up your company, your “Home Page” and “Offerings” out of the “nothing”! This is truly very remarkable and impressive!

I wish you all the best and I definitely will continue to be a customer of yours!

Thanks very much and best regards,
Ernst G.



Dear US Wings,
The quality of your work is first class. I am so impressed with your “Life of a Warrior” I would like to order 5 more copies so I can give to a couple of my younger friends.

Many thanks,
Alan R.



I got the jacket (Striated Lamb Legend) yesterday and all I can say is… AMAZING!!!! Honestly, this is THE BEST Indy jacket my hands have ever touched or eyes seen. From the cut to the leather it is without a doubt, hands down, THE RAIDERS jacket!!!! Bravo!!!! Thank you for this amazing piece of work. The striations pop all over the thing, I’m serious it is awesome!!!! Thank you Sarge!!!

Erin D.



I just bought an “Indy Style” jacket for my son, Max, and I wanted to let you know, personally, how much this gift meant to him. Indiana Jones is one of his heroes (he already has one of the original issue Stetson hats and has gone through two whips) but his search for “just the right” jacket eluded him until this Christmas. He was especially impressed by the reproduction of the newspaper article included in the box, and now has it hanging on the wall over his bed. (I’ve been a writer for the New York Times for 25 years now, and Max has never hung one of my articles on his wall.)

I have been trying to impress upon Max the difference between Hollywood heroes and real life heroes, and your book has helped me do that. I have been reading sections to him before going to bed at night. (Not the scary stuff, of course, but the inspiration that your experiences generated.) As a 60-ish guy who did everything possible to avoid the military when I was young (but who joined the New Jersey State Guard/Naval Militia after 9/11 to set some kind of good example for my seven children) I am truly grateful for and inspired by your service to the country. Men like you make men like me feel humbled, if not downright ashamed.

Anyway, I was wondering if, at some point, you could send Max an autographed picture of you – in uniform, if possible – so that he can hang it between his U.S. Wings article and the hook on which he carefully hangs his Indy jacket when he goes to bed. Max is eight years old and, like all of our sons, is a special, beautiful boy. I’m sure he would treasure anything you can muster up.

Thanking you, again, for your service to the country; both 40 years ago and today as you keep the spirit of our fighting forces alive and well.

Jay R.



Hi Myke at,
More than 2 years ago, I received my Indy-style Collectors Edition that since has accompanied me almost everywhere I go and makes me happy to wear it or even just to look at it. Today, I just receive my second order from It is a kid size Indy-style leather jacket for my boy. It looks almost the same as my Collectors Edition, only in kid size. It fits perfectly on my boy.

US Wings, you don’t know how happy we are, wearing the same look of a top quality great jacket, we are father and son ready for a “real adventure.”

I received my first order somewhere in the Middle East. It took approx. 3-4 weeks. While the second order I received it somewhere in South East Asia. It took approx. 3-4 weeks. The point is that your international customers can confidently place an order on You know, I am a worker, I work hard to afford these jackets, but it is the best deal. It is like a reward for me. Thank you US Wings. Your service is excellent no matter where we are or who we are.

Guston S.



Sgt. Hack,
I just want to say “thanks” on making my husband’s Christmas perfect. I ordered a leather jacket (Vintage A-2 2000) right before Christmas, you helped with the sizing, and got it to me Christmas Eve. A super surprise inside was the story of the life of Sgt. Hack, a hat and a gift certificate. We need more American companies like yours! The experience was fantastic and I feel like I am helping America by buying and supporting your company.

By the way my husband won’t take off the hat and the jacket is perfect. In fact now the WHOLE family wants one. So we will be making a road trip up from Kentucky this summer to visit your place. I hope everyone at your company had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for serving us so well in not only our online shopping experience but also in what you do for our troops.

Sue G.



Sgt. Hack,
Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for the jacket… it is amazing! (liked your book too – thanks). All our best in 2011.

Bruce M.



My son’s jacket arrived and it’s amazing. You were right, the cut is incredible and perfect. I can’t wait for Christmas to give it to him. This is going to be his favorite gift. I’m sure this will be a Christmas he will never forget! Thanks Santa Sarge!!!

Erin D.



I received my B3 bomber jacket just now and it is EVERYTHING and MORE that I had hoped for from the minute I set eyes on that baby in your online store. My grandad had one from his bomber days and when he gave it to my brother, I was very saddened. I had always been in love with that jacket. I’d made it my mission in my young life to get one EXACTLY like it (minus the patches). Little did I know it would take almost FORTY YEARS to get one!

Yet finally, finally, FINALLY… it came! My own little Christmas miracle!! The fit is excellent, the style is OUTSTANDING and I am one HAPPY customer. Make that one happy LOYAL customer!! You’ve got a customer for life here, folks, Not that you need another one, but you’ve got one. The quality and workmanship of your craft is just out of this world. I will wear this jacket with pride, both for what it stands for, as well as the fact that I never gave up hope that I’d eventually find one just like the one my grandfather had.

Thank you so very much!! You made my Christmas!! And thank you, too, for calling me beforehand to let me know that you didn’t have my first choice in size, AND for going out of your way to find the next closest up. It’s PERFECT! You’ve got fantastic customer service to match your fantastic products. Rare in this country anymore, and that’s why I’m going to stick with you and to tell all my friends to go ahead and do the same.

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday/Happy Weekend to everyone and your families!

A very satisfied and happy customer,
Sue B.



Dear Sir,
I want to thank you, first of all, for your service to our country. Secondly, thank you for sharing your incredible story. I did not serve, regretfully so, but do come from a military family that sacrificed dearly. My dear friend, Captain Charles Jerome Hunicutt, gave his life in Vietnam and thanks to your story, makes me appreciate his and all others sacrifices that much more.

I love the jacket (Vintage A-2 2000) and knowing you were the founder makes it that much more special. Again, thanks for your sacrifice, service, and sharing.

Sam R.



Hello Ms. Rita,
I got my jacket on Friday, right on schedule. Thanks very much for your help, the replacement jacket fits beautifully. US Wings is definitely a five star operation. Thanks again, and the jacket is AWSOME!

Norman H.



Just wanted to tell you that I received the VIP A-2 jacket on Monday. Extremely nice jacket. Good quality soft leather and workmanship. To have a jacket like this one delivered to your front door for under $400 is one of the best deals you can get. Best of all it was made in the United States by American workers!

One veteran NCO to another… I salute you Sergeant for everything you have accomplished and suffered through in your service to our country. Thank you.

I was a Sergeant in the Arizona Air National Guard. My Dad was a Sergeant in the Army Air Force during WWII, served in the 5th Air Force in the Pacific and occupation of Japan. That’s why the A-2 is very familiar to me. My grandfather was also in the Army and served during the Spanish-American War, stationed in Hawaii. They were still wearing blue uniforms in those days. Looked almost like Civil War uniforms. I inherited those blue uniforms and donated them to the US Army museum in Honolulu back in 1985.

With all respect, thanks again Sarge, glad to know you!



US Wings,
Just received the kid’s Indy Legend jacket I ordered for one of my grandsons who near worships anything Indiana Jones. Went a little over budget for a single item (they like to open several each) sight unseen, but could not be more pleased with the jacket. Great weight, beautifully made, and best yet, a gift that will be the hit of the day. And, by the way, what a great buy considering quality/price.

My husband was admiring it this morning and commented that he would like to have one, and perhaps we would get one for the lucky grandson’s uncle.

Feel like I had an angel on my shoulder when I started my internet search for this item.

Once again, thank you for being there and for making such extraordinary merchandise.

Jane L.



US Wings,
For me, this jacket is the PERFECT memento of the Centennial of Naval Aviation. Making it into flight school and being issued my leather flight jacket is one of my brightest memories. To have the Flyers Creed and Navy Wings of Gold on the inner lining represents the emotion, work, and symbolism that goes into all we do.

A heartfelt Thank You to you and your designers for coming up with this jacket in celebration of 100 years of Naval Aviation.

[name withheld by request] CDR, USN



US Wings,
I just received my U.S. Wings Striated Lambskin Original Pattern Indy-Style “Legend” Jacket and I couldn’t be happier. It’s perfect! From the cut, style, and fit, to the quality materials, I couldn’t ask for any better. This is truly a high quality jacket and a tribute to the U.S. Wings reputation for excellence. I want to thank you for this awesome product and service. I will always recommend U.S. Wings to my friends!

Thanks Again,
Ray R.



US Wings,
Received my jacket (USW Goatskin A-2) yesterday, along with the David Hack Story, which I read this morning. Having read David’s story, I am glad I chose your shop to purchase the jacket.

Charles M. F.



SFC David Hack,
WOW!! My 1960s USN/WEP flight jacket has been reincarnated. My original issue “lived its life” but before my wife got rid of it (unknown to me) she cut off and saved all my patches from my naval aviation career. I too did tours in Viet Nam. Now we have a new jacket — exactly like my old one — to add all of my saved patches as well as a “fresh” gold bullion embroidered name patch with Navy wings that Saunders Industries is completing for me.

I salute you for your perseverance and your accomplishments as evidenced in your enclosed booklet when I received my flight jacket — “The Life of A Warrior, Welcome Home.” Both my wife and I enjoyed the read — thanks for sharing your life with others.

And now to Lady Lani and Sir David, our very best to you for continued success in “serving those who have served.”

With best regards,
A.F. S.
Retired Naval Aviator



Hello All,
Received my jacket (Lightweight Lambskin G-1) today and… wow it’s fantastic! Just wanted to thank you all and for all your help with my order.

Kindest regards,
Sean W.



Hello Sgt. Hack,
Today, I have received the A-10 Leather Gloves! Outstanding quality and perfect fit!

Best regards,
Master Sergeant Raffael D.,
German Armed Forces



Hello to all at U.S. Wings,
G’Day Sgt. Hack & Myke. I just received my Antique Cowhide Indy Hero Jacket and I wanted to let you know that…

IT IS FANTASTIC ! ! ! ! ! ! Sorry, I just couldn’t contain my excitement.

This is just an incredible work of art, from the fantastic leather right down to the perfect fit! I had looked around and read so many threads on COW about Indy Jackets from different sources. One thing is for certain, I was being pointed in your direction every time and my gut feeling was right that you are the holy grail of Indy Jackets. I just can’t seem to praise you enough.

So… Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Once again many thanks,
George B.
Sydney, Australia



To Sarge & Co:
It’s been a long trip for me, trying to get a jacket, particularly with the financial worries that are constantly cropping up, along with my worries about sleeve length for my ridiculously long arms. But I just received this Hero jacket, and I just want to say, it is stunning – a work of art. The leather is amazing! Almost as amazing as your service has been through all of my ordering and de-ordering and re-ordering. So I just wanted to say thanks for the great service and the great jacket at a great price! (Now I just have to find a way to afford that horsehide Legend jacket I had ordered at one point – looks like it’ll be an even bigger winner!)

Thanks again,
Jeff N.



Hello, Sarge and Myke
I just wanted to email and let you know that my Antique Cowhide Indy-style Hero Jacket arrived today and I am very pleased! It is a great jacket. In fact, I can already tell it will likely become my favorite leather jacket. Sarge, I want to thank you very much for the advice on the size. The Large Long fits really well. Keep up the good work!

Eric M.



My order arrived today and wanted to say I am very pleased with the results. The service and the quality and satisfaction are all first class. Thanks.

Joe G.



Sgt Hack,
I would like to extend my warmest thanks to you and the team for the brilliant Indy Jacket you made for for me. I know that the issue of the jacket has caused a lot of (in my opinion) misplaced debate but the Antique Cowhide jacket I received from Wings is for me, just perfect.

I don’t understand and nor am I interested in the strange notion of “screen accurate” but, what I can say is that your jacket is exactly what I was after — a top-quality jacket that evokes the rugged type of clothing Jones might have worn…

Like you Sgt. Hack, I’m a combat veteran of 12 years front-line duty and having you and the team make this jacket for me was not only fitting, it was also a great honor.

From one soldier to another, I again extend my thanks to you all for making this possible. I know I will wear it happily for many years.

Highest regards,
Mark R.



Dear Sarge,
I received the jacket (Antique Cowhide Hero Jacket) a few days ago after an anxious one week wait (fast shipping) and have been wearing it since to break it in so to speak. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the fit of the jacket as it moulds to my body frame. There’s been many compliments on the jacket over here from my friends and colleagues.

I must admit I was a little worried about the size issue and not being able to exchange it since mine is an international order but you actually did find the right size for me.

Thanks a lot, Sarge, I am so happy with the jacket, and now I have been looking around the US Wings catalog for more interesting items to get. I am also thinking of the Legend Jacket. Is the cowhide the same as the Hero in terms of its material i.e. supple and yet durable?

Thank you so much. Please extend my appreciation to Myke as well for communicating with me about the shipping process and help in the size selection.

Best regards,
Damien W.



Dear Sgt. Hack,
Just got the coat (AG2C1). It’s very nice! Superb quality. It will break in and look like a vintage A-2 in no time!!! I really like the two large inside pockets, they are very useful and hold a lot of stuff! Just finished the book and it was fantastic. My hat’s off to you for everything you went through! Once again thank you for a great product. I will wear it for many years.

Erik B.



Just received my AO flights glasses. What a treat! More than I expected. I apologize for the question and answer part of my phone order: Are they AO manufactured? Are you sure they have bayonet templates? Are they made to original mil spec, even close to mil spec will be great. Are the pictures the real product?

Shame on my skepticism!!! I had my previous pair of glasses since my Civil Air Patrol days, about 30 years ago and when they finally gave out I was distraught over the replacement costs I was quoted.

You came through with flying colors. My OP55G glasses are perfect and exactly what I wanted. Thanks for a great product, not to mention a truly great price. Read “Welcome Home” last night and enjoyed it greatly.

Thomas F. P.



US Wings,
I just received my A2-2000 jacket and to say I am pleased is an understatement.

1.) The jacket fits perfectly.
2.) The high quality is U.S. made not Asian junk.
3.) The leather and sewing quality is fantastic.
4.) This jacket will outlive me.
5.) I am a Vietnam era vet and it feels like a military issue jacket. Not a dollar store reproduction.
6.) I travel over 100,000 miles per year and this jacket will be my friend in all climates.

I am a customer for life. Thanks for a great product. I will be ordering an Indy-style soon.

G.D. S.,
Cocoa Beach, FL



Hello, Sgt Hack,
I received my US Wings Lightweight G1 and all is OK! Thank you very much. I read the amazing and outstanding story of your life with great interest and admiration for your determination and fighting spirit. I was born in 1943 in a military family, my grandfather was an infantry officer during WWI who survived but nearly died, my father was enlisted, sergeant and adjutant chef in French Air force for 28 years, and I’m a French Navy Reserve Captain, now retired, and also a gyroplane pilot for hobby. I’m also very fond of US Naval Aviation and interested in Korean War and Vietnam War, especially air war, where so many brave men like you fought and often died. So I’m very glad to own these G1 (I’ve another G1 from Cooper but it’s a little “tired” now), and to be your customer, now and perhaps in the future. Best wishes for you and your family.

René J. P.



I can’t thank you enough, this jacket is PERFECT. I know everyone has been saying this, but this truly is the ultimate and perfect Indy jacket… The sleeve length feels dead on now comfort-wise for me. Weight is the perfect balance of strength and comfort. Smells amazing and the texture and color looks just as good. Thank you so much, sir, for giving me such a great jacket that I will enjoy for years to come! Couldn’t be happier, you guys are amazing.

Bryan M.



US Wings,
The two pairs of khakis arrived today. They’re beautiful and fit perfectly. They’re every bit as top notch as your advertising claims. There’s a “first” in anybody’s advertising! Thank you so much!

Peter H.
Beloit, WI



SGT Hack,
My hat’s off to you! I had to stop and take this moment to tell you how much I admire you and your service to our Country! I just finished reading your book (The Life of A Warrior) three times. You are such an inspiration to me others I’ve talked to. I am a Vietnam veteran (Chu Lai, 91st Evac 1969-70) and my son Derek is Infantry with the Ohio Guard out of Toledo. Derek returned from Iraq last year and is heading for Afghanistan next July. By the way, he also loves your book! I’m trying not to be long winded here… I just wanted say THANK YOU! You’ve given me hope beyond imagination. Keep doing what you’re doing, because you do it so well. I’ll keep supporting you ’til the day I die. That’s a promise! God’s Blessings on your family and this Great Nation!

Bill S.



Hello Sgt. Hack,
Jacket (Lightweight Lambskin A-2) arrived at 8:15 AM today (26th) about 4:15 PM 25th your time. Not bad for half way round the world in a box. Great jacket, great fit, great service. Thanks very much.

Roger N.



US Wings,
Received the sunglass order yesterday. Thanks. Took them right down to the optometrist to be fitted for prescription lenses. Also thanks for the cap, DVD and interesting book by Dave Hack. Great story. Congrats on his heroism and hard work. I’ll visit your store next time I’m up North. Your site is great, too.

Dave H.
MSgt, USAF (Ret)
Clearwater, Fla.



I just want to say a big thank you to the US Wings team. The B-15 goatskin jacket I got is absolutely beautiful! Quality is second to none. Thanks for the great customer service too, I’ll definately recommend your company to anyone that wants a leather jacket. Also thanks for the nice little extras you put into the box. Great jacket from a great company!

Oliver C.



US Wings,
You guys certainly know your product. The jacket [Antique Cowhide Hero Jacket] came today and it is perfect except for the sleeves but I always have that problem… Thanks again for contacting me with the XL suggestion, spot on… Very quick service and shipping, and a great looking jacket I might add… I wish every company I deal with was as customer service oriented as US WINGS is…

Thanks once again,
Harry G.



Sir Sergeant Hack!
I just finished reading your life’s work before going to bed over the last few nights. And although everyone else says this alot to you, I’m above honored to wear your US Wings Jacket. I was as captivated reading your story as any life tale I’ve ever read. It was the real world Forest Gump story, a life full of so many ups and downs, but you always kept moving forward, experiencing so many amazing things along the way. It was very inspiring and a life check again for appreciating all the things I have. People get so upset over their day to day problems, when in reality most of their issues are nothing compared to what people like you had to push through to help us get to where we are now. I’m fortunate to never have had to experience some of the horrors you had to, I thank you for doing what you had to do. I plan to pass on the story to my Dad and other friends to read, I really feel it would make an amazing film. I hope that this does come to pass sometime, and I do think that someone should make it now! I’m guessing there could be many other great things to add to the story, but it seems like now you are in a place being rewarded for your life’s achievements and struggles, and that makes a great ending.

Once again the respect I have for you Sir Hack is even more now. I only knew you as a great jacket maker, and buisnessman. Now I see there is so much more to what makes you just a great human in general. Thanks again, can’t wait to get that longer sleeved Large Indy.

Bryan M.



I received one of these (Antique Cowhide Indy Hero) jackets a few days ago, and just wanted to let you know how incredibly happy I am with it. I’ve been following the jacket’s developments over on Indygear for the last few months (my screen name there is “Angleiron”) and decided to buy one on a whim. I’ve had several jackets from various makers over the years, but this one just blows me away. The leather, the fit, the construction… just amazing. This jacket would be a steal at twice the price. THANK YOU for making it available. And thank you for the free cap and web belt. Your company is a class act all around.

I understand you’re making a few of these without snaps available to the Club Obi-Wan crowd. I’d love to place an order for an XL without snaps if they’re not all spoken for. Just let me know!

Again, thanks for such a remarkable product and such great customer service. Have a great day!

Stan W.



US Wings,
Well just opened the box. You nailed it!!!! I love this thing, the fit, the leather, the smell! Thank you again. Love the belt and hat too. I can’t believe I only paid just over two hundred for such a great jacket! I now have a jacket that beats all others I own, hands down. I’m rather sure I’ll even be riding my chopper Indy style now too! Guess I’ll have to start selling some of my others now. I was expecting a light thin leather, this is so much heavier, and so soft. Thanks for all you have done for me Sarge I truly mean that.

Highest Regards,
John V.



Sergeant Hack, Myke, and the fine folks at U.S. Wings:
I’m sure you’re all inundated right now with backfilled orders, taking new orders, and reading some of the wonderful things the forums at Club Obi-Wan are saying about the Antique Cowhide Indy Hero jacket. As such, I will attempt to be brief.

I was 8 years old when “Raiders” first came out. Being then, and remaining to this day, a sci-fi and adventure-film nerd, the film had a very powerful effect on me. A lot of films back then did – but unlike a lot of other films, the character of Indiana Jones was one that a kid, or a kid in a grown-up’s body, could look at and aspire to become. Even if you couldn’t handle a bullwhip or ever handle (let alone want to handle) being dragged behind a truck, a fat kid with glasses could at least cultivate an inquisitive mind, a spirit of adventure, and the values and morals that help shape that kid into the adult he is today. Yes, Indiana Jones is my hero.

I own several pieces of Indy “gear” but only three that truly stand out. One is a 25+ year old cheap fedora given to me as a surprise Christmas gift by my parents, my very first piece. The second is a much better-kept fedora previously owned by “Sergei”, a member of Club Obi-Wan who passed away unexpectedly some time ago.

The third piece is the jacket you shipped to me on Friday.

My colleagues at work were obviously impressed with the quality of the jacket – it is light, it is sturdy, and it is a sharp-looking piece, regardless of what movie it’s patterned after. What they were equally impressed with was the fact that a gentleman with the pedigree of Sergeant Hack – and it is impressive and awe-inspiring, good sir – worked to create the jacket, sold it for next to nothing *simply because he appreciated a certain subset of movie buffs*, and was so spot-on with his sizing that the jacket fits me perfectly. They were impressed in the turnaround time by the staff at U.S. Wings, and by the fact that Myke had my order in-hand when I called, didn’t put me on hold for any length of time while pulling up my information, and was as polite and friendly on the phone as I have ever heard anyone be.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for what you’ve done for us, for me. Every step in this process has been a pleasant experience (although if I had to rank them, delivery on Friday was the best!) and U.S. Wings has made a customer very happy. I eagerly await word that the NZ Lamb jacket is in, and Myke will be receiving a phonecall from me later in the week as I plan on ordering The Classic motorcycle jacket as well. Hey, I’ll have 2 brown leather jackets – but black goes good with everything! 🙂

You all are the best. While I only know your two email addresses, please pass along my thanks to the rest of your staff as well.

The HIGHEST regards,
Dave P.
COW member “Longinus”



Dave et al,
I just got my Indy jacket with today’s UPS delivery and it is one great jacket. Thank you for your attention to detail, concern for the consumer, really outstanding customer service, and a truly remarkable Indiana Jones jacket.

Warren S.
(Adirondack Jones on COW)