To whom it may concern,

I don’t have a question, and this comment is long overdue. I received a Signature Series USAAF horsehide A-2 for Christmas just this past year as a gift from my parents. I just wanted you to know that I think it is a beautiful jacket, perfect in its attention to historic detail and in its look and feel. I wear it with the utmost pride and joy! The A-2 was the one jacket I always wanted, and I planned on buying one myself when I graduated college. To get it and wear it before then has been a real thrill. I don’t know why I waited so long to contact you, I guess I was just really busy with my Junior year at school. I just wanted to say thank you, and that I love the A-2! You sent me a $10 gift card, and a t-shirt (which I wear all the time), so I will be on your site looking for something else to buy!

A loyal and happy customer,
Daniel S.

P.S. – the book that was sent to me was great too!



US Wings,
I have just been out taking delivery of the Wings tee-shirt and shorts that I ordered, they got here, I’m so pleased, they look great. Now I have to put them on and go out. The weather here is not great but it’s OK, the sun is coming out and the temp is going up little by little, so we’re up to 18 degrees. Hopefully getting warmer. Going back to the site now to see what else I can order.

Paul E.



Hi there,
Just want to tell that I have fulfilled the dream I’ve had since I was a boy (I’m 54 on Thursday) and bought one of your USAAF crush hats.

As a lad I watched all the old WWII films and loved the ones featuring the 8th USAAF. When I was in the army I was stationed at what was once a 8th USAAF base and where 12 O’Clock High was filmed.

Now the hat can join the new A2 (which is having a pin up painted on the back as I write) and I can honour the men whose graves I have visited at the USAAF Cemetery near Oxford.

Thank you,
Will B.



Hey Myke,
I got the shirts in in plenty of time and (today being the day) they are a big hit. Thank you.

I also wanted to mention that I thoroughly enjoyed reading “The Life of a Warrior.” It was an unexpected “gift” again I thank you. As a bonus I loaned the book to a friend of mine who was in Nam at the same time as Sgt. Speaking of a loan, if loaning interests you, visit this site to know more about its advantages and disadvantages. Hack. He still has it so I don’t know if he has read it or not but I also showed him your web site and checked out your products. I am sure you have another customer because of the book (good advertising tool as well as a story).

It is my experience (served USMCR 77-83) in knowing other Vietnam Vets that there is always more to the story and I’m sure Sgt. Hack could expand greatly if he ever desired to. I would love to know if the book is ever expanded into a full length novel. I’m sure there are many who would welcome the read.

Again thank you, it has been a pleasure dealing with you and “uswings.” I will be back.

Keith L. K.



I got my DEA cap by mail yesterday, and wooow I got more than I paid for. Your on-line shop is so cool. I am very happy for the cap + the other one I got for free from you. And all the other stuff that came along in the package.

The design of the USWings cap is one of the most brilliant cap designs in the world, I think. That cap design is just as beautiful as those caps Ferrari makes.

Many Greetings,
René B.
Denmark 🙂



Dear Sirs,
Your jackets are really great! Good quality at an affordable price. I’ve just ordered another one, Indy vintage in Large/Long. Looking forward to getting the Indy vintage jacket.

Best regards and all the best,
Jan K.



US Wings,
I have today received my order and I write to thank you for my magnificent “crusher”! I ordered it to wear at a 1940’s night in an aircraft hanger next month, where I will dress as a flyer to honour the memory of those brave guys of “The Mighty Eighth.” Thank you also for the baseball cap, the DVD and the “history” of Sgt Hack. A truly wonderful box of delights!!

Best regards,
Michael H.



US Wings,
Got my order yesterday right on time and very pleased w/the flags I ordered… thanks for the card, book, and dvd… already started reading your book and wanted to say thanks for your service.

Scott T.



US Wings,
I just received my prized Navy leather flight jacket that was sent to your company for repairs and I am very impressed! All the repairs were done beautifully and the jacket looks great. I had sent this very same jacket to a certain west coast San Diego-based company for the very same repairs, a company I had been dealing with the last 27 years. They had the jacket for 6 months, and even after an endless series of promises for repairs and quick returns the jacket was finally returned without being repaired, returned without even a simple note of explanation as to why it wasn’t fixed!

Needless to say they have had the last of my business and US Wings has my business now. I WILL be sharing my great experience with US Wings with both my friends and Navy/Marine colleagues. Thank you for the great job and I look forward to doing business with your great company in the future.

John C. B.



Dear Sgt. Hack,
Just a note to express 100% satisfaction with the recent purchase of the cotton vintage B-15 jacket that was sent to my son as a gift. Looking forward to future purchases. Really enjoyed reading the letters on the Vietnam section. Semper Fi Bro.

Cpl. Charlie G. P.
1st. Marine Div.
Vietnam 69-70



Sgt. Hack,
Much to my GREAT surprise, the Paradise Found Magnum PI “Birds of Paradise” shirt that I ordered for my dad for Father’s Day (and for myself, though it was backordered) came today – and all the other goodies in the package! I just have to say, Sarge – simply fantastic! I’m already halfway through the Warrior book – just riveting! And the hat – first-class, my friend! You go so far above and beyond – I can easily see what makes you and your company so successful!

Highest Regards!
Christian N. K.



Sgt. Hack,
Today I received the lambskin A-2 jacket I ordered. It exceeds my expectation in every respect – the leather is flawless and beautiful and the fit is perfect. I don’t often find things that so clearly go over the top. Your Jacket does. I would, and will, recommend U.S. Wings to everyone. Satisfied customer? You bet. As a bonus the jacket could be identical to the one my brother wore, 65 years ago. Good luck in your enterprise, it’s a winner.

Bob A.
Tarzana, California



US Wings,
I wanted to touch base with you about an order I recently placed. Not only was the shipping fast, the packaging was second to none. You obviously have a customer-centric view about your business. I have shopped online for some time, even including war memorabilia, and have never experienced such exquisite service. Not only will I use your company in the future, I will most certainly recommend you to everyone I know. Please keep it up!

Matt S.



Dear Sirs,
I just got my Indy Jacket and I love it!!!! I am a happy customer. You will get more of my business and I will send you all my friends also. Thank you.

Stacy C.



US Wings,
The item I received was quite satisfactory and the gifts that came along were a pleasant surprise. Thank you.

Frank C.



Thanks I got my shirt today, the package was awesome with your book and thank you card for the order. Welcome home G.I. I was on active duty 1969 to 1972, 2 years in Hawaii. Got back into the reserves Marine Corp in 1986 finish with 25 years of service E-9 Master Gunnery Sergeant and 30 years later 2 tours in Iraq in 2003 and 2004. Go figure I am a late starter, made it home safe! I will be getting more stuff from your website in the future. Great job and again welcome home and thanks for the sacrifice!!!!

Dave S.



US Wings,
I ordered “The Classic” Jacket on Monday and received it today; it is perfect! Thank you for your superb products, fast and friendly service, and free gifts you enclosed with the jacket. Wishing you many more years of continued success!

Sean F.



Lisa and Sarge,
I received my gorgeous leather coat yesterday. It fits perfectly. Thank you so much for all of your help with our order. I can tell that I’ll be wearing this coat for many years to come. What a wonderful birthday present from my wife. 🙂

Thanks again,
Dale and Julia P.
Stillwater, MN



US Wings,
The sunglasses were beautiful… high quality and very attractive. Continues to bring back memories of my flying days. Your prompt delivery was also very uncommon in today’s world. I will order again as the need arrives. Thanks.

Steve O.



US Wings,
The jacket (Cockpit Top Gun G-1) has arrived safely. I just want to say that the description on the website doesn’t do justice at all. The jacket is fantastic, and is more than I could have hoped for. Well done! I shall be proud to wear it.

Best regards,
Albert van der T.



Dear Friend,
I received my order for my watch yesterday and along with it came a complimentary US Wings Cap! I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the watch, it’s so nice and the cap is great too. Thanks so much for your generosity.

Robert & Dina L.



US Wings,
I recently sent a bomber jacket to be repaired at your facility. Naturally, I was skeptical about sending anything to a company that I found on-line. However, I received my jacket fully repaired and in a timely manner. I now know where to send all my leather jackets in need of repair and I also know where I will recommend people to send theirs! Thank you for doing such a great job and believe me, my next leather jacket will come from you all!

Micheal “Tad” H.



US Wings,
Coat arrived today (USCG G-1); fits perfectly! He is tickled pink and says he’ll not wear his other old rag ever again. Thanks for the great service!

Kitty H.



US Wings,
I complained in early November about the time it was taking to receive my jacket. It was well worth the wait! I am really proud to wear it, have added patches to it, and wear it to the hangar like I am really somebody. You guys were also nice enough to send the t-shirt, gift card, and Sgt. Hack’s book. Really interesting. So, thank you very much.

Glenna S.
“Colonel” Commemorative Air Force
retired English teacher
Certified Pilot



Dear Sgt. Hack,
Again I want to say how totally pleased I am with my new A2 jacket. And I want to thank you for including your book along with the order. I just finished it a short while ago today, having read it cover to cover in just under an hour. What a story!! Your life’s story should be made into a movie! Such adversity & pitfalls all along the way, then to come out on top! Hurrah for you!

I do want to say thanks to you for your service & wish only that I could say it in person to you & shake your hand. I have always been drawn to veterans, especially WWII veterans I guess since my father served in the Navy in the South Pacific & he instilled in me from an early age an avid interest in that conflict, which became a lifelong hobby of mine to collect militaria – preferably WWII US stuff, predominantly headgear. I too am a caretaker of history with my extensive collections of militaria.

I almost had to go to Vietnam. I was in college back home in the mountains of NC, was classified 1A, & would have gone had they called my number. But thank God they stopped the draft before my number was called. They stopped it at 211 & my number was 213. The war ended shortly after that. Too close for comfort! But I always make a point of saying thanks to all who served in that unfortunate war.

You will be happy to know that I will be wearing my new A2 with even more pride now, knowing what a true hero you are. Thanks again!

Gary E.



Dear Myke,
I wanted to tell you that my niece absolutely LOVED her bomber jacket! It fit perfectly and was exactly what she wanted. Thanks for your help in making this purchase possible. Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!

Tracy K.



We received the items and my grandsons LOVED them. The jackets are top notch. It turns out the hats were each a size too large. So the smaller L hat fit the older boy and the younger needs a Medium. I would like to keep the XL for them to grow into. Thank you for a high quality product!

Lantz N.



Hi US Wings!
My A2 arrived today & fits like a glove! I am very pleased & happy with it! I can’t wait to wear it while out & about doing my business or whatever. Many thanks!!!

One happy customer,
Gary E.



US Wings,
Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy the A2 you were gracious enough to give away at AOPA 2007 in Hartford. I was the lucky winner, and my first reaction was somewhat muted, as I already have about 20 various flight jackets from a variety of manufacturers.

I’m senior editor for Plane & Pilot and Pilot Journal Magazines, and I’m often given jackets to evaluate and write about. In addition, it seems Moms and girlfriends love to give me flight jackets for birthdays or Christmas, and the result is a large closet full of leather flight and bomber jackets.

I have to say, however, that in the last two years, your A2 has become by far my favorite. It fits better than most of the others, isn’t too heavy and works well as a light winter coat when I deliver airplanes overseas, my second job in addition to writing and photographing for the magazines. I delivered a Marchetti SF260 to the CEO of British Midland Airlines in Coventry, England a while back and the jacket worked great through Northeastern Canada, Greenland and Iceland.

Bill C.
Senior Editor
Plane & Pilot Magazine
Pilot Journal Magazine



Dear David, “Sarge”
I just received my A-2 jacket and your book. It is a miracle you are still here with us today. Thank you for your service and sacrifice to this great nation. My jacket is the finest leather jacket I have ever owned. I just retired after 34 years in the Air Force and will have Robert Peters celebrate my career by painting on my jacket, thanks for the great link as well. I plan to purchase more items from your company and wish you nothing but the best in the future.

I am glad I found your site. I have told many of my AF friends about it. I am also proud to have met you, even if it was through E-mail. I went to Desert Storm, but came back in one piece. You are a true miracle and a National Treasure.

With great respect and admiration,
Peter L. B.
Maj, USAF (Ret)
Orlando, FL
PS: I was enlisted for nine years before being commissioned. (SSgt)



US Wings,
I love the blue Tori Richards Aviator shirt! What a great birthday present from my wife. Thanks also for the beautiful mug, “The Life of a Warrior” and the t-shirt I’m wearing right now. I definitely will order from you again and recommend you to everyone. I am impressed with the very professional way you run your business. You also made me smile after a tough day dealing with the public. Have a healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year to all.

Dr. Stewart P.
Highland Beach, Florida



Dear Sgt. Hack and Family,
I just wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with my new Aviatrix jacket. I received it as a Christmas gift from my mom and I must say, it is gorgeous. The color and sizing are perfect, the craftsmanship is incomparable and the leather is even softer and more supple than I even expected. I’ve only been wearing it for 2 days now and I have already received many compliments on it. Complete strangers even ask me where I got it. So needless to say, I have recommended the US Wings site to quite a few people. And the extras that you included in the package were a terrific surprise. I gave my dad the t-shirt, and he loves it, and I really enjoyed reading the book about the life of Sgt. Hack. Sir, you are an American hero. Thanks so much for your service to our country. And thanks so much for my beautiful jacket – I know I’ll be wearing it for years to come!




US Wings,
We received the Indiana Jones jacket that I ordered for my son for his 8th birthday. It is PERFECT! Just wanted to let you know that we had been searching for an authentic Indy jacket for over a year and his excitement when receiving his jacket was priceless! Thank you so much for such an excellent product!

Mandy S. and Drew



US Wings,
Hello, I asked a friend to send me a Vintage A-2 jacket to Chile, South America. It really is exceptional, good leather, Etalle, friendly, best – I buy my leather horse soon, I think that is what makes the story better. A salute to ustedespor the confccion great. Thanks.

Dpto. C.



US Wings,
OMG!!!! Our son went crazy over this jacket! We were so pleased! Finding your website was the best thing that happened to us during our holiday shopping! We will be sure to use this site again! Thank you from Louisville!!!

Jennifer C.



US Wings,
This is to confirm that I did receive your UPS shipment to me on Thursday Dec. 24, 2009. Thank you very much for the extra effort to call UPS back on 12/23/09 to allow my jacket to be shipped out in time for me to receive it before Christmas. Customer service went above and beyond and I won’t forget that. I’ll be back to purchase more and I’ll let others know as well. Incidentally, my A-2 Leather Flight Jacket is great. I am so pleased. Again, thank you.

Robert C.



I wanted to wish everyone there a very Merry Christmas. I just received this incredible Horsehide A2 from my wife for Christmas and it is the nicest leather jacket I have ever owned. Thank you.

Randall B.



US Wings,
I just got one of your great Aviatrix jackets for Christmas and I LOVE it. Can’t take it off!

Jackye D.



US Wings,
When I arrived home after work this evening my new G1 jacket had arrived. Your advertising does not even come close to describing the craftsmanship and quality of your product. I can’t wait to wear it to our next club fly out. I’m sure you will be getting some new customers. Thanks for the gift card and t-shirt. Merry Christmas!

Tim D.



I received my son’s leather jacket last nite and it was everything I dreamed PLUS 100% more… Great craftsmanship and the leather is top quality… Thank you so much for making this a wonderful Christmas gift and we appreciate the extra goodies (hat/tee/gift card)! I will be ordering lil’ brother a leather jacket similar to brothers next year with the gift card!

Have a blessed Christmas and thank you again!
Cynthia K.



Hello Myke,
Today arrived your UPS parcel with two great caps – and a special gift cap too. Many thanks for all! Till next order.

Best regards,
Wolfgang K.



Sgt. Hack,
I purchased (3) G2s from you a few years ago for gifts for my dad, me & my uncle. We are very happy with these jackets, they are the real deal. Thank you for your service to our great nation Sarge. Thank you all…

JD P.,
Cdr, USN ret.



US Wings,
All I can say is that the quality of the belts that you sent me is so far superior to anything I have purchased in a store over the past 10 years that you have a customer for life. Of course that won’t be for a really long time as I spent a bit of time in the Tonkin Gulf so I’m no spring chicken. THANKS!!!! It’s simply amazing to find someone who actually cares about quality rather than “I can get them cheaper from China.”

John B.



Hi David,
Just wanted to follow up on the recent arrival of the jacket I ordered through your company. I was pleasantly surprised at the additional items provided – ball cap & t shirt. That was very generous. I will wear them proudly.

The jacket looks great and fits great! I look forward to many years of wear out of it. I think that my wife may be a purchaser. She was eyeing the flight jacket that had the sheep wool collar. I believe Angelina Jolie has one.

Take care and congratulations on running such a customer-first operation. It’s people like yourself that made America what it is and it will be people like yourself who can bring America back to prominence in business again.

Gary J.



US Wings:
I just received my US Navy Veteran Cap and it looks great and fits great. It is definitely a quality made cap and will wear it a lot. I like it so much I will get another one for my brother who is also a Navy veteran.

Also, thank you for the book “The Life of a Warrior.” I enjoyed reading the book and found Sergeant David Hack’s life very interesting and inspirational. As a veteran I am glad that I found this US Wings website, and purchased an item from a business started by a true hero. Thank You for the prompt service and the quality cap.

PS – FYI, my sub the USS Tunny (SS 282), conducted reconnaissance missions off the coast of Vietnam with US Marines in 1968.

Steve M.,
US Navy – Submarines



Hi guys,
I recieved my Cockpit G1 Vintage Goatskin today and I’m absolutely delighted. Its fantastic! Your advice on the size was bang on, it’s a perfect fit, I had no need to worry. To receive the jacket just 4 working days after shipping was great, even though I went for a better delivery option I was still surprised to get it so quickly. Great stuff! I have my sights on an A2 now so hopefully you might hear from me in 2010.

Thanks again,
Michael P.



US Wings,
The jacket arrived today and I am very pleased with it. Thanks for the quick and professional service. Now all I need is a black leather flat cap to go with it.

John L.



US Wings,
I received my Indiana Jones jacket recently and I love it! The quality is top notch and it is everything it is promoted to be. I want to thank you for your great service and also the free gifts. I love the hat and t-shirt too. Thanks again. I will be ordering again in the future. It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Mitch M.



Dear Sgt. Hack,
I am truly impressed with your products, your site, and your virtually immediate response when I entered an order. There are very, very few sites that come even close to your professionalism.

John B.
USN Retired



Sgt. Hack,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful service I received from US Wings. I’m currently in Kabul, Afghanistan and my wife ordered a Collector’s Edition Vintage Adventurer jacket for me as a Christmas gift. After learning she had ordered the jacket there was a concern about whether the correct size had been ordered. I called your customer service department and spoke to Lisa, providing her with measurements, and discovering that I would require a smaller size. Fortunately the order had not shipped and the correction was made. She assured me she would have the jacket and hat shipped out later in the day.

Lisa could not have been more kind or professional in the handling of the situation. My order is now on the way to my home address in North Carolina and frankly I can’t wait to get home to try it on. I’ve heard and read nothing but great things about the quality of your merchandise.

Again, thank you for your great service and please send my regards to your customer service staff for a job well done. I will not hesitate to go to you for my needs in the future and will recommend you to others as well.

Shane S.
ANP Force Readiness
Kabul, Afghanistan



A really big thanks for an excellent service. The book that you sent with my order is really interesting (I happened to watch a documentary DVD about Vietnam war just a few weeks ago so this is really good thing). The jacket is outstanding quality. Really great craftsmanship (but you already knew it…). Fedora and other stuff is great. And I will use that Wing gift card with my next order with you (yes, I will order more from you!). A really nice gesture to send those extra stuff when the mistake to choose “second day air” was mine. Very big thanks.

With blessings in Christ,
Juha S.



Dear Sir Hack,
Just a short note to inform you that I received my Signature Series Indy-style Lambskin Adventurer Jacket today and I am very pleased with all the extraordinary details and workmanship that goes into the making of this jacket. It fits me perfect with ample room for layering. I am taking my time to “break-it” in with the aging process of this jacket. Shipping was fast and prompt! I am not an archaeologist but I know a priceless treasure when I see one!! And this one is for keeps! It is a pleasure to wear and please do not hesitate to include this well-made jacket to your ensemble of clothing!!

Best Wishes from Syracuse, New York!!
Benjamin C.



Sgt. David Hack,
A personal thank you for your services in the military on this Veterans Day. I am Canadian of Vietnamese descent and appreciate his services for my birth country. Thank you.

Chan L.



US Wings,
I received the jacket and the can opener today. The size of the jacket is perfect. Thank you for all the information via email and the fast shipping. I wish you all a nice day.

Lars K.

PS: The “Life of Sgt. Hack” booklet is great! Thank’s a lot!



Dear Sir Hack,
Just received my order and wanted to say thank you, thank you for a great looking jacket, thank you for the free gifts, thank you for your book “The Life of a Warrior”. I grew up in the UK just as WW2 ended, where everything American was converted Levis, Lee, Wrangler, Coca-cola, Wrigley Gum. It is so hard to find good clothing that is made in the US anymore. However, the product you have sent me is top class, outstanding.

Thank you,
V J L.



Hi Lisa,
I received the parcel yesterday morning, thank you, the time taken being exactly as you had estimated. My grandson is ecstatic with his jacket with all the lovely patches (expertly applied — a big thank you to the machinist), and mine was perfect also; the colour is beautiful. I would like to express my sincere thanks for your invaluable assistance and enduring patience.

I am impressed by the professionalism displayed by the company in every facet of the transaction and I wish it every success that it deserves.

Best Wishes,
Robert M.



US Wings,
I just received my Indy Collector’s Edition and it is the greatest jacket I’ve ever had. I literally just took it out of the box and put it on, and I can’t believe how perfect it is. This is exactly what I was looking! The color is beautiful, it feels like it was tailored for me, and the construction is among the best I’ve ever seen. I sold a Gibson and Barnes Expedition to get this jacket and I’m so glad I did because I like this one far, far better. This sucker is built like a tank! Thanks again for so graciously giving us COW members such a great deal, and I know that this is one jacket I will never get rid of. Heck, I may even sleep in it tonight! Thank you so much again for an outstanding American made jacket that not only screams “Indy!”, but is super comfy and rugged too.

p.s. Did I mention that I love this jacket? By the way, your customer service is outstanding and thanks for the shirt and the book – I can’t wait to read it. Thanks again!

Corey S.



US Wings,
WOW! I am impressed! Just a quick note to say a very big thank you for your terrific jacket, promotional hat and book. Great products, great customer service and response time! Wishing you continued success with your company! I, for one, will always be recommending US Wings!

Happy Halloween!
Laurie S.



I write to tell you that I’m very satisfied of the quality of your superb jacket you sent me. It is the second jacket I buy from you and every time your products are top quality. If it is possible, congratulate your people.

Philippe G.



US Wings,
Thank you so much for shipping my order so quickly. My husband received the jacket (Signature Series Goatskin G-1) this afternoon and loves it! His original flight jacket went missing about 4 1/2 years ago. I wanted to replace it for him since then. It looks exactly the same and fits him perfectly!

Take care,
Christine A.



I got the VIP jacket. I’ve owned A-2 style jackets since the 70’s and yours is the best made I’ve ever owned. I had been looking for a well made jacket for some time. Thanks again.

Chuck F.



Hello to the Sarge and everyone else at US Wings,
A few weeks back I purchased a Black Label Goatskin A2 Jacket. I have decided I should let you and any potential customers that might read this know how pleased I am with it. Simply put the quality of this beautiful A2 Jacket is superb. One would never think of it as a “Value Line” product because the look, feel and fit are truly superior. As a retired Department of Defense Museum Curator, I am fairly hard to please, so for what it’s worth, I highly recommend this jacket to anyone out there looking for a great A2 at a great price. YOU WILL BE PLEASED!

Sincerely yours,
Jack I.
Maryland, USA



US Wings,
Had my Vintage Goatskin G-1 Without Patches, for sometime now. I am very hard to please, but could not be happier with my jacket. The fit and service was/is second to none. All online purchases should be this great.

Good on ya and thx,
Wayne Y.



Hello US Wings,
I’ve just received yesterday my new A2 leather jacket, so I want to thank you for the great surprise made to me! It’s great – high quality, nice color and perfect size! Too bad that we have now 26 Celsius degrees, waiting for winter to wear my excellent A2.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Paul> Romania



Dear Sarge & Lani,
I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you and your people for the great service you provided during a very traumatic period. In 1968, I was issued a G-1 Fight jacket. Over the next 25 years, that jacket and I went from Vietnam to Saudi and everyplace in between. We went around the world six times, above the Arctic Circle four times and to Antarctica twice. The cuffs were replaced so many times that the sleeves were actually about an inch shorter than normal because they had to be trimmed back a couple of times. The waistband got changed at least four times (my wife says 5, but I think it was only 4). Last year, the poor old thing finally just fell apart. Luckily, I live in Florida now, so I don’t really need a jacket all that much, but I still felt there was a void that needed to be filled.

My wife finally got tired of me moping around and told me to go out and buy a G-1 before I drove her crazy. I told her that it wasn’t that easy — that they just don’t grow on trees, but agreed to see what I could do. Well, I was surprised. It actually was that easy once I got on your website. I even took advantage of the Black Label jackets you had. The day I received my new jacket was great — only one problem — I had apparently gotten the size wrong, and should have ordered a 2XL rather than a XL. I called and was very graciously taken care of. I sent the jacket back and received the new one a few days later. A visit to an old rigger buddy of mine and I now have a new friend to last me another 25 years.

Thanks ever so much!
Tom M.
Lake City, Florida



Hi Sgt. Hack and Staff,
I recently ordered Signature Series Goatskin A-2 leather jacket and a B-15 cotton jacket. I could not be more pleased with the quality and workmanship. I was a little concerned about the sizes but Lisa was right-on with her suggestions. They both fit perfectly. Thanks also for the book and t-shirt. I was in Viet Nam in February, 1968 with the Navy serving aboard an LPD. Your story is truly a story of courage and and not giving up on your dream. I could not put the book down until I finished it. Thanks again Lisa for all your help.

Chuck H.
Mobile, AL



US Wings,
Hello my name is Jim Blackwell. I live the UK. I have just got my G2 Cockpit jacket through the post and I just had to let you know how pleased I am with it. The quality is 2nd to none. Thank you so much. It is by miles the best jacket I have ever owned. Thanks again, I will wear it with pride.

Jim B.



Thanks. I have always enjoyed working with U.S. Wings – good products, good people, good service, and good results. Have recommended your company to several companions and have never been asked “why the hell did you…”

Tim S.



I recently purchased a Vintage T-Shirt with US Air Corp logo on it. I wore it just today and the few people I saw all said they loved the design and wanted to know where I bought it. I honestly love the shirt and look forward to picking up a few more vintage style t-shirts from US Wings when my next paycheck comes through. Personally I like vintage-style tees, they just feel more comfortable from the beginning. The quality of yours is great, and I can tell I’ll be wearing these for some time to come.

Matt C.



US Wings,
A quick “Thank You” for the safe delivery of my 2 beautiful jackets. I look forward to wearing them for years to come. I’d just like to say that it’s great to deal with a company that actually delivers what it advertises. I felt good about the company as soon as I found the website and was not disappointed.

To quote Arnie, “I’ll be back” (probably for the US Coast Guard G1).

Yours sincerely,
Alistair K.
London, England
(but born Balloch, Loch Lomond, Scotland so I appreciate a good warm jacket)



US Wings,
I received the A2 jacket this morning and I’m very satisfied. Thank you very much.

Patrick H.



Hello Sgt Hack,
My A-2 jacket has arrived while I was on vacation in the US, smack in that very time frame. Logistics worked just fine, hats off!! The product is a-w-e-s-o-m-e, fit is perfect, just as advised by you. Many thanks, not my last order with US Wings! Keep it up!!!

Eric A.,



This (Black Label A-2) will be my third jacket and as a retired Vietnam Vet I would like to say thanks for this fine American product.

SFC (Ret) Tommy O.



US Wings,
I just received my A-2 Jacket and the size and quality are a great addition to my attire. I also enjoyed reading Hack’s book. So many similarities involving our time in the Nam. I saw a photo in the book of a GI wearing an MP helmet and standing with some young Vietnamese kids. Did Hack ever serve as an MP? I was also there for T.E.T., received the Purple Heart that first day of the Offensive and pursued a successful career in Law Enforcement before retiring two years ago. Thank you for your service Hack and God Bless.

Les B.
Coarsegold, CA



Good Morning Dave, Mike and the young man at check-out:
Just wanted to tell you that my wife is pleased with the silk scarf I bought yesterday and I am happy with the pith helmet. It was a pleasure to meet all of you. Dave, thank you for the story about being in the Coast Guard in Japan. I was chuckling all the way to Niles. Thank you again for your service and the fine products you have.

Semper Fi,
Bill P.



Hi, Mr. Sgt Hack
Well, today I have received the jacket (Cockpit Vintage Goatskin G-1). Fantastic. It’s better than I thought. I’m sure that we will have future business because I like another jacket. Until then, thanks again.

Luis A. S.



Dear Sirs,
Many thanks for order received yesterday Aug 5th exactly as you predicted. What I find quite amazing is that from placing order to receiving same was just one week, with a weekend midway!! I do feel that you have set the bar to a new height in that your choice and quality of products, together with a range of payment options makes shopping easy. I’ll be back!

Ron W.



Dear Amber,
I received my Cloth Indy jacket today, and it fits perfectly. I just wanted to thank you and everyone at U.S. Wings for such a wonderful jacket. Also, thank you for taking the time to find me this last Cloth Indy Jacket, I truly appreciate it.

I will be ordering from you guys again in the future. I’ve got my eyes set on one of your VIP Indy Jackets. Thanks again, from a very happy customer. Best fitting jacket I’ve ever owned!

Jason P.



Dear Sgt Hack,
I received my “Black Label” A-2 yesterday. Absolutely the best jacket I have ever owned. As a Vietnam Vet, senior paratrooper, and Ranger I have always lusted for a jacket that was worn (when available) by the WWII Airborne. I should have ordered this jacket long ago. Thanks for all you do for all veterans; you make us all proud of our service.

Bill R.
Huntsville, AL



I’ve received my order and I want to thank you for size advice on A2 jacket. It is the perfect size and this Limited Edition WWII Vintage Goatskin A-2 is what hight cost country (like America or France) can produce with a quality that cannot afford low cost country. I would have no hesitation in recommending US Wings to anyone. Keep up the good work.

Thanks and regards,
Jean Le R.



I just received the Black Label A-2 I ordered earlier in the week, and I just wanted to say, wow! This is the fourth leather jacket I’ve owned (my second from Wings) and easily the most beautiful. I can’t believe what an incredible value it is, especially being backed by your great customer service. Thank you so much and I look forward to wearing it for years to come.

J. N.



Hi Amber,
I would just like to report that I received my shipment yesterday… what wonderful, prompt service to the UK. Many thanks!

The quality of the goods is excellent… I would have no hesitation in recommending US Wings to anyone. Keep up the good work.

Best regards,
Martin T.