US Wings,

Just got my order, outstanding, thank you for the quick response and shipment. “Bravo Zulu”

Glenn C., USN(ret)



Hi Sir!!!
Today I received Indy Style Vintage Jacket. Sir, you can’t even imagine how happy I am at the quality of leather and finish, and of course Made in the USA, I’m gonna wear this jacket as long as I live. BIG THANKS, for your great service & fast delivery. I also read your book and in my eyes you are an absolutely hero. Once more, thank you very much.

Kind regards,



Dear Sgt. Hack & USWings:
I received my G-1 & B-15 jacket last week and was surprised how quickly it had arrived considering I live in British Columbia Canada. When I opened up the package, it was like Christmas in June. Everything was so neatly packaged and all my items were there including all the free stuff! I will read your book and watch your DVD about your life experiences when I have some free time. A special thanks to the people who packed my order and picked a smooth leather texture for my G-1 jacket as requested. I would recommend people shop at US Wings for their high quality goods and second to none customer service.

Kudos and with the best regards,
Garry S.



To the Team at U.S. Wings,
Just a short note of thanks to you guys for your well presented web site. The products I ordered from you were just as described on your site and what’s more, the packaging, product, quality and presentation exceeded expectations. The complementary dvd and book were a nice touch also. Thank you and you can look forward to repeat business from one very satisfied customer.

Julian J.
Melbourne, Australia



Sgt. Hack,
My name is George F. Graham. I too am a Vietnam Veteran. I served 14 years and pulled one hitch across the big pond. I have just ordered my third jacket from you guys. I now have the B-3, U.S. Coastguard Goatskin G-1, and now the B-15 Vintage Cotton. These jackets are the very best I have ever seen short of being issued these in the military. Thank you for being here and making these great jackets available. Also, I would like to thank you for your service to our great country. Thank you Sgt. Hack.

George F. G.



I just received the Vintage Cotton B-15 jacket (khaki) and I love it! Just what I’ve been wanting for a light weight jacket. The bi- swing back allows plenty of room for comfort and the waist line fit is perfect! This is my third jacket I’ve bought from you and I could not be more pleased. Can’t thank you enough for your great authentic jackets.

Ken W.



Sgt. Hack…
Just received my M-65 field Jacket. Great jacket, great price, excellent quality. Ordered it on a Wednesday evening and it was delivered Friday noon with standard shipping… awesome. This is my fourth purchase from US WIngs but not the last.

Many thanks,
Gary R.



Sgt. Hack,
My husband is also a retired SFC and also served in Vietnam. He has shared your book with many American Legion Veterans at our local Post. Also he plans to share the DVD that you sent him in the last order for the Pith Helmet… he now owns two Pith Helmets. My husband also says hello comrade.

Yours Truly,
Brenda C.



US Wings,
Once again US Wings has outdone itself. My new B-15 is really cool & is just right for the days I can’t wear my US Wings Indy Jacket. And the sunglasses — let me tell you what a treat they are — I had cataract surgery & ended up with pretty near 20/20 in both eyes so for the first time in my life I can wear really cool non-prescription aviator shades! Thanks to all at US Wings!

Best wishes,
Fred C.

PS – The Top Gun freebies were VERY cool also. Thanks!



Sgt. Hack,
Sgt. Reynolds here (E-7 – retired) telling you that my order arrived in perfect shape today via UPS. Also, thank you for the “care package” of book, DVDs, $10 gift card and US Wings hat. I’m a sucker for hats! I have a jungle boonie from the Viet Nam era that I did not earn – worked for NSA and spent ’64-’67 elsewhere overseas, a chocolate-chip desert boonie (Desert Storm) and an Operation Iraqi Freedom desert boonie, both of which I did earn.

I missed the Tet Offensive by about six months. My active duty years were from JUL ’63 – JUL ’67 & joined the Reserves in ’82, serving until 2005 when they threw me out for being 60. Spent my 59th birthday in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I managed to keep my N-3B parka from the Desert Storm activation because they issued us A, B, & C bags just in case we were sent to backfill to any location around the globe. The conflict was so short, and so many got de-activated at the same time, they neglected to collect the Arctic bag — with the parka, mukluks and mittens.

Thanks again for the extra stuff. It is a pleasure supporting US Wings, first because you sell mostly US made items, and second, you are a fellow vet who understands duty, honor, country.

Howard R.



Sgt. Hack,
Thank you for the reply and above all, for your years in the service. I learned a lot about the Vietnam war on your website and in your book. Now looking forward to the DVD. Congratulations for your company: it is my third order from U.S. Wings and they all proved to be in the Best Buy category.

Best regards,
Michel A.
Quebec, Canada



US Wings,
I received my order today and WOW!!! What a nice jacket, beautiful. Very good decision on my part. I just wanted to write a quick note showing my appreciation for your quality of work. This is my second time purchasing from your company, and I will be back. Thank you.

Randy G.



US Wings,
I received some days ago both the flight jacket G-1 Coast Guard and the aviator sunglasses. Beautiful both items. It is amazing the perfect finish of the jacket so as the color and fit. I am very happy with my purchase. The only problem is the warm weather here now to wear the jacket. I am sure I will buy other items from you very soon.

Miguel C.



US Wings,
Got my M65 jacket today — many thanks for the efficiency of your ops! It’s great to do business with a company that is efficient! Aloha.

LoNGbOArDs rULe!
Michael L.



Hi there,
I received my items last week and I am very happy with the quality of the waist band and cuffs. I was also surprised and happy to find bonus items (Sgt. Hack’s book and DVD). I read the book and and learned about the Sarge’s life. He is really like a “cat with nine lives” and at the same time like the “Energizer Guy” who keeps going, going and going. My two daughters (12,10) had read the book too.

Being born and raised in the Philippines (moved to Canada in 2001), I lived in the northern part of the Philippines where Camp John Hay is located. We have high regards for American servicemen who sacrificed/risked their lives to protect our country from the domino effect of communism which was ravaging Southeast Asia during those times. General McArthur with the US armed forces also led the liberation of the Philippines from the Japanese in WW2.

Again, thank you very much for an excellent service.

Joseph A.



US Wings,
I purchased the vintage goatskin A2 and I cannot tell you how much I like it! The leather is of such extraordinary feel and quality. I have owned numerous leather jackets, including a custom A2 from Pops in Turkey and this is the nicest jacket I have owned in my 50 years. Thanks!

Charles J. M.



US Wings,
I just received my Signature Series G-1 Goatskin Jacket. I am writing to let you know that I am pleasantly surprised. It appears to be high quality and is so soft and supple. Plus it is a great fit. I e-mailed to make sure I got the right size and was amazed at how perfect the fit.

Thank you,
Linda P.



I received my Black Goatskin A2 jacket today. Amazingly, it was sent off on Monday and I received it today (Friday). An amazing turnaround time for a big trip to Australia. The jacket is very comfortable and is already becoming one of my favourite jackets. It will definitely help with the cooler weather!

The customer service I have been provided was very impressive and I pass my thanks onto both Lisa S and SFC David Hack for prompt answers to my barrage of questions and queries. I have already read the book provided on David’s life and it was a very interesting look into a man’s life.

Thanks again everyone. You have made me a very happy customer and am already looking forward to my next purchase.

Paul D.



A GREAT BIG THANK YOU FROM BERMUDA. I have my jacket and it is beautiful, the fit is just perfect! The white scarf is really really nice and you have made me very happy!


Mike S.,



US Wings,
Well I have had this Lambskin Indy Jacket for 6 months now and other than the 3 weeks it was back for a liner repair, I have practically lived in this jacket! I wear it every opportunity and the lambskin has become as soft as an old favorite flannel shirt. Meanwhile the finish, as advertised, has “weathered” relatively quickly so that it now looks like I have had it (and worn it) for 20 years. I could not be more pleased with this jacket especially after the lining repair. I don’t know what the tailors did but it fit much better after I got it back. I have received many compliments on this jacket. Thanks for such a great jacket and really fine customer service.

Fred C.



Hello all of you at US Wings,
I wanted to take the time to let you know how completely satisfied my wife and I are with the Sterlingwear Peacoats we just received. Saying that I’m impressed with the delivery, packaging, extra promo items and ease of ordering would be a HUGE understatement. You guys blew my socks and undies off with this order! The peacoats are of fantastic fit and finish. The packaging was professional and neat. The free hangers were a very nice touch as well… and they were nice hangers, not some crap wire ones. The promo scarfs are fantastic as well. And then you throw in a $10 gift card? What’s up with that?? That’s awesome! You must know that we’re going to turn around and spend even more money with you right away.

After writing this email I’m going to sit down and watch the DVD you sent along. I’m looking forward to watching it.

This email falls short of how happy we really are with you guys and the quality of the items we ordered. It’s just so rare that online shops take this much pride in their work and it shows. You have a great thing going here and I’ll be sure to pass the word along to my buddies.

Take care and God Bless,
Brad M.



Dear Sergeant Hack,
I’ve received the jacket, first class, very well made and I am picky (well being French!), first grade leather and timeless design, should last years and years. Not as sophisticated as my PN from the French Arme de l’air but surely the same quality. Thank you again for making such good products at a more than reasonable price. Best to you and your outfit.

Etienne B.
President, Euro Eyewear Inc.



I received my jacket and needless to say it is wonderful. I was a bit concerned it might be a bit smaller than I expected, however, it is great. I love it. I do not know if I can wait until I visit the store to buy more. I think your service and product are super. I look forward to a long productive realtionhsip.

David M.



US Wings,
Thanks for the excellent service and your great products. My husband wore his limited edition WW2 goatskin jacket today to his reading class and he looked like the Air Force Military man he used to be. Jerry had a major stroke 5 years ago and is confined to a wheelchair, so today wearing the jacket was extra special for him. He said it made him feel like he was a “normal man” again. Thank you for that. So glad I found your website and you guys.

Thank you,
Rose C.



US Wings,
I want to let you know, I have shopped for a flight jacket for some time and happened upon your web-site. I received my jacket and I wanted let you know the workmanship is outstanding. Acting on the advice of your customer service rep, I have a perfect fit. I would have no hesitations to recommend US Wings to anyone.

Thank you,
G. T.



US Wings,
I recently bought a pocket knife from you and was very satisfied with the ordering process and the amount of time it took to get here. I also appreciate the free shipping to my APO address. I look forward to doing business with you soon.

Matt D.



I just bought your goatskin Indy jacket. The quality is superb! By far the best leather jacket I ever purchased, and to top it off, it’s American Made! I prefer to buy American, but in today’s “cheaper is better” world, most of what’s out there is crap. You are a credit to this Nation.

Thank you,
Douglas O.



U.S. Wings,
Yesterday I received my order from U.S. Wings. First of all what I ordered was exactly what I ordered. The best item that I received was the book and dvd’s about Sgt. David Hack. Once I started reading the book, I couldn’t put it down until I finished, then I had to watch the dvd. If Mr. Hack reads this, I just want to say “THANK YOU” for your service, and thanks for sending out your dvd and book with this order. I’m also a retired veteran (U.S. Air Force 1967-1987), your life story hits home. I never served in Vietnam. My Vietnam era service was in Thailand as a aircraft mechanic 1971-1973. Good luck with your life and good fortune. It’s well deserved.

Steve Z.
Memphis, TN



Sgt. Hack,
The jacket (sheepskin B-3) arrived and you should have seen the look in my wife’s eyes. She is proudly driving her Roadking wearing your jacket and loved the booklet that was added to the jacket. She finds you very brave to take that step many moons ago. Wish you all the best and of course the same to your enthusiastic team.

Frans van H.



UPS just delivered my Indy Jones VIP Signature Series jacket. I expected it to be good, but I had no idea just how good. The leather is sumptuous and the workmanship is superb! It fits comfortably (thanks to the advice of your order-taker). And thanks for the cap and the gift card. You DO “walk the walk” as well as “talk the talk.” I can see many many years with this jacket.

Best regards,
Ronald De S.



Dear Sir or Madam:
I recently purchased a Navy flight jacket from you and it arrived yesterday. I wanted to write and tell you that it is absolutely fantastic!! It took me straight back to the day in 1974 when the Naval Aviation Officer Candidate School in Pensacola handed me my issued one (which I gave to my son a long time ago). That particular event showed me that I was on my way to becoming a naval aviator. Thank you for giving me that memory once again! I also appreciate the little extras such as the ballcap and gift card too. I couldn’t have asked for a better product or service!

CDR Stanton V. P., USN, (Ret.)



US Wings,
I wish to thank U.S. Wings and give testimonial as to the high quality, durability, style, comfort, and enjoyment of the Cockpit Antique Lambskin A-2 jacket I ordered several months ago. I was looking for an appropriate leather jacket to wear while “piloting” my new 2009 Mustang Bullitt. I remembered having seen an online site where old style flight jackets were sold. It did not take long before I rediscovered U.S. Wings.

My jacket provides me with the comfort and flexibility I require while driving. Not only this, but it is warm enough, without being hot, for me to just wear my trademark sleeveless t-shirts underneath! I’ve received numerous compliments on its appearance and I never tire of showing off the really cool interior detail; especially, the 40’s era pinup girl!

Y’all have hit a grand slam with this magnificent jacket! I recommend it to any pilot or driver, whether you fly a P-51 Mustang or drive a Mustang GT!

My thanks to U.S. Wings, you have a life-long customer!

S. “Zeke” S.



My name is James Futrell from Turkey Creek, Louisiana. I have made several on-line purchases from your website and I just wanted to say that I am very well satisfied with my purchases, and love your website. I work in West Africa and in idle moments, your website is one of my favorites. I especially like the A-2 signature series leather jacket! I look forward to doing business with y’all in the coming year.

James F.



Thanks for the patches and a big thank you for the copy of “The Life of a Warrior.” Started reading it and did not stop until the end. I was there also but you had a much worse job than mine, although we both will never forget what it was like. I was a photographer, not like you, my work started after the shooting and the blasts. Had a much better childhood than you until stepmother came along. I can relate to getting picked on as a child due to not being a big kid, in fact I really have to stretch to make 5’6″. Anyway, thanks for the patches. Hope to order more from you and very glad your business doing well.

Hobie S.
Retired Air Force NCO



Dear Laurie:
This morning I received my delivery: the best quality, fantastic leather jacket. Soon I’ll order again. US Wings has my recommendation for all my friends. Excellent service. Thanks.

Francisco J.



Sgt. Hack,
I received my order as well as a copy of your book which I read that evening. Thank you for the book and your service to our country.

Rick E.
Director Homeland Security
State of Nevada
USMC 1969-1972 & Vietnam



US Wings,
I just received my A2 antique lambskin jacket. What a pleasant surprise. The quality of the leather and overall construction are first rate. I had looked at other lambskin jackets in local department stores and upscale mens clothing stores. Their lamb was paper thin compared to yours. Thank you for making a top quality item in the USA. I don’t recall ever writing a review of any product I’ve ever purchased, however, this jacket far exceeded any expectations. Thanks for the hats and gift card. I look forward to reading the book as I am a Nam era vet. Happy Holidays.

Paul V.



Ladies and Gentlemen:
I received my order yesterday. It arrived safely and was exactly what I wanted. Thank you.

Happy Holidays,
Sgt. Kuffer K.



Sgt. Hack,
You are running a class outfit. My Schott Duffle Coat arrived a couple of days ago. Everything went as smooth as silk. I look forward to wearing my Christmas gift when it becomes official to do so in a couple of weeks… Next year my Christmas gift will be a leather coat to replace my very soft 20-year A-2 jacket when I move it to the closet for garage and yard wear. I now know where I will come for it. Thanks for the hat, the very interesting book, and the gift cards.

John C.



Dear Lisa,
I received the Bomber Jacket today. It is a marvelous product, I am very happy! Beautiful quality! It came very fast, I appreciate very much your service, thank you for your professional action, you did all perfectly! Now, I just have to buy a plane!!! Thank you for your kind and serious help. Have a nice day.

Kind regards,
Dominique I.



G’day to SGT Hack,
Just some feedback on my recent purchase experience. OUTSTANDING. Your staff were helpful on the phone, your website worked and had all the info I needed, delivery to a hotel in the US was easy to do and on time. Jacket is great quality and very reasonably priced – value for money! I’ll also provide this feedback to all the Aussie Air Force guys (and girls) I know. You are the steward of a company to be proud of! Cheers.

PS love your book!

Robert A. M.
Wing Commander
Chief Engineer



To whom it may concern,
I have already received the jacket (Alpha McGuire CWU), it fits me great! Thank you for the fast shipping!! Surely I will recommend you!!!

Regards from a satisfied customer!
Dante A. B.



Hi Laurie,
Today I am very excited because I just received my jacket the “Collector Edition Vintage Indy Jacket.” It is a WOW, incredible! And it is just fit to my size! All of my hard works has been paid now, it is a reward to myself. I am going to work even more for next reward. Thanks for the promotional cap too… it is great! US WINGS, keep the good work and good business there! Now I am one of your satisfied customers! I want to recommend to everyone looking for great leather jacket to drop the choice on

Guston S.



Hello all at US Wings,
I received my B-15 Vintage on Monday. Wow! Absolutely the nicest jacket I have ever owned or seen for that matter. The quality is like no other. Just outstanding and the style is something else too. I have had so many compliments it is amazing. Everyone loves it but me most of all. You would not believe how warm it is even in the Winnipeg winter. No wonder the crews were comfortable that flew the B17. Thank you so much.

The jacket fits perfectly too. I took your advice on the sizing and went with the large as you suggested. You are a great group of people to work with and gave me really outstanding service. Hats off to all at US Wings.

Terry R.



US Wings,
I received my cowhide VIP A-2 jacket and couldn’t be happier. The quality of the leather and stitching is outstanding and the fit was perfect. I will recommend your company to anyone shopping for an A-2.

Larry S.



U.S. Wings,
I received my lambskin A-2 jacket this morning… four days after placing an on-line order. What a fine jacket this is! Fits just right (I questioned Sgt. Hack about his size recommendation for me. He stuck by his recommendation… and I’m happy!). Great service… fabulous jacket… thank you, Sgt. Hack.

David M. O.



US Wings,
This (Barnstormer Combo) is fantastic! I have been searching for these for years. I love the “45” and am going to save to buy that for my husband’s birthday next summer. He was born in 1945… love it.




US Wings,
I just wanted to thank you for another great jacket. I just received my Collector’s Edition Vintage Indy-Style jacket and it surpasses even my highest expectations. I have an A-2 that I purchased from you so I knew the quality and workmanship would be there but it looks even better than I could have imagined. Now I will have to split time between my new Indy-style jacket and my A-2, both look great and are built to last. Your jackets have no equal in my opinion. Thanks again and keep up the great work!!

A very happy returning customer,
Randy H.



Thank you for your excellent customer relations effort. I remain a customer of yours and I will certainly mention US Wings to my friends and associates as a company to do business with.

Thanks again,
Jim O.



US Wings,
Thank you & nice work… the Raider is fantastic. It fits perfectly. It is lighter in weight, sleeve length is great. Enough room in shoulders and chest, yet excellent, tighter fit at waist. It doesn’t ride up on small of back. Lambskin is supple and beautiful. Kudos to you and Cockpit USA. I have owned several leather jackets and this G2 looks and fits better than all of them. I love it! Again, thanks!

Curtis, Mobile AL



US wings,
Just a note to let you know that I’m very pleased with my recent purchase of an A-2 leather flight jacket. It’s great! Thanks again!

Mike S.



I usually called you Sgt. Hack when I would tell people about your store. Now, since I received your book, you and I share a common. I too was Chief of Police in our county, and have since retired after 25 years. I was also a supervisor on the road patrol for our Sheriff’s Dept. During that time, I was an investigator. Of all I liked the Detective work best.

What a fantastic book, to say the least! God had plans for you my brother!! Anyone else would have given up. I’m just in awe of the story, and commend you for your patriotism. I too was in the Army during the Viet Nam war, and I know what you mean when you say, alone. I’m glad for our troops today. At least they have the backing of our citizens for the most part, but it is still, as Viet Nam, a political war…

I just wanted to tell you, I like the B-15 jacket you sent, and I loved the book. I also liked the Flag T-Shirt. Thank you!! Take care of yourself Chief, and God Bless!!

Marty P.
Bryan, Ohio



US Wings,
My glasses arrived in excellent shape and I was quite impressed in the quality and care that went into such a sometimes overlooked area of packaging. Even had a unexpected ball cap inside. Thanks for a fine product.

SPC. Matt G.



Dear US Wings,
I just received my Cockpit B3 Bomber Jacket and I am extremely pleased. Pleased with the shipping time, pleased with the service and most importantly PLEASED with the PRODUCT! Thank you all! Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Michael P.



Hi Myke,
Just wanted to let you know my jacket was delivered yesterday and it fits “like a glove!” I am really pleased with the jacket and very glad I ordered from US Wings. Many thanks for the 1st class service and a real quality garment.

Kind regards,
Ian H.



I received my jacket today, and it fits perfect, so thank you for that.

In the bottom of the box I found and felt compelled to read “The Life of a Warrior”… what a story! I am so grateful that I bought my jacket from US Wings. I appreciate everyone who has served our country, even if they were “only” a janitor, let alone someone nearly losing their life while serving. I know without a shadow of a doubt that we enjoy our freedom today because of the men and women who put their very lives on the line.

Thank you for a great jacket, which has a great story…

Paul G.



US Wings,
Just wanted to say thanks. I just got my husband’s jacket back from being repaired by you & it looks amazing! This means so much to him & I can’t thank you enough.

Cindy K.



US Wings,
Your company’s idea of customer service is the model all others should be based on! You left me feeling happy to send you my money… AWESOME!

Thank you,
Dave S.



Sgt. Hack,
Just a quick note to say thank you. My son loves his jacket and it was worth the wait.

Alastair D.



Hello U.S.Wings,
Just sending you a note to tell you that I really love my new G-1 Jacket. The quality is fantastic and it is great to see a classic coat from that era reproduced so authentically. Well worth the money I spent on it, and thank you for shipping it so fast, I think it arrived only 4 days after I ordered it.

Peter T.



Dear Sgt. Hack and US Wings,
I grew up on the exploits of Chuck Yeager, Bud Anderson, Bob Hoover, Gabby Gabreski, Dick Bong, Pappy Boyington, Johnny Godfrey and Don Gentile. As a kid, I’d pore over those grainy black and white photos of fighter pilots milling around their P-51 Mustangs, P-47 Thunderbolts and F-4U Corsairs countless of times, admiring the cut of their leather jackets and their flight gear.

And without fail, I’d long for the day that I’d be able to slip on a genuine A2 leather jacket. MY A2 leather jacket.

I’ll be 41 on September 13, and I still pore over those old photographs. Recently, on the 3rd, my very own A2 goatskin leather jacket arrived; the order was placed on August 24. I can’t even begin to describe how I felt. Opening the box was a religious experience for me.

The jacket is absolutely perfect. I saw the tag that said “Crafted With Pride In USA” and I couldn’t help but be proud of that; even though I am not an American. This jacket embodies everything American craftsmanship stands for and is a testament to the quality of your artisans. I’ve spent the last 24 hours in my den surrounded by my collection of flightgear and flight helmets. Sitting in my cockpit simulator with the jacket on, I can almost hear the sweet growl of a Packard-built Merlin engine with her two-speed, two-stage supercharger. To quote Yeager, “I’m in hog heaven.”

This jacket has a special significance for me. I plan to go on a month-long road trip of Malaysia with my son; just the two of us. And I plan to make this jacket an integral part of the journey so that when I’m dead and buried, he’ll wear it and remember the adventure he had with his old man.

Thank you for a great product. I plan to make US Wings my only option when it comes to fine, hand-crafted leather jackets. Thank you again for carrying on a fine tradition and God Bless America.

Haris H.,



US Wings,
My Indy-style jacket delivered today, fits like a glove, looks as though I have owned it forever, great jacket, fantastic service.

PS – only problem is we are now going into Summer.

Many thanks,
Chris M.
NSW, Australia