US Wings,

I just got the Indy jacket today — it is the best leather jacket I have owned next to my 20 year old Cockpit original re-issue A-2 in goatskin. I find the Indy jacket to be somewhat more comfortable and I love the lambskin. The free fedora is going to my grandson (I already have a fur felt fedora 🙂 so he’s pretty excited. I have wanted an Indy jacket since the first movie & now I have one — thanks to all of you for a wonderful product I will treasure the rest of my life!

Fred C.



US Wings,
I recently ordered two leather flight jackets and some patches and gloves. I am greatly pleased with the items, fit and quality of the items and the timely shipping of same. You are one of the best web sites on the internet and your customer service is second to none. Keep up the good work!

John L. S.



Sgt. Hack,
Just a quick email to let you know the jacket arrived. It is everything I expected and more, quality of the A2-2000 is excellent – nothing like it available here in Australia. I am happy to recommend your company, service and products to anyone here in Australia wanting a genuine leather flight jacket. Many thanks.

Andrew C.
Manly, NSW, Australia



US Wings,
This morning June 23rd I received the parcel you sent to me. I wish to let you know that I’m VERY VERY satisfied with my A2 Jacket and Peacoat; they are just great. Your organization works very well. Thank you very much.

Carcereri A.



Thanks so much for the Club Obi Wan discount on such an awesome jacket! I have, for quite a long time now, been debating on getting another Indy jacket, and I have narrowed it down between US Wings and a Wested. Seeing the e-mail to one of our COW members about the US Wings discount definitely made my decision for me. Now, if the summer will only hurry by so I can wear the thing (it stays pretty darn hot here in SE Georgia!). Hope you’re doing well and things are the best for you!

Thanks again!
Semper Fi,
Jim W.



Permit me to express my appreciation for your customer service. I sent my Indiana Jones leather jacket back for repair of the lining, and it was returned last week. To say I was impressed with the manner in which you handled the problem would be a gross understatement. In fact, that day, I called you and ordered another jacket. It seems that in today’s market place, the concept of customer service ranges from “what’s the least we can get away with” to non-existent. Your people are certainly the exception.

Thanks again for a good job,
Lee F.
Edmonds, WA



Ladies and Gentlemen,
My jacket (Collector’s Edition Vintage Indy Jacket) arrived Friday. And like many members of Club Obi-Wan said, the jacket is great. Thank you very much indeed. I like the jacket and its leather very much. The fitting is perfect. Thanks also for sending it with USPS, the custom fee was not so high as with UPS. Kind regards to Sgt. Hack. I wish him speedy recovery.

Yours sincerely,
Buelent D.
Hamburg, Germany



Sgt. Hack,
I just received the Pilot Survival knife I ordered from you. I’d like to thank you again for the free shipping and the speedy delivery. I read your book and just wanted to let you know that you are truly an inspiration. At first I thought it was just another war memoir, which I love to read anyways, but as I got towards the end of the book and realized it was about you my paradigm really shifted. Your legacy gives me hope and inspiration for the future and I will definitely come to you first for any of my future needs and will tell all of my friends about you and your great service. Thanks again Sergeant.

PFC Johnathon R.



Thank You,
I have received my A-2 2000 jacket, belt, Atocha Jewelry, Cap and book. Australian culture rarely permits accolades, but in your case… Awesome. This is the finest made quality Jacket I have ever owned. The Cap is the best quality cap I now own, I have a few so-called brand names but this beats them all easily and it was Free. The Belt was more than expected. Awesome. I would have liked to have shared with you my Daughters response to the Jewelry. Even the shipping packaging was top notch and arrived on the day you said it would. Quality, quality. For the first time in my 42 years I firmly believe that I have had the best shopping experience. This was achieved through your web site. Best I’ve been to in every detail. Service was prompt in all aspects and spot on with advice and best quality items I have ever owned and all this from a distance of over 12000 kilometers away with prices that can’t be beat. Awesome. I eagerly look forward to my next package of goodies coming my way in the next couple of weeks. But I’ve got a new book to read while I’m waiting, thank you. Your Defense Service Personnel are spoilt, but good on ya mates.

Thanks again,
Dean W.
N.S.W., Australia



This is Mike from the U.K. Just like to say thanks a lot for jacket, it fits like a dream and also a big thanks for the free polo shirt, keeps me warm on my scoot. Thanks again.

Mike P.



Dear U.S. Wings,
I received the khaki shirt. It fits perfectly. It’s well made in America. And looks like it will last a life time. Thank so much!

Kim H.



US Wings,
I pre-ordered one of the Limited Edition Signature Series Vintage Cowhide Indy Jackets a few months ago. The jacket arrived promptly after 15 April. I am writing you to say thank you so much. I am completely thrilled with the jacket. It is exceptionally well made, fits me like it was tailored for me and is the most comfortable piece of clothing I have ever owned, bar none. And my wife even likes the way I look in it (always an added bonus). As the weather warms up here into summer I find myself disappointed that I can’t find more excuses to wear it and I impatiently await the onset of fall when it will see everyday use again. I’ve been waiting twenty years (or more) to find a leather jacket I liked enough to make the investment in, and this is the one I finally chose and I couldn’t be happier with the decision.

Thank you again,
Clint T.



Dear Sgt Hack,
My name is Stylianos Christou and I am from Greece. I have been monitoring your site for six years now and I have to say that I am extremely impressed. Today I received my WWII crush cap for which I am very happy about and I intend to order many other WWII related stuff from your site. The reason for this e-mail is that I got truly impressed and shocked by your life story and I have to admit that you have been and still are a very courageous man who doesn’t withdraw from any difficult situation that might occur in life. I have been through some difficulties in my life too, not as yours of course, but I am glad to know that there are other people like you who don’t give up no matter what. This year I am studying to be a professional aviator and I have to say that my morale has been a bit low due to certain difficulties but after reading your story I regained my stamina to fight my cause until I succeed. Finally, I would like to thank you for inspiring me with your story and tell you that I would like to meet you sometime in person, although this is difficult at the specific time. Keep on the good work, US Wings should keep offering high quality products as you do now.

My best regards,
Stylianos C.



Sgt. Hack,
The jacket (Vintage Indy) arrived yesterday, and I have to say, it’s a thing of beauty. I only wish it weren’t almost 90 degrees, I would wear it everywhere today! It’s a perfect fit, and the craftsmanship is top notch. Thank you very very much!

I’d also like to thank you for including The Life of a Warrior with the jacket. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down until the end. I was astounded by the events of your life, and have even more pride from owning one of your jackets. Sir David, you are a credit to all men of service, indeed, to men anywhere. May God continue to shine his loving grace on you.

God bless,
Piers S.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your excellent service. I have just received my G1 Top Gun jacket on the very day you said. The fit was perfect & the quality workmanship on the jacket is second to none, a real credit to your team. I was astounded on how well made it was (1000 times better than the China crap we get over here). Once again, thank you very much.

Steve H.
Devonport, Tasmania Australia



I received my A2 jacket yesterday. It exceeds all my expectations, in a truly awesome kind of way.

Vatche P.
Sydney, Australia



Dear U.S.Wings,
Thank you for completing my recent return/exchange. I am very satisfied with the results! Though I am partial to the Indy Style, all of your leather jackets are magnificent. I now have both the goatskin, antique lambskin adventurer jackets and am struggling to resist purchasing the new Collectors Edition Vintage cowhide version as well. Hopefully they will be available for a while when I can afford to complete my collection. Thank you for providing superior quality clothing. They are truly a joy to wear!

Joe K.



US Wings,
Just wanted to say that I love my new jacket (A-2 2000), it fits perfectly and I wear it everywhere. The coat hanger was a nice touch, by the way.

Mike C.



Hi David,
I have received my order from you, and am over the moon with what I have received. I have been trying find this jacket (USW Horsehide A-2) for the last twenty years (nothing in the UK). Both my wife and I have read your book and find you an inspiration, we need a lot more people like you on this planet, certainly in the UK.

I have received a MOKU MAN cap in my order, I know this a free gift, thank you for that, but really would have preferred a US WINGS cap. Still this a small quibble and does not matter. Your service was excellent and staff very helpful and polite, thanks to all. David keep up the good work and please keep well. Many thanks.

From a very happy customer,
Bob R. (Cornwall UK)

PS: I have a lot of interest in my jacket from the locals here.



Hi Laurie,
I have my jacket (Vintage Cowhide B-15) and it’s great. It fits really well and the quality is excellent.

Antony S.



U.S. Wings,
I received your Indy Signature Jacket today. It fits perfectly and is of a superb construction. I’ve seen your jackets before and had no doubt concerning the integrity of your company and your products. Everything about this jacket is superior, and I sincerely believe Indiana Jones would be envious of yours.

Thank you very much. I will gladly tell anyone who asks where and how to locate your products.

Kim W. H.



Sgt. Hack,
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I received my jacket this past Friday and I am ecstatic. It is a piece of art. It is my first Indy (ahem, Adventurer) jacket and it is so great I am saving up so it wont be my last. Thanks to you and all of your staff for all of their hard work and terrific customer service. Please continue to recover and take good care of yourself so we can do business for a long time to come!

Glenn M.



US Wings,
Just received the MA-1 jacket I ordered this past Friday, after a little mix up, not by you, but by UPS. I have to say that I have not been this happy with a purchase made online in many years. The quality of the jacket is of course superb, but the speed with which you processed and shipped the order took me completely by surprise. Thank you. In these days of slow and slipshod, it’s nice to see such great customer service. I will not only be purchasing from you again, but I will recommend your website to my friends and family. I wish you success, despite the challenges of the present economy, because I would hate to lose a company that does its business this well. Thanks again.

Lawrence T.



US Wings,
I just received my A-2 cotton jacket. The size is perfect. Thanks for the very good service and the Moku-man cap.

Amin H.



I just received my jacket today (Special Edition Adventurer). What a great jacket! It fits me like it was tailor made. It is too bad that it finally warmed up here in NY — 78 F today — a little too warm for this jacket. I just wanted to e-mail you to thank you for all your help through the whole pre-ordering process, you too, have been wonderful. Thanks again.

Best wishes,
John R. D.



US Wings,
Jacket looks great and it fits great! Thanks for your help during the purchase.

John G.



Hi there,
I want to thank you all at US Wings for giving me the chance to restore my beloved A2 Jacket. The cuffs and waistband had over the years taken a terrible toll, because of you and your company I have been able to purchase new cuffs and waistband. The jacket will shortly take on a new lease on life and now has the opportunity to do many more hours with me in the air.

I picked the replacement cuffs up from a friend of mine whilst in Oklahoma last week. Please don’t start singing. Traveling back from the USA to the UK, I read the SGT Hack story, what a guy, I do hope that he is still around, if so please pass on my regards and respect.

Beverley J.
Worthing, West Sussex



US Wings,
I just received my new Lambskin A2… NICE JACKET!! Thanks for a beautiful product.

David S.,
Vancouver, WA



The B3L sheepskin bomber jacket that I purchased from you came this afternoon. It fits and looks great. I want to thank you for your help and everyone at US Wings for selling a fine American made product, at a fair price.

Many Americans might not care where something is made, but myself and others like me do! I hope that you continue to sell products made in this country, so that someday my grandchildren will still be able to buy something still made here, besides hamburgers!

Thank you,
Timothy K.



I recently received the new jacket I purchased from you (a Vintage Cowhide B-15) and thought I should write to let you know how pleased I am with it. The fit, the feel of the leather and the overall quality are excellent! I’ve wanted one of your jackets for years and finally told myself that it was time. I’m so glad I did! It felt as though I had been wearing it for years the first time I put it on. I took the advice of the sizing chart and went up from an XL to a XXL thinking the sleeves would be more likely to fit, and it is perfect. I usually wear a size 50, which is snug but comfortable. Your jacket is a fine fit, with enough room for a sweatshirt, etc. underneath if necessary, but fits snugly at the very nice, thick elastic waist and cuffs. The removable mouton fur collar is well made also and attaches firmly, not hanging loose, and is extremely cozy! This product exudes quality from every angle and was worth every penny of the price! Thank you!

Best regards,
Kai T.



Dear Sgt. Hack,
I just wanted you to know again how much both Shanda and I appreciated you giving us the opportunity to return my jacket. I received the new jacket this past Monday and was very delighted when I opened it. It’s perfect!!! It’s truly a pleasure to know that there are still companies out there, like yours, that really stand behind their name and at the same time making sure their customers are satisfied. Thank you for a very professional and positive experience!

Fred S. C.



US Wings,
I already have two of your jackets and I am most satisfied with the quality. I wear a part of history and I appreciate the service and quality of your products.

Alphonse L.



US Wings,
Thank you so much for such wonderful products and service! I love my new Aloha shirt and Navy pea coat!! The most wonderful part of my package was the book about Sgt. Hack. I read it as soon as I got it and what an inspiring story!! I have great respect and gratitude for Sgt. Hack and all those who serve their country in the armed forces. I am so glad he chose to tell the story of his life. I have passed the book along to my son who is a Marine. Again, thank you for such a great website and products. Thank you for your service, Sgt. Hack!

With love,
Marquita H.



Just wanted to let you know the A2-2000 my wife ordered arrived today. My wife and I both looked at a lot of different jackets on line and in retail stores. This is by far the best of any that we looked at, and the price was great. Thanks again for a great product.

Gary R. T.



Just a quick email to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of your leather jacket. I placed an order just before Christmas and I received it this morning. I am thrilled to bits with my Adventurer VIP. It fits like a glove and the workmanship and quality of the product is first rate. It’s no wonder your military personnel look so good with kit like this!

Thanks again,
Martin K. (UK)



US Wings,
I have just received my Cockpit B-3 with hood and I am very pleased with its quality of material and labor. I would like to thank you for exchanging the original one I ordered for a larger size. This jacket is just what I need for the kind of weather we are now having here where I live. I would also like to thank you for the recent purchase of the leather weekender duffel. It is, as with the other items I have purchased, of excellent quality and just what I wanted and needed for short trips. I truly appreciate your quick communication, your great customer service and the fine quality leather goods you sell.

Ken W.



I just wanted to thank you for making it an easy ordering process, unlike other websites that make you jump through hoops just to purchase a product. My son looks forward to receiving his hat we ordered! Thanks again, and have a happy new year.

Laura G.



US Wings,
I got my Signature Series G-1 just before the Christmas holidays and have worn it nearly a month under various weather conditions. It is warmer and more comfortable than the G-8 I was wearing, and the quality is impeccable. Keep up the good work and keep sending your newsletters and updates.

Gerry T.



Sgt Hack and US Wings,
I want to report that I received the order (Original Pilot Sunglasses) on time and in perfect condition. I was extremely satisfied with the service provided by US Wings. Excellent work!!!

Lieutenant Antonio C.
Brazilian Air Force



Dear Sgt. Hack,
My wife gave me a vintage cowhide Adventurer Jacket for Christmas and I just want to tell you that it is the finest leather jacket I have ever owned. I’m somewhat of a “leather nut” and have owned many jackets/coats throughout my life but the minute I opened the package I could tell that here was a jacket of a superior quality that I have never known before now. The construction of the jacket coupled with a beautiful vintage-look cowhide made in the good ol’ USA impressed my wife and I to no end! I shall be proud to brag to all I know about your company and this great jacket which obviously will be easy to do… all they have to do is look at it! Thank you for a great product and for representing the US in the best way possible!

Eric G. B.

P.S. By the way, I really enjoyed your life story as well!



Sgt. Hack:
I am one of your many customers. Driving to my daughter’s house in Austin, TX today, for some reason you came to mind. Perhaps it is because I was wearing one of your true “gimme” caps, had one of your beautiful leather flight jackets hanging in the back, next to your Adventurer leather jacket. I left your nylon flight jacket at the house, along with several other of your caps. Four of your Moku Man shirts hang in the closet.

I called your office about an order a couple of months ago a little after hours, and who answered? You did. All the union people had punched out. You were there taking care of business, doing business as it should be done.

You are a true warrior, a business man to be admired, an American to be admired. We need a few million more just like you. On second thought, we have them. They just aren’t easily seen. Thank you for representing our vets so well. Keep up the good work. Many, many of us are encouraged and inspired by your life.


Rip P.



Sgt. Hack,
Loved the book… thanks! Yours is a great success story, and an inspiration to us all. God Bless.

Bill “Bullet” B.
Colonel, USMC (Ret)



US Wings,
Received a few days ago the A-2 2000 I ordered for my son. What a beautiful jacket — and a free hat to boot! Thanks, and Merry Christmas.

Steven T. (USAF, ret)
Scott AFB IL



US Wings,
Thank you so much. I received the leather jacket today (sheepskin B-3) – the size is perfect, it is beautiful, and I am very happy with the jacket. Thank you so much for your excellent and quick service!

Gerhard F.



Mr. Hack,
My wife and I bought a 1943 Taylorcraft L2-M about a year ago. Wanting some WWII period head gear, I just recently purchased a crush cap as a gift for a friend of ours who also flies the L2.

The reason that I am writing is your past friendship with “Lt. Col.” Keith Ware. When I read your book I recognized the name. My father was with him during the action that awarded Col. Ware the MOH. Sigolsheim Hill in France 1944. He spoke many times of Col. Ware threatening the commander of the single tank with on the spot court-martial if he continued to refuse to take the tank up the hill. The tank commander’s reason, somewhat valid, was that his gun would not lower enough to be effective on the steep hill. The tank went up the hill, and I’m sure you have heard the rest of the story.

Anyway, he is now 85 but doing well. I will see him on Christmas. I know now the fate of General Ware from reading your book and will tell him.

He also served at Anzio Italy (3d Infantry 15th Reg 1st Battalion D-Company). My wife and I recently visited the American Cemetery at Nettuno Italy near the Anzio landing site. We were successful in finding the grave of one of the members of his squad.

Your life story is no less fascinating. Both are very humbling for those of us who have not had to face such adversity.

Merry Christmas,
Vince P.



SFC David Hack,
I want to say welcome home… I did two tours of duty in country, 1965 with the Navy, then I went back over with 101st Airborne in 1969. I too was wounded, Nov 15,1969. The doctors wanted to cut my right leg off, but I wouldn’t let them. I hit the commander of the operation room on the Hospital Ship Repos, it cost me 3 stripes. But I still have my leg.

I read your book, sounds like we walked about the same line in life. Good book Sgt. And you’re right I have been Blessed in my life. Thank you for your time in country, we are all brothers in arms.

Ed P.
B/2/501 101st Airborne



Dear U.S Wings,
I just received my new Adventurer jacket and I am very happy with my purchase. The stitching and finish on this jacket is top-notch and the fit is perfect. I have an old A-2 from Avirex that’s about 22 years old and it’s still in great shape but the damn thing has shrunk up on me if you know what I mean. I will be replacing it with one of your A-2s in lambskin very soon. Oh and by the way, the lady who took my order was very nice, professional and helpful.

Thanks again,
Thomas M. W.



Gotta tell you — I usually wear a USAF baseball cap or my old fatigue cap with the railroad tracks on it. Started wearing the USAF Vet cap you sent, and yesterday two people came up to me, extended a hand to shake, and said “Thank You.” First time I couldn’t figure out why the lady was thanking me. I thought it was because I held the elevator door. So thanks again, makes me feel good for all of us, finally getting that welcome home from the spitters (yeah, I got spat on 40 years ago).

God bless,
Steve S.



I just received my jacket (Cockpit B-15)… and it is perfect. Thanks for the very good service and the US Wings baseball cap.

Jacques A.



Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the Jacket and Aviator sunglasses I ordered from you. The VIP A2 is just awesome. It is flawless and fits like a glove! It is by far my favorite piece of clothing! There are a lot of companies selling leather jackets out there and it was hard to choose, but in the end your excellent customer service/email response and the testimonials of others was my deciding factor to purchase from you.

Not only that, but it feels good to purchase from a company that shares the same values as I do. I feel proud to have bought from you. I know my money is going to people that I would want to have it. Not to some fly by night import company that’s only interested in making a dollar.

My compliments to you and your company. Great job! You have earned my business and I will be sure to spread the word.

God Bless You,
Ian G.