US Wings,

I just received my order from US Wings – 2 MA1 jackets for my nephews for Christmas. BEAUTIFUL jackets, fast shipping, GREAT quality – they are going to be thrilled to receive these! Have a great holiday!!

Thank you and best regards,
Lois F.



Dear Sir/Madam:
I am almost at a loss for words about the order I received from your company. I recently purchased for my mother and father (both in their 60’s, Dad from Annapolis Class of ’59 and a Submariner) flights on a WWII era Navy Model SNJ-4 trainer… I wanted to purchase white silk avaitor’s scarfs for both of them… The box delivered to me, almost immediately, was a work of art. There was an attention to detail and presentation that I have never before seen. I would rate your company a 5 Star company. I applaud your efforts and plan to shop there in the future…

Thank you for your service,
Jim C.



US Wings,
I want to thank US Wings for making my grandson very happy. He had a brown bomber jacket that we bought for him two years ago, but has since outgrown it. My wife and I have been unable to find a replacement until I found your website.

He received the jacket (G-1) with patches on 12/8/06 and was overwhelmed. It is just a bit too big for him right now but he will grow into it. You can believe that I will order again from your website.

Merry Christmas,
Gary F., USN, ret



Sgt. Hack,
Just received my A-2 jacket and it looks great. The extras were very nice too. The map of Viet Nam was a nice suprise since I lost mine when I left country to come back to the “world.” Thanks again for a great product and service. Hope to do more business with you later. You and your staff have a great Christmas.

Tom A.



US Wings,
I would like to thank all of you at US WINGS for your great service and great products. My leather flight jacket and other products I’ve ordered from you fit and look great.

Jim D.
USNR (retired)



Mrs. Hack,
It was a real pleasure to visit your shop yesterday, and meet you and the staff at US Wings. My only regret is that we did not have the opportunity to meet your husband. As I had told you, I had purcahsed an Adventurer VIP Jacket about a month ago. My friend noticed the jacket and asked me about it. He was impressed with its quality, and the fact that the jacket was American made. I told him about your company and gave him the US Wings catalog. In addition, I gave him your husband’s book, which of course I had read.

We found the US Wings Shop location on Map Quest, and planned a stop on our way home from a business trip near Toledo, Ohio. It was a shame that we could not stay a little longer, but we had just come through a big snow storm and knew what was right behind us… However, the stop was worth the effort. There is something special about meeting, in person, the people who’s life one has read about. I wanted you to know that my friend is using your husband’s book as a lesson for his sons.

May God bless you all at US Wings and continue to favor you. I trust that I will get to stop by again sometime and have the opportunity to meet “the Sarge.” Would you thank “the Mouse” for all her help and tell her I said hello. She is very sweet.

Best Regards,
Matthew A. G.



US Wings,
Just received the first of two jackets I ordered (Top Gun Lamb G-2). WOW! That is one nice jacket. Ordered these for gifts but look forward to ordering one for myself once I get through the Christmas dollar damage. Very impressed. Cool hat and mug too. Thanks for those. Will be the crowning touches to the gifts… I know my friends are going to love these and wear them with pride. Thank you very much for making me a hero.

Take care, be safe, and play nice!
Bill B.



I just had to email you to let you know that the jacket I ordered (VIP A-2) arrived today. My husband is ecstatic about it! He loves the jacket and this is after him searching for nearly 2 years for a new leather jacket that he really liked. Thank you very much for the free gifts and the catalog (he’s in heaven.) You really made his Christmas!!!

Dinah H.



US Wings,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great service and packaging on the Black A-2 Bomber Jacket I ordered and received for my brother in law… I am going to be ordering him the pilot cap and goggles for Christmas… Again, thanks so much.

Claudia T.



US Wings,
Just wanted someone to know I received the two jackets (Kid’s MA-1s) I ordered for my two grandsons and I LOVE them! I know they’ll be excited to get them for Christmas… thanks for a great jacket!!!!

Catherine I.



US Wings,
I just received my A2L leather jacket… I have to tell you this is the finest jacket I have ever purchased… I will continue to do business with you whenever I need any clothing items that you manufacture. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THOSE WHO SERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again,



Sgt. Hack,
Thanks for the surprises. All quality products. Web site is great. Will pass your site on to others.

Read your book and as a veteran USAF Fighter Crew Chief F4 & F106 1969-73, I remember the times very well. After service we all had some transitions to go through. Some adjusted, some did not… Glad all has worked out for you and Sarge I thank you for your service. Look forward to future business with you.

Welcome Home to You
Wayne H.



US Wings,
I recently purchased and received a WWII era Army tanker jacket from you, and I have to say that I was very impressed in the quality way in which it was sent to me, including all of the extra frills that were included with it. I am so glad now that I didn’t settle for a cheaper Asian import version on ebay or something, especially since this jacket will soon be “flying” my late father’s 3rd Armored Division patch and his ETO Advanced Base patch on each of its shoulders. I would rather have it “flown” on something made in America, than something not.

I also enjoyed the book about Sgt. Hack, and his life seems quite impressive. I can remember the Vietnam days quite well, and I can remember wondering whether or not I myself would be called up in the early ’70s once I reached the age of the draft.

In any event, I am very pleased with the jacket and in purchasing it from US Wings. It was all sent to me in a real class package, and I am truly appreciative of it. I only wish I would have gotten one for my father was he was alive and had a couple of his patches sewn onto it as well; I know he would have really liked that.

Again, thanks for the fine jacket and service. It means a lot to me to be able to wear something nice like this in honor of my late, great father and hero.

William A. C.



I faxed over an order yesterday morning and it was delivered today!!!! (well, I am right down the street in Valley View, but I am very impressed). The jacket is beautiful, I got a great deal on a clearence item, you guys are awesome, thnx!!

Cheryl F.



Dear Folks:
Received my jacket today. Very impressed, I can honestly say this is one of the finest “things” I have ever owned, and I am certainly proud to wear it, and to help support YOU. Thanks from another VN vet!

Will D.



Mr. David Hack,
Sir, I just bought an Adventurer Antiqued lambskin leather jacket and few other things from US Wings, and I am highly satisfied with the quality of your products and the services of your customer service. Now every time I need to do some shopping over the internet I go by US Wings first to see if you carry what I am looking for.

Ferdinand R.



Just had to let you know how pleased I was to receive my order yesterday. Not only is the jacket (Goatskin G-1) awesome, and a perfect fit, I was amazed to see I received not only a free hat (in blue… thanks!) but a t-shirt, mug, book, catalog, bookmark, map, and even a nice heavy-duty hanger for the jacket! Christmas in November!! Thanks so much & God bless the Sgt. & US Wings!!!

Dave K.



I received my jacket today, it is great – I have wanted one all my life. I looked all over both retail and the web. Your jackets are the best.

Ted S.



US Wings,
I just got my USN G1 last week. Fantastic quality and fit. Thank you for a great product. I’m 51 years old, this is just like the one my dad wore when I was a kid.

Robert C.



Sgt. Hack,
I’m a US government contractor deployed to Kandahar Afghanistan. I purchased a B3 for myself 3 years ago and it has since seen all of those years of wear in Afghanistan in horrible conditions… thanks for supplying an outstanding product! I’ve had to wait out rocket attacks during the winter/early spring in soaking wet bunkers for 4-6 hours at a time roughly 4 times a week while in Salerno (Khowst Province, AFG); my only comfort besides my ballistic vest/Kevlar helmet was your B3. Anything of lesser quality would have surely disintegrated by now. I’m on my fourth ballistic plate carrier, and still on my first B3.

Gabriel W.



Hi Dave,
Just received my Navy G-1 leather jacket and the quality is unbelievable. I didn’t expect such high quality at this price, and true to my original. You and your employees should be very proud of the product you are making, and I am showing everybody this superb product. Thank you.

Jerry C.



US Wings,
Are you sure you sent the right jacket? I ordered one of the clearance jackets for $149.00 and it looks like it should cost $300.00 to $400.00 easy. I am bleeping IMPRESSED! I am e-mailing everyone that I know to tell them to order one while they can! It looks and fits GREAT. Thank you, U.S. Wings!

Randy S.



Hi Dave,
Having never ordered from your company before, I thought I’d try you out with a small order. I ordered three patches from US Wings and want you to know that I’m not only impressed with the quality of the product I received but also with the fast shipping. In addition, everyone I spoke with on the telephone was a pleasure to deal with. In this day and age, when an on-line/through the mail order can either result in the customer getting a BOX OF ROCKS or nothing at all, US Wings was a very satisfying experience. You’ll be getting more of my money, down the line.

Best Regards,
Gerard M.



Dear US Wings,
My Father just recieved your Adventurer Goatskin Jacket. He loves it! He purchased from it your warehouse clearance sale for a really low price.

Peter B.



Hello U.S. Wings!!!
Last week I received my new “Antique Lambskin A-2 Jacket,” which is from your Cockpit collection. This is a GREAT jacket. I have a Cockpit horsehide A-2 and a Cockpit cowhide A-2 (which is like “brand-new”). This lambskin jacket is my absolute favorite. It fits well, looks great and smells so good. I love to smell that leather aroma. Isn’t it good!!!

I am so appreciative that you offer these WWII jackets. These are classics that never go out of style and comfort. I was born in 1948 and my parents’ generation were the ones who fought that battle. I have such great respect for that generation. I love those fighter and bomber jackets… thanks for the opportunity to have access to these wonderful jackets. I hope you will continue in your effort.

John D.
Shawnee, OK



I received my jacket last week. Thank you. It replaced one I have had for over 15 years and it has been through a lot. In the box I found the “Welcome Home” poster. I am going to frame it and hang it in my office. I read your book and it is now in my library. It is a very nice poster, but it is the Welcome Home I treasure the most, thank you.




Hello US Wings!
I recently purchased an V.I.P. signature series cowhide A-2 Jacket, and wanted you to know that I’m extremely happy with it. I haven’t been able to find anything remotely close to the quality of this jacket without spending $500.00 to $1000.00 dollars…

Dep. Richard L.



US Wings,
I received my MA-1 jacket today. Exactly what I was looking for and the jacket is of excellent quality in materials and workmanship.

W.E. M., PA-C



US Wings,
I would like to thank all of you at US Wings on behalf of my order. What quality and rich looks in my jacket (Vintage A-2 2000). I look forward to wearing it proudly and enjoying it for many years to come. My hat is super. Wow! A free cap, mug, tee shirt and map. I cannot thank you enough. I look forward to ordering again from US Wings. You guys are great. Have a great day.

Best personal regards,
Peter L.



Dear Sgt. Hack,
I just received my Signature Series VIP A-2 jacket in the new finish cowhide. My, how pleased I am with it. I have owned several A-2s in the past, but they have always been low cost import replicas. This time I chose to go for the best. That meant US Wings. I know that I will wear my A-2 proudly for many years to come. I am a US Wings customer from now on. If I ever am able to come to Stow, I will be sure to visit your pilot shop. Thank you for such quality products. Thanks also to Ingrid and all of the fine people who processed my order in a timely manner.

John G.
Trenton, MO



US Wings,
I write you this e-mail to confirm that I have received my order. The G-1 leather Jacket is wonderful. It fits perfectly well and I am very glad of my puchase. I would like to thank you and congratulate you for the professionnal service you provided me and for the free gifts you sent me. I was expecting only a baseball cap but at my great surprise you also sent me a US Wings t-shirt, a polo shirt, a coffee cup, Sgt. Hack’s book and your US Wings catalog. Doing business with you has been a marvelous experience. I consider I received a V.I.P treatment and for now on you can count me as one of your regular customers. I will also talk about US Wings to my friends and relations to make sure they know how easy it is to buy from your company even though we’re living in Canada and how professionnal is the service you provide.

Thank you very much
Gilles B.



Dear US Wings,
All I want to do is thank for the quality of your of products and the customer service. I was sent a few free items with my order and I really appreciate it. Of course, the quality of the jacket I ordered exceeds what I expected. So, thank you. The only complaint I have is that there is no Coast Guard seal inside of the Cockpit Series jackets — there is Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, but no Coast Guard. Other than that, it’s an outstanding jacket. Thanks!!

PS3 Brian S.
MSU Port Arthur, TX



Dear Mr. David Hack,
I just wanted to thank you for my order (Airborne buckle/belt) and the book “The Life of a Warrior.” I decided to read it while on vacation at Ft. Myers Beach, Florida. It made quite an impact on me when I got to the Missing Years chapter and here I am at Ft. Myers Beach. I truly believe Mr. Hack that your struggle in life set you up for the next challenge you had to face and overcome.

I also have found Missing Years in my own life and each of those experiences now help me counsel other vets and give them hope for the future. I do plan on using your book to help encourage other vets to never give up. Thank you Ranger again, you have lead the way.

Jeff G.
Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Representative
Waterloo, IA