The Life Of A Warrior has been digitally formatted and is now offered in the following e-book versions:

Kindle (Amazon)

Nook (Barnes & Noble)

IBooks (iTunes).

There is a nominal price of $1.99 to download the e-book, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Haven of Rest Ministries, a non-profit organization in Summit County OH that provides the homeless with food, clothing & shelter. US Wings is proud to assist those in need in our local area and are also pleased to know that The Life Of A Warrior’s positive message of triumph over adversity has helped & inspired countless people from around the world.



Sarge has overcome many challenges in his life, including an impoverished childhood, an abusive father, life-threatening wounds received during his stint in Vietnam for which he received a second purple heart, homelessness, and most recently an unjustified and relentless smear campaign which dwells on past statements that have been corrected by Sgt Hack.  These attacks are carried out by haters who are on a cyberstalking witch-hunt. Although he still carries both physical and emotional scars from these challenges, Sarge has transcended these painful events and used them as a catalyst to motivate himself to achieve his successes — from being the Nation’s #1 US Army recruiter for four years running to heading a retail business, which has survived despite the unjustified smears, and which supplies both the US Military and the general public. Sarge’s faith, hard work and can-do attitude have taken him from a child who lived in a dirt-floor shack in Sunfish KY to a man who counts among his closest supporters senior military officers and others. As a person who knows a thing or two about physical and emotional scars, Sarge is quick to help and encourage those who are facing similar challenges. Sarge’s book, The Life Of A Warrior, was written with this goal in mind. Its positive message of triumph over adversity has helped countless people, including many military veterans, all around the world.