Free Shipping to US Military Personnel
(Standard UPS Ground or USPS only)
Any orders from currently-serving, active-duty US Military personnel, National Guard, or Reserves (foreign or domestic based) will be shipped free of charge to US Military addresses via standard UPS Ground or standard USPS delivery methods! You must provide your rank and military shipping address (APO, FPO, military base, US Embassy, or ship) and you must be active-duty. US government employees with APO or FPO addresses also qualify for free shipping (please provide job description and APO or FPO address). Sorry, this offer of free shipping DOES NOT apply to Next Day Air or Second Day Air shipping.

US Wings salutes our men and women in uniform, and thanks them for serving our country and protecting our freedoms and interests all over the world! US Wings is a military family and we appreciate the effort and sacrifices made by our military forces. This is our small way of saying “Thank you!”

SFC David D. Hack
US Army (Ret)
CEO of US Wings

Note: if you are stationed overseas and cannot order by phone, you may place your order through our shopping cart or standard order form, though the shopping cart will automatically add shipping & handling (S&H) fees to your order.

Repair shipping charges are not subject to this discount.

Shopping Cart:
• If you pay by credit card, we will deduct the S&H fees from your order.
• If you are paying via Western Union or bank check, simply subtract S&H charges from your payment.

You must provide your rank (you may omit your rank for security reasons if necessary — example: if stationed in a combat zone) and a military shipping address (as stated above) with your order and you must be active-duty (or US Government employee with APO or FPO address) to qualify for free shipping. Free shipping does not apply to residential or business addresses; the address MUST be military. Free shipping applies only to standard USPS or standard UPS Ground delivery methods. Next Day Air or Second Day Air shipping DOES NOT qualify for free shipping. If you have any questions, email Sgt. David Hack for more information.