The purpose of the Gold Site Award is to encourage quality use of the web.  A pioneer in the use of the Internet for eCommerce, US Wings recognized the importance of providing high quality informational content.  Good looks sell,  excellent  high quality graphics are your silent salesman.
US Wings Gold Site Award Criteria
To qualify, your site must:

  • Provide high-quality informational content
  • Be aesthetically pleasing and make excellent use of graphics
  • Be maintained and updated regularly
  • Contain special features
  • Be a family-oriented site, suitable for all ages

US Wings wishes you the best of luck with your site. All winners will be congratulated through email. A link to the award image will also be included. If you would like to submit your site to be considered for this award, please fill the request out below. Please provide us with your name, email address, URL, and a brief description of your website. If you are selected to be awarded the US Wings Gold Site Award, you will be automatically be enrolled in our US Wings Gold Club, where you will receive your private access code that entitles you to 10% off purchases at checkout at
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US Wings Gold Site Award Request

Submission form for Gold Site Award