Ordered my beautiful Indy Cape Buffalo jacket on Friday, with Amber, and received my jacket on Monday afternoon. I did considerable research on the size I needed with Amber and e-mails with Sarge. This is my fourth purchase with US Wings and all of them have been a great buy. Peacoat, G1, and two Indy jackets in different leathers. Size was right on and the leather color is outstanding. Price was right. Wish I had purchased my Indy during this past winter. Sorry I won’t be wearing it until next winter. Warm weather is here and my beautiful jacket will hang in the closet ready for next fall/winter. Great job Sarge. I now have five leather jackets in my closet. My G1 and Indy are at the front.

Douglas M.


I just received my Cape Buffalo Indy jacket and holy cow… it is amazing. I went with this particular Indy jacket one because of the cost (can’t spend 600+ on a jacket), and because it is used by the performers in the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. One of my fondest memories as a kid was seeing it live in Orlando. If you are looking for an Indy jacket, but plan on it bring your daily wear, I highly encourage you to get this jacket. The sizing was spot on as well! The recommendation to go with a “long” if you are 6’1” or taller was a perfect call. It fits exactly as I would want it to. Trust their sizing recommendations! Proud to own my first US Wings jacket. It did not disappoint

Jonathan H.


Yes,that’s the ticket! Beautiful Indiana Jones jacket. This is just what I wanted a indy style leather jacket. This jacket is sturdy and durable and will last a very long time. The size and fit is right on the money. I would definitely recommend us wings. Great company with very nice helpful people. This jacket has become a permanent edition to my wardrobe. Thank you us wings!

Bryan G.


Random people come up to me just to comment, “Nice jacket!” The wife (who knows this stuff more than me) loves the construction, the timeless style and the leather. However, the wife still rolls her eyes and shakes her head at me. Anyway, great jacket at a great value.

Bob M.


I received my lambskin Indy-style jacket a week ago and I must say it is already my favorite jacket. Sizing is perfect and the leather is wonderfully soft and flexible. It is a perfect cool-weather jacket, very comfortable, and looks terrific. Well done indeed!

I had also ordered leather-care products, including both the leather dressing cream and paste. In addition to using it on my new jacket I used the paste on a 2-year old Schott B3 jacket, and the leather looked absolutely rejuvenated after treatment. I could not believe the difference. Highly recommended! Your products are high quality and definitely worth the price.

Leo D.T.


Just received my signature series Indy jacket and it is unbelievable
Fit is perfect very nice heavy leather
I looked a several cheaper non brand name jackets don’t waste your time or money
Spend the extra money and buy from US Wings
Can’t wait for cooler weather to wear it

B. Hunter


Just received my new Indy goatskin jacket. Very pleased! I followed your sizing chart and ordered accordingly. Beautiful lines beautiful leather. Great product. Great service. I made the right choice. Thank you Sarge and staff!

Mark B.


I now own my first US Wings Indy jacket. I’ll be honest, I purchased it used through eBay but I was lucky enough to locate one within driving distance. It was in as new condition.

I fell in love with it right off. The way it’s put together. All of the seams are flawless. The leather was of a beautifuld dark chocolate and of a heavy enough weight you know it will last. I bought mine to use. We have a horse farm and an active life therefore I am wearing it daily. The fit , wow. It falls so comfortable over my shoulders with just enough play for easy movement. The arms are tailored in such a way that I can lift and move without any restrictions or pulling. The only small flaw is that the waist area is slightly large for me ( because I didn’t have it built- bought it off eBay) but with the side buckles drawn tight it’s doable.
As I said it was in as new condition and I’ve worn it daily in rain snow and sun . It has broken in beautifully and looks fabulous. Light enoughf or a warm day but heavy enough for warmth even on a 30 degree day with wind. I completely love my US wings Indiana Jones leather jacket.

Peter W.


Just a super nice jacket that make you feel good about life RN Baltimore Md

Roland N.


The Indy-style jacket looks great and the leather wears and holds up better than any other material. Our jackets will be used for much of our ranch work yet will look good for runs into town too.

Kim B


I have always loved the Indiana Jones films since I was a kid. I have always looked for an Indy style hat and jacket. I now own all kinds of Indy memrobilia, including one of the custom made hats from John Penman himself I wear all the time. I would love to win this jacket to wear with it. The jackets US Wings make look amazing, and you can tell outstanding craftsmanship goes into each individual jacket. Winning this jacket I could then say I have the “fortune and glory” of all jackets. I really like that this style jacket doesn’t have the button kuffs, it makes it look more rugged and appealing to me. I am a carpenter and I know quality when I see it. Indiana Jones is a hero to me that I think everyone can relate to. Who wouldn’t want to be an arkeologist that lives through amazing adventures?

Zane A.


Hello US Wings, from Canada! I have been a big Indiana Jones fan since childhood. My parents introduced the series to me when I was a young boy. I have always admired the strength and determination of the character, how he uses his brain to dodge traps, how he would never give up, despite the odds, and how he “makes things up as he goes”, and of course, Harrison Ford’s excellent performance in all four movies. He represents the fantasies of a lot of us, punching out Nazis, romancing women, and finding valuable treasure or magical artifacts. The leather jacket is as iconic as Indy’s Fedora and his whip, protecting him from the elements of Nepal or the unpaved gravel of Egypt. The reason why I love the Indy-style jacket so much is because it is a timeless style, much like the” Brando” biker jacket, the A2 bomber jacket or the Cafe Racer jacket. This is a look that worked in the 1930’s setting of the movies, and will still work today and the decades to come.

Daniel H.


I recently purchased my Steerhide Indiana Jones Leather Jacket and It Is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! While I have not yet dragged myself under a moving truck nor found a lost temple full of snakes, it’s definitely not for a lack of looking!!! These jackets are beautiful, durable, comfortable, and looks like it came right out of any one of the Indiana Jones movies though mine looks dark brown as Indys does in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. I love my jacket and now hope to get another as a back up because if I am ever fighting Nazi’s or in a bar brawl in Nepal, I’d want to be sure I was properly dressed!!!!! It’s a piece of art and entirely functional at the same time!!!!! Get one of your own and see if you don’t feel the same!!!

Thomas L.



I’ve been a huge fan of U.S. wings for a long time, from the veteran beginnings, being a Marine I love to buy from fellow vets. And my first quality jacket was a gift from my mother and she bought it from US wings. And I’ve done everything and been everywhere with it. In my time in the Marines, the jacket has gone everywhere with me. I’ve been to four different countries (and will be going to many more) and during my liberty I’m always adventuring in my Indy jacket exploring the new culture and the history. It’s been subjected to all kinds of weather and abuse. It’s been thrown around, scuffed up, packed away, and put up wet and dirty. But it’s still as soft and supple as the day I got it. It’s been my go to jacket for probably about 7 years now. The only regret I have is that it’s about two sizes too large. My mom figured I’d grow more I guess. But regardless of the size, it’s been an awesome jacket and I would recommend US wings and the Indy jackets to anyone. They are truly second to none for the price of the jacket. They are quality in the highest form. I’ve actually been looking to buy another in a more correct size and retire my old jacket and keep it for when I’m older and fatter and can fill it out better. I’m a proud customer of US wings and will always find myself here whenever I’m hunting for a new leather jacket.

Thomas L


I was wanting to get a leather jacket that looked like it was from the era when men were men. Instantly I thought of the Indy-Style Jacket. In my search I came across U.S Wings and recognized quality as soon as I saw it. I have had my Jacket for five years now it is great leather, quality made, and has held up to every adventure. I got my jacket right before I met my wife, I’m pretty sure it is why she married me. If you want a quality jacket that can handle any adventure and get you the girl, then you need an Indy-Style jacket.

Mark M.

I wasn’t from the generation that got to see Indiana Jones on the big screen, but its one of the few movie series that i can re-watch over and over again. I love the entire premise of it, the whole treasure hunting/adventurer vibe has been something that has influenced me since i first watched these movies as a kid. I particularly like the indy-style jacket. I’ve always been a fan of bomber and flight jackets, but i hate the elastic band at the bottom and the wrists. The indy jacket is exactly what I consider to be the perfect form of the bomber jacket style for me, plus wearing it will always remind me if Indiana Jones, which is an amazing feeling.

Chris P.


These are simply the best jackets available. I’ve had mine for almost 12 years now and, after a lot of mileage, the jacket is still in great condition. The seams are all tight. The quality of the leather has endured exceptionally well. I now own a second one that is just breathtaking (lambskin)–and totally true to the one worn by the screen legend.

Also, it was important to me to buy this particular jacket in the USA because it is part of a uniquely American icon.

David B.



I have watched all the movies over and over as a kid and liked them I used to have one but I wore it out it lasted me for many years. It kept me warm over the winters I’ve had it better than the other different jackets I’ve had

Kaynan W.



There are leather jackets, and leather jackets.
This is the latter.
There are a few things that a man needs, and if he has them he feels like he’s pretty much able to handle whatever life has for him. They are: a good pair of boots, a good pocketknife, and a good hat. None of these need be flashy; in fact they probably shouldn’t.
And a good leather jacket.
This is the jacket.
This jacket isn’t just an item of clothing, it’s a partner. It has that leather-jacket smell – like my Dad’s jacket; the one he would wear when Mr. Hughes (yes, that Mr. Hughes) wanted the guys out at the flight line at dawn to test the new airplane.
It’s warm, but not bulky. Like a good partner it protects without getting in the way. The brass zipper will do its job forever. The leather is the real hide, not some bonded knockoff, and was stitched by people who care about what they’re doing. The hand warmer pockets do just that, and the patch pockets hold a glove each for those mornings when it’s below freezing.
Like me, time has given it some character and it will get more. That’s okay. Neither of us are supposed to look new forever. It’s not the years; it’s the mileage.
George Lucas knew about a man and his jacket when he invented Indiana Jones. To the jacket, hat and boots he added the whip and the revolver, but they were just embellishments on the basic man: strong, brave, with quiet competence so understated as to fairly shriek.
Dad knew that too. And when I was able to take Dad to see Raiders of the Lost Ark, not long before he died, it was my way of letting him know that I had understood what he tried to teach me about a man and his jacket.
This is the jacket.

Darren R


One of the best jackets I have found. Highest quality, greatest craftsmanship. My son’s jacket has lasted everyday use for 6 years.

Brandon E.


My experience with US Wings was outstanding, and their Indy jackets are beautifully crafted. I ordered a Signature Series Adventurer jacket in Striated Lambskin in Size “L”. The jacket is a thing of beauty–the skin is super thick for lamb. Unfortunately, the jacket didn’t fit me very precisely. The size “L” fit, but at the same time, it didn’t. I can really only describe it like this: I felt like I was 16 and wearing my dad’s jacket (I’m 6′, 190lbs, athletic build, usually wear 42R suit coats and have a 43″ chest measurement w/ a t-shirt–squarely in the “L” category). I emailed US Wings about other options and followed up with a phone call. By email and phone, the US Wings reps were informative and pleasant…basically, a model of good customer service. The US Wings rep even recognized my voice from our conversation 10 days prior. After discussing options, I decided to try a size “M” in the Signature Series; I also ordered a size “L” in Legend the 30th Anniversary Featherweight Antique Lambskin to compare cuts. US Wings extended their return time and let me hold on to the Signature size “L” to compare. As before, the jackets arrived in 9 days to Germany. The size “M” Signature series fit me perfectly. Although it’s not 100% screen accurate (a feature I wasn’t really concerned about), it was the Last Crusade style jacket I always wanted and it felt great on. I tried on the Legend, and it too felt great but totally different (it is very lightweight though not too delicate–though I certainly wouldn’t wear it being dragged behind a truck). What to do with two awesome jackets that were very different? I modeled them for my wife…she liked the Legend better, due to it being more tailored and shorter. But I was leaning towards the Signature Series. Then she said, referring to the Legend jacket, “It looks more Indiana Jones.” That did it for me…I kept both. I think I “chose wisely.” Thanks to US Wings for their excellent customer service and fine products…I’m a customer for life.

Matthew D.


Men like the jacket for the same reason we like the Indiana Jones character. It allows us to dream, to aspire to a life of adventure, to travel the road less-traveled. Slipping on the jacket reminds us of the big world out there, with all of its capacity for romance, tests of faith, evil, and yes, snakes.

If clothes make the man, then this jacket makes us THE MAN!

Eric C.


As a child I watched Indiana Jones constantly in the mind that I will one day roam the jungle for relics and artifacts and that the only thing that stood between that was hoaning the great big jacket that almost acted as a bullet proof vest to Indy.

Big pockets with the flaps that made it so unique to anything else, the distressed look that gave it a feeling that it had seen so much action that you wondered just what adventure Indy was on before his next.

That jacket gave me the feeling of adventure and excitement, the symbol of timless love for something that is so special to the child I was when I saw the Indiana Jones films to the adult rhat I am now that has always dreamed of having a jacket that was warn by my hero.

Dane K.


I’ve had my US Wings Indy Texas steer hide leather jacket for nearly 5 years now, my father bought it for my birthday one year. I’ve been an Indy fan since a small kid, when my father took me to see Raiders of the lost Ark. My father passed away in 2013, I still have the jacket, it still looks like new even with all of the punishement i have put it through, favorite jacket and would never give it up.

Harry T.



After spending many hours on Indiana Jones fan sites and movie trivia sections, I came across the US Wings website. Many folks on message boards recommend them for the quality craftsmanship and for being made locally. I’ve been wearing an official Indy jacket of a less durable material for over a decade and it may be time to upgrade.

Alex V.


I first saw “Raiders” when I was 14 and was blown away: action, adventure, heroism, guts, glory…the movie had it all! Now, as an adult, it’s important to look stylish in a vintage, retro way as I make my way through the urban jungle. I think this is the right jacket to do it in!

Joe G.


I purchased the cow hide Indy style jacket. The overall quality of the leather and design of the jacket is exceptional.

Paul M.



The jacket is very well put together in style and a legend in its time. I show would like to own one .

Abdul M.



Great example of patriotism, and showing that it is never too late in life to find your dream.

Paul C.


I like Indiana Jones for the same reasons I like his “Indy-style” jacket.
Classic, yet elegant. Tough, but tender. Stands up to the toughest situation, yet is right at home in the most “intimate
moments.” Not to mention, they are both just soooo cool!
I know I will never be as cool as Indy, but I know I can at least have the “attitude” by wearing the jacket!

Edward L.


The Indiana Jones jacket is both unique and timeless. To try one on is to fall in love with it. Whether you imagine yourself escaping giant boulders, or just having a go-to daily jacket that is both comfortable and looks great, this is the one to get. Get one and wear the jacket of a hero.

Stephen B.


my name is Francisco, I’m from Spain and grew up watching the adventures of Indiana Jones. I spent years dreaming of having Indy jacket in Europe but can not find anything that satisfies me. I saw your website by chance and fell in love with your jackets. but to me I buy you a non-left. greetings and thanks from Spain


As a Marine Aviator, I had a G-1 for a number of years and the cuffs were wearing out all too soon.
I got the Indy-Style jacket and I have warn it for over 5 years. Last year I sent it in and had the lining replaced.
I wear it almost every day in the Fall to Spring time.

I was on a construction site in Leadville, CO, 10,000′ up, just last month and it was 14F and snowing. It kept me warm and snug.

It is just now getting “Character” with a little paint splatters and few signs of wear. It looks great
Never leave home with out it.

Simper Fi

Tylor Hall,
Marine Forever



I’ve always been a big fan of the Indiana Jones movies even saw the live-action show in Florida when I was a little kid. The jacket is beautiful but the best things about it or the way it would make me feel if I were to wear it I had jackets like it in the past similar bomber jackets they had the elastic around the waist and the cuffs I know they look like aviator jacket I got the distinct feeling of something generic about them. But this jacket not only does it remind me of Indiana Jones but more importantly like some have said and reviews the golden age of the 1930s. Aviators such as Howard Hughes who had similar jackets that whole era in u.s history is my favorite time period. The brown leather is absolutely beautiful this jacket is awesome I would wear it probably will 9 months out of the Year and everytime I do I would have a hint of sophistication about me and more importantly I would feel like a man’s man!

Sincerely Thomas O



I am an all time groupie of the movie the jacket represents total class Even if I would never win nothing but high remarks about quality

Brian H.



Wow! What a wonderful jacket! It makes all my hero dreams come true when I wear it! Also the fact that a wonderful man in a legend supplies and creates this jacket in Sergeant Hack. It’s a Wonderful jacket put together well and helps the imagination grow for all ages!

Scott D.


I have had this jacket through two seasons thus far and it just improves with time. Outstanding quality. I get compliments every time I wear it. It is rugged, started out stiff but has broken in nicely. I am a 6ft, 235 lbs, 46r and the 2xl was spot on. I will buy here again. Thank you for such a great jacket!!

Bernard P.


Of all the different manufacturer/retailer of quality Pilot/leather jackets/coats US Wings are the number one. The qualety and the style/fit are all american qualety it just does not come any better.

Keep going US Wings, my Bison leather jacket makes me feal good every time I put it on.


Poul N.


I bought my first “real leather” Avirex jacket in 1992 from “The Cockpit”, now known as USWings, after researching to find information on what constituted a true, top of the line, leather flight jacket. I wanted one worthy of comparison to what our Air Force pilots wore throughout history, during engagements fought in the name of freedom. I chose the Avirex brand because it was second to none! There was absolutely no comparison of the quality materials and attention to the craftsmanship exhibited in the G-2 Raider jacket that I ordered back then. I’ll never forget the feel of the soft lambskin and the deep smell of the newly crafted leather as I removed it from its packaging. It was a perfumed experience that would be forever embedded in my memory, and to my surprise, gratefully so. I still have and cherish my G2 Raider jacket, and its only become more beautiful with two decades behind it. And now, some 24 years later, I’m looking to purchase a new USWings product with that same sought after craftsmanship, but this time for my 16 year old son. It wasn’t ever a question of where I should look to find the very best in leather bomber jackets. That was easy…USWings. The harder question was which model leather jacket do I choose this time! Thank you USWings for the solid, high quality garments and other USA made products you offer. You’ve made a life-long customer of me and a future one of my son.

Russell W.


Hello … i have been a big fan of indiana jones since i seen the original raiders of the lost ark in the movie theater when i was 12 yrs old… since then i have always loved the jacket worn by indy and it is one of my bucket list things that one day i would own a real indy jacket … i feel it represents more than just a leather jacket but the hero inside of all of us.



My Indy Jacket is phenomenal! It fits to comfort as well as slick style and smooth presentation. USWings did a fabulous job creating my jacket for me! This jacket allows me to go back into time as a child and pretend to be an adventurer. Not only did this jacket make my entire Christmas holiday season complete, but I had the pleasure of meeting Sergeant Hack. Being a Kentucky native, I appreciate Sergeant Hack’s story! I read his story that came with packaging! It was an inspiration to me. I was able to speak with him personally over the phone several times in the process of getting my jacket. Man I tell ya, he is the greatest and the best storyteller of all time! I recommend this company when buying the Indy Jacket as well as any other bomber jacket that is available in stock! You will not be disappointed I promise!

Scott D.




I love that ‘more than iconic’ indy jacket. it has that aura of 1930’s golden age aviation and old Bogart movies. It wouldn’t be out of place in any of those old black and white movies or Norman Rockwell paintings. It does take some design ques from some of the prototype jackets designed for airmen prior to the adoption of the A-2 and G-1 prior to World War II. But along with the undeniable whiffs of Howard Hughs and his H-1 or Jimmy Doolittle and his GeeBee racer there is a timeless quality that makes it at home in the most contemporary settings and sends a message of masculine adventure and daring. You can’t deny the personality of one wearing this gem. I have a leather jacket inherited from my father now deceased. the jacket is at 8 decades old and bears the scars of everything from rainstorms to sliding along pavement after dropping a motorcycle at 40 mph. Say what you want about modern fabrics nothing but leather could come out of that and still look good enough for a night on the town. In fact the scrape marks from that particular episode make a great conversation starter. I men i would still wear it anywhere if it still fit. That’s why I’m so glad this one is available. – motorcycle wreck is optional.

Fred S.



I was a young infantryman when Raiders Of The Lost Ark was released and I only bothered to see it at the insistence of my blond and rather attractive girlfriend. About five minutes into the movie I actually forgot she was sitting next to me because, I had discovered KAREN ALLEN , sigh.
This was a woman who could drink a Tibetan Yakherd under the table and plant a knuckle sandwich on the kisser of an over confident Indiana [we called the dog Indiana] Jones.
I have two Indy jackets in my closet, among my large collection of leather flight jackets and post war horse hides. Both are Coopers [of course] and they are my favorites. The Indy jacket is simple, rugged and has a style that cannot be denied. There is “fashion” that changes with the wind and there is “style” which endures all the fashion nonsense.
One of my Indy jackets accompanies me whenever I travel, it is my talisman, my connection to home.
If I could own only one leather jacket it would be an “Indy”.
Thanks to Neil Cooper and thanks to US Wings for keeping the faith.

Timothy M.


Every hero is known by a signature icon. In many cases, the symbolic icon is seemingly a character in itself. What would the Jedi Knight be without a light saber ? What would Michael Knight have been without his black “Member’s Only” jacket and K.I.T.T. ? What would legendary hip hop artists RUN DMC have been without their signature Velour hats, black leather jackets, and Adidas sports apparel ? These signature icons add depth, machismo, bravado, and swagger to the persona of the American male image, sometime to levels of ultra-masculinity.
For Indiana Jones, his signature Fedora and leather jacket added style and class to his rugged character, seemingly hinting toward, but hiding the fact that he was an ivy league college professor. The iconic jacket seemingly had a life of its own as it protected him while being drug under a Nazi utility vehicle on an unpaved road, in the first Indiana Jones installment. No matter the weather, whether the sun scorched middle eastern desert, or the high altitude mountains of Nepal, the jacket protected him from the elements preventing him from hypothermia in some cases, and a heat stroke in others. This only added personality to the “Indy Jacket”, thus giving it a life of its own. The jacket, was an extension of Dr. Jones’ persona, giving credence to his ruggedness while running concurrently with his sophisticate. The Indy Jacket was ultimately his uniform, reinforced with his trendy leather whip. Much akin to Batman’s utility belt, which always contained the right tool , for the right job, the jacket spoke to the seemingly unspoken invincibility of the American male hero.
Women swooned over the bravado of Dr Jones as he found himself in sure as life lost scenario, only to escape through narrow doors of certain doom. The leather jacket has always held a top shelf perch in the American sense of fashion. Whether it was James Dean as “A Rebel Without a Cause”, Marlon Brando’s “On the Waterfront”, The Fonz on “Happy Days”, and Tom Cruise’s military patched clad G-2 flight jacket in “Top Gun”, the leather jacket speaks to the grit, might, and muscle of the American Alpha-male psyche.
Upon the release and buster status of Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the subsequent Indian Jones franchise, it is unknown as to how many “Indy Jackets” have been sold. Perhaps due to its cinematic cult classic status, the Indy Jacket has cross generational appeal and is synonymous with the character. The next best thing to being Indiana Jones, is owning the jacket. American as coca-cola and mom’s apple pie, the jacket speaks American freedom.

Ignacio P.


Right from the start I felt sympathetic to Indy….I hate snakes…I loved the movies when they came out….now I watch them with my 5 kids. The fight scene by the airplane is classic. Thanks for the chance to win this coat…I’ve wanted one since I was a kid watching12 O’Clock high.

Mike O.


I have had several items from your company. Best quality leather items.

Scott C.


I like the Indy jacket for the simple reason of styling. This jacket has the classic look of the military aviator with the casual fit of a dressier jacket. The lack of elastic cuff gives it a touch of class while keeping the military flavor in its design. Bravo Zulu US Wings!

Glenn H.


The US Wings Indy Style Jacket represents the adventure that we all seek in life. As timeless as the Indiana Jones movies themselves, the Indy Style Jacket will look even better year after year. This is only possible through the craftsmanship of US Wings.

Casey L


I have loved the Indiana jones movies since I saw Raiders of the lost ark at Chinese man theatre in Hollywood. I was thirteen and fell in love with the adventure and the whole concept. When you watch the films it makes you want to have a wild adventure yourself. I live in colorado so I know this jacket will be warm and keep me living in my own adventures.

Raymond S.


The iconic Indy jacket is nothing short of an amazing piece of clothing and gear! Yes, I referred to it as gear. As a former Marine I understand that clothing is in fact gear. Clothing for guys like me must be built to last, and believe me the Indy jacket is built to do just that, last! This jacket only gains more character with age. The lack of elastic cuffs and waistband along with a bi-swing back, not only make this jacket comfortable but also allow for great mobility and range of motion. I live in California, therefore I’m not allowed a CCW permit, but if I had one and I could carry a sidearm this jacket would be my go to option for concealed carry. After all this jacket was meant for action, just ask Dr. Jones!

Enrique B.


It’s amazing how the Indy jacket has become such a recognized and revered symbol today. Anyone who’s worn this jacket instantly thinks of being on an adventure while imagining the crack of a bullwhip!

Beau B.


Indiana Jones is an American movie icon. Tom Sellick was offered the part but was unable to do it because of his commitment to Magnum P.I. Though I love Magnum I think Harrison Ford did a remarkable job with the character. Indian Jones stood for high morales and integrity. I believe the Indy Jacket and Fedora helped frame these qualities into the Indiana Jones character. I would love to hang an “Indy” right next to the red parrot shirt of Magnum’s.
If its tough enough for Indy, it’s tough enough for me.

James F.


I have an Indy style jacket I bought from US Wings back in 2008 to wear when I went to see kingdom of the crystal skull. I had always wanted an Indy jacket I bought a cooper jacket secondhand on eBay but I quickly outgrew it but when I finally bought mine from US wings I was so impressed because I finally had an Indy jacket that fit me and I haven’t stopped wearing it since that jacket is a part of my style. When I put it on it still feels great as like I put it on for the first time you can feel the spirit of adventure with you as you wear it or at least I do it makes you feel heroic sharing the same dress sense as one of your favorite fictional heroes. You may never ever live the life of Indy but having this jacket makes it feel close to it. Another reason that this is my favorite jacket is that US Wings history and the fact that they are a Ohio company. I myself live in Buckeye lake and am proud to wear a US Wings Brand Indy Jacket.

Jarrett H.


Indiana Jones a character from one legendary trilogy who’s outfit is not a costume but items of clothing that can be worn everyday. Even if you’re not a tomb raiding archeologist! The jacket for me is the height of fashion and function combined. Great simple style without all the extra pockets and zips that some jackets have. Comfortable enough to wear all year round and down here in New Zealand I must admit you don’t see this style of jacket often, if at all. Keep up the good work, I’ll admit my us wings jacket is an older model and I’m constantly internet drooling over some of your new Indy styles.

Brad T.

(New Zealand)



I was serving my 3rd tour in the Army when Raiders was released and its fair to say that from that point, the character of Indiana Jones was indelibly imprinted on my brain.

Although that was a long time ago now, I’m happy to say that the character of Indiana Jones is still very much part of my life because I have worked for Lucasfilm and its licensees for nearly 25 years now and that has included being asked to create new, official movie poster artwork for Raiders of the Lost ark, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

I’m proud to say that I own 2 x Wings Indy Jackets and they are by far the very best jackets I’ve ever possessed. My Indy Cowhide Jacket has been worn very hard over many years and its constantly travelling the globe with me. Its spent many months in the Australian outback, been through the gorgeous scenery of New Zealand and South Korea on a number of occasions, protected me from the cold in Death Valley in Nevada and has witnessed some of natures finest wildlife in the bush in places like South Africa and Botswana many times.

Besides its many adventures, my Jacket has also often been used as visual reference when I have been working on official Indiana Jones art and its visited Lucasfilm and Skywalker Ranch more times that I can remember – in a way I consider it as having returned “home”.

The quality of the Wings jackets is simply top drawer and I’m often asked if my jackets are genuine movie items – even by folk at Lucasfilm. I am proud to own them and even more proud that I can say that they have an official association with Indiana Jones.

Many thanks Wings!

Highest regards




My name is Anthony McCormick and I ordered a Indy jacket from you quite a few years ago.
I know there’s a lot of people that would say that they’re a fan of the movie.
But what appealed to me about this jacket was its tough simplicity.A tough simplicity once in products from days long gone.20150510_083316_resized
Things of that nature have always appealed to me, even today.
I drink a simple cup of coffee, I shave with a straight razor and badger brush,and when the weather is right ,I put on my wings Indy jacket.
That is until recently, you see my father taught me everything I needed to know about tough simplicity. He served in the military during the Korean War.
He was there with me at my first steps ,my first job, first car and my first 1911.
I guess you could say that he taught me everything there was to know about tough simplicity ,because thats who he is. 
So, when I saw him eyeing my Indy jacket out of the corner of his eye, I knew what I had to do. 
I slowly took off my jacket and put it on his shoulders and said….Dad its yours.
There are very few times in my life where I could give something back to the guy who gave me everything,giving him my Indy jacket was one of those times.
The picture attached is my dad trying on his jacket for the first time. 
The smile on his face, is my review.
Anthony Mccormick
P.S,Yes,I miss my jacket…lol

I like the jacket because of its understated, everyday practicality. One does not normally think of film-ware as being practical, but that’s what the Indy-style jacket is (and just as well since it’s based off of real military jackets that are supposed to be practical in design). Straight leather barrel cuffs are a rarity on bomber jackets, but that’s what sets the Indy-style apart, along with the straight waist enhanced by the pleated action back and twin back vents. This makes the jacket much more comfortable and allows it to be worn in a variety of climates and temperatures, even summer conditions, provided the appropriate leather type, as opposed to the all-too-common knit cuffs and waistband which are appropriate for cold conditions, but are completely inappropriate for much of anything else. The patch pockets are large and generous, and the hand warmer pockets are something that should honestly be on any leather jacket made with patch pockets. The snap-shut storm flap present on Last Crusade and Crystal Skull jackets make for added protection against the wind, and should have honestly been there from the start.

All of this is combined in a timeless, yet understated style and design. The jacket is plain and draws no unwanted attention to itself, which is keenly important as a point of practicality, yet it’s a true, timeless classic, and anyone that knows anything about film-ware will recognize it.

The character of Indiana Jones himself is embroidered as a classic hero. While an artifact hunting archeologist that could be somewhat considered a grave robber, he sets himself apart with his honest dealings and respect for the artifacts in understanding and preserving them, not using them in black market deals or trying to turn them around for profit. The original movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, is an all-time adventure classic, and help established the Indiana Jones persona in American film history.

Raymond G.
I have had this jacket for a year and couldn’t be happier. This is a well made jacket the distressing is great it is warm and looks great. I would order again from USWings. Not only because of the quality but also to support an American business and a veteran. Thanks for your service and quality jackets.
John M.
When I was little I would watch an indi marathon on spike and what ever channel it was on and say man I want one of those jackets and started to save up for one I found one at a store and checked the price I had enough for it last year but I spent it on a gaming system and regreted it. Now I’m saving up for anouther one. The one I found at the store that my grandma worked at looked nice all around it was a different brand but it looked the same but they dident carry the size I needed. then my grandpa walked over and said he had a bomber that looked similar to that one but it had the elastic cuffs and waist band. but over all I still watch the movies and look every once and a while surfing the colder months at this site and look at every thing is still a bit cheaper and expensive but I do pay for quality and for the coat and or jacket to not rip in Curtin spots like the one I got 5 years ago.such as stating that for it being real leather it shouldn’t rip or tear unless your really rough on it
Charlie Castillo
I received my Indy,Vintage leather jacket and couldn’t be happier. The leather is soft and supple, and has nice grain. I really love the leather smell. It wears very comfortably and keeps me warm in the cool Denver afternoons.
Michael B.
I love Indiana Jones because the character is a scientist first and foremost, but willing to break the rules when necessary. He oozes coolness and lives life to the fullest. The jacket is the perfect companion for Indy…tough, yet pliable and always looks perfect no matter the occasion.
Richard M.

I have always love the Indy jacket have in fact studied the jacket in length. Bought one of the original Disney jackets at their park. but I have bough two of the US Wings Indy Jackets and they are by far the best Indy Jackets I have ever owned. so if you want and authentic Indy Jacket this is the place to get it.

And thank you for your support.

Michael L.
These jackets are some of the versatile in the world. They are great for just going out or for out on the road. They have created their own style that has become an everlasting note in modern movies. These jackets are the best you will find and are perfect for those that want to tame the wild. 5 out of 5 stars.
Nick G.
I really enjoy the classic style of the jacket , it brings you memories of the great moments from the movies. The style has the overall smooth look , but still has the cool factor.
Joseph H.
Indiana Jones is the every man’s hero. He fights, he gets hurt and he keeps going. The leather jacket of Dr. Jones is iconic, yet it is not a costume that stands out. It is classy and classic enough to stand by itself as a great piece of clothing. But the wearer knows the truth, and can feel the part of the her. The greatest movie that has ever existed.
Jim T.

I love jackets, particularly the military types. The A2 Leather Bomber Jackets have always been my favourite, but has never made an effort to acquire one until recently. While browsing thro’ Youtube I stumbled across Craig Shipp’s video titled 5 Best Bomber Jackets. Two of them are Indiana made by Wested in the UK and A2-Bomber by US Wings. That’s when I got the name of your company. When I saw the price for A2 modern was reduced from $345 to $195 I immediately grabbed the opportunity. I ordered one, but haven’t received yet; hopefully it will turn up any day this week.

I love the Indy-style jacket too. The jackets look good on Harrison Ford. The style fits the environment in the movie very well. Actually I had one tailored made by a Pakistani maker recently. It is cheap and not bad quality for the price I pay. However it is not comfortable to wear. The sleeves are very tight and the lining along the sleeves are a bit prickly. Also the pockets are too small, I have a difficulty putting my hands in.

I didn’t realise that the first Indy Jacket was derived from Bomber jacket by Neil Cooper. I have been under the impression that they are all originally designed by Wested until I read your article. Seeing that US Wings makes their Indy jackets using Neil’s original pattern, I am very interested in it.

I will therefore try my luck in the monthly draw. I’ll keep my fingers cross!

John S.
I’m a big fan of ” Indiana Jones” series movie. Have a Indy-style jacket is my long-cherished wish for many years. Finally I ordered a ” Signature Series Vintage Cowhide Indy-Style Adventurer Jacket” from US Wings. I found it faithfully restored the movie scene.
I’m around 172 lbs and 5’9 1/2″, size ” L” is too big for me, except you wearing thick sweater inside it. I have to ask for US Wings send a “M” to replace it. It’s cost me around more 200 dollars (I’m living in Shanghai) But it’s worthy! Size “M” is perfect. The cowhide leather is thick and heavy, the “bi-wings back” give us a lot of free space when you have bigger movement. And the Adjustable side straps” could outline the shape of your waist, to avoiding bloated. You would looks like a real adventurer!
I really hope US Wings could re-stock the “Black goat-skin Indy-style jacket”. Then I could have 2 jackets to wear alternately.
After all, Thanks US Wings to give us a great and timeless jacket!
David Z.

Indiana Jones is the quintessential pulp action hero from a bygone era. Rugged, self-reliant and always in the right, he hearkens back to a simpler time when times were (or at least seemed) much more black-and-white.

This jacket is perfect for anyone looking to revisit that simpler time, when clothing was meant to last a lifetime, not months. Perhaps it’s only nostalgia for a time before my time, but as I get older I have come to appreciate sturdy, well made things far more than the typical disposable products of today.

Thomas P.

I had been a fan of the Indiana Jones movies since they first appeared in theatres. Indy is an action hero, but with a more complex character and more fully developed human nature than, for example, Rambo. Indy is an educated man, a degreed archaeologist and historian, but sometimes still makes an incorrect choice. He is physically tough, but still exhibits human weaknesses and failings, suffering pain and bleeding at times. He’s a handsome man, but not able to magically seduce every woman he encounters, ala James Bond. He is cautious as a result of his experience, but still courageous enough to act when the moment requires action. Basically, the character of Indiana Jones is an ideal of sorts, a believable blend of positive and negative attributes, in much the same way that some of the characters in Greek, Roman and Norse mythology were not always perfect beings, but sometimes demonstrated flaws which allowed readers to more fully relate to them.

Admiring the character of Indiana Jones as I do, I purchased a U.S. Wings Signature Series VIP jacket in 2009. I was impressed with the gorgeous, soft cowhide leather, and the sturdy, comfortable nylon lining. The workmanship is impressive in every detail. Further, the fit is absolutely perfect, Shoulder width, sleeve length, and fit through the body could not have been better if the jacket had been made to measure. I still have that jacket and still wear it regularly. I liked it well enough that over time I purchased two more Signature Series jackets, one in black goat and another in brown goat. My very positive experience has made me a fan of the product.

Ron R.
Indiana Jones represented a new type of hero. More self reflective with weaknesses and strengths like normal people.
The reason the jacket is important is because Indiana changes from mild mannered, glasses wearing professor into Mr.. Adventure, like superman changing into his outfit.
Greg S.

Wow you guys make some great jackets, from the ‘Top Gun’ jacket and WW2 bomber jackets, to now the latest exciting release, the Indy – style jacket. My favourite is the map-lined version. It reminds me of my childhood for several reasons. It takes me back to my first bomber jacket which was made out of vinyl and which I wore it until the Vinyl had totally flaked off the elbows. And it also reminds me of seeing Indiana Jones, with my dad, at the grand old Civic theatre, in Queen street New Zealand.

I’m quite the adventurer myself and love jackets (what man doesn’t) and I’d love this to be the beginning of my new jacket collection. Sadly, recently I was forced, by financial necessity, to sell all my beloved motorcycle jackets and this would definitely be a great start to a great new collection.

I hope you guys and gals at US Wings keep bringing us these great stylish products for years to come.

God Bless

Merry Xmas.

Campbell R.
I love the Indiana Jones character precisely because he has character. He stands for whats right and good even when it isn’t in evidence around him and embodies the American spirit that I grew up on. He has boundaries that he will not cross, but restrictions annoy him – so he fights past them to what he feels is right. His jacket embodies that; its protective, but not restrictive; its strong, but not burdensome; its good-looking, but not pretty. Most importantly, however, he values it for the freedom of action if gives him; like our constitutional rights, its his second skin and he wears it naturally, thankfully and proudly.
Geoffrey W.
US Wings is THE company to turn to for the classic Indianna Jones leather jacket! The quality- the style – the fit- are unmatched. Look no more they are right here.
Dennis C.
I’ve always enjoyed the Indiana Jones movies, and I have the whole DVD collection. Being a pilot and retired U.S. Air Force officer, I have worn leather jackets for years. The Indy Style jacket is much like the one I’m wearing now at our home in Cocotue in Southern Chile. Indiana Jones has always been a symbol of a rugged outdoors man, which I consider myself when I’m at this location.
John M.
First, it is the quality of all your products. They are of heirloom construction. Their will always be a family member hoping to acquire this jacket.
Personally I retired from law enforcement after 30 years and from the Mn Air Mational guard after 20 years. This jacket speaks to who I am and how I dress.
Nick W.
I like Indiana Jones because
1: as a film fan it tells a very good story of a lone archaeologist in the wrong place at wrong time
2: it appeals to our inner kid and want of going on great adventures and fighting bad guys at the same time.Why i like the jacket. From what i can tell it appears to be a very practical and fashionable piece of clothing that will only get better with age.
Cody C.
Definitely, Henry Jones Jr. (Indy) it’s one of the biggest heroes of our times.
His apparel, more than a superhero costume, combines the romanticism of the 30’s decade with pilot jackets of the 2nd world war (awesome..!).
One of the most attractive aspects of Indiana is his mix of archaeology professor full time with his adventures out of the classroom, without super powers or muscles, chasing and protecting the most valuable artifacts of the humanity, just with his deep knowledge of many ancient civilizations and languages and his black sense of humor, creating the idea of a normal person.Definitely, the Dr. Jones jacket is one of the most valuable artifacts that I want to have in my personal collection (wardrobe) ready for action to inside of temples, tombs, desert or jungles.
Carlson A.
I have alway watched every indy movie over and over and loved his style of clothes
Steve S.
Even though I’ve bought many leather jackets from US Wings, my favorite one is the Indy jacket. I have several. You can’t go wrong with this one. The quality and craftsmanship is second to none. I’ve purchase different versions of the Indy jacket and it is hard to pick a favorite one out of all of them. So you won’t go wrong in choosing one over the other. I would love to get another one myself.
Tony J.

I love the Indiana Jones movies because of the strong American values they represent. Indy is adventurous, courageous, chivalrous, and intelligent. These are a few of the qualities that has made America the great nation that it is.The Indiana Jones movies have inspired our children to be brave adventurers and enjoy learning.

When they were younger, we bought our two children the Indy style jackets from U.S. Wings. We LOVE them! We hid the jackets and designed a treasure map that the children followed to find clues that eventually led to the ultimate treasure, the Indy jackets. Along the way they discovered an Indy fedora that we also got from U.S. Wings, a whip, and a satchel. Needless to say, this was the first of many adventures that our boys enjoyed in their jackets. Sadly, they have outgrown the jackets now and we are considering buying them new jackets that will fit them at this stage in their life.

I am proud to say that the Indy jackets we bought from U.S. Wings were of excellent quality and looked exactly like the one worn by Indiana Jones in the movies. We thoroughly enjoyed our shopping experience with U.S. Wings and we look forward to purchasing from you again in the future.
Kane W.

As a professional field archaeologist for the past several years, I can confidently assert that the Indy Jacket is not simply a classy and functional garment. It is a hardwearing and instantly recognizable icon of the adventure of exploration and the need to preserve our shared cultural heritage (sometimes from Nazis) for future generations.

Thomas Lux, RPA
(Somewhere between the Arctic Circle and Sonora)

Indiana Jones is one of those movies that stands the test of time, especially for young men. What I like the most about these jackets is not their association to Indian Jones, however – it is their bombproof simplicity. Like the Indiana Jones character, I appreciate rugged, things that will last and do their jobs.
William M.

well it has to be the most iconic and recognized movie coat in filmdom and the world,i always wanted one since i first saw raiders and the rest of them.never thought i could own one because didn’t think anyone made and sold them,until i got a computer googled raiders coat,low an behold us wings popped up with indy coats,got goosebumps lol,,,but could’t afford one didn’t want one of the cheaper ones made in god knows where? i bought an A2 2000 GOATSKIN from you guys and no complaints what so ever,,,so i hope you choose me for your indy coat that would so make my years!!!!

thank you for your time
Dave L.

I do love the look and the era of Indiana jones. But more importantly i love the quality and honesty behind us wings I have bought in the past 4 jackets ranging from bomber field and winter flight jackets and each one was understated for how good the quality is. Thank you sargent hack for your service and outstanding product.
Anthony T.

Being 78 yrs of age and retired, I still fantasize with Indiana Jones AND his father. Their quiet everyday careers were in huge contrast to their exploits to save items of historical importance to the world.

The style of the INDY jacket is one that screams fashion and versatility. The sleeves and waist without the elastic really makes it a jacket for year round use. I’m sure it is more comfortable as well as stylish, for wear to most any venue, anytime! Which is what I will do if I am so fortunate to win one these fine examples of rugged craftsmanship.
Thank you for the opportunity.
Ray B.


Let me start with the easy-to-guess stuff. I am an Indiana Jones fan. I have been since my parents took me to see Raiders in 1981. I think it’s clear that the character and the look of Indiana Jones has become an American icon that most anyone can recognize, even if they are a little fuzzy on the details.

However, for me (and millions of fans like me), it’s the details that really make Indy stand out. As a result, even the jacket by itself is an icon. It is like so many other jackets, and yet it is not. And you can emulate it as much as you want, but if you don’t get the little things just right, it’s just not enough. For me, I always felt that the US Wings and Cooper jackets got the essential details right (for good reason, it turns out). One of the greatest moments in my early life was finally owning one of the original run Cooper reproductions. I loved that jacket from day one because it was so “right.” I didn’t even realize the pedigree of what I had, but I knew it was to be treasured.

Then something interesting happened. I discovered another facet of the jacket that made it stand out from a crowd, even setting aside the “Indy” factor. It was a well designed, well made, comfortable, and good looking piece of clothing. It was a simple, clean design that worked as a practical garment while looking great! I got compliments all the time. And it hardly aged at all after 10 years of wear. But I got bigger, and I had to let it go. I thought I’d never feel that way again about a leather jacket.

Then, in 2007, I discovered US Wings. I took a chance on one of the Signature Series jackets, and as soon as I tried it on, I knew I was home again. The hide was different, naturally, but everything else was there – the quality, the fit, the look, the details, that real-world practicality that others just never lived up to. Since then, I have owned a total of 6 different US Wings Indy Jackets, and I’ve loved them all. They have all stood up to the heavy wear and the elements as well or better than I could have hoped. I never feel like I have to baby or protect a Wings jacket. It protects me.

Of course, most of those jackets have had to move on, because now I’m shrinking. Getting healthier, watching my diet, and a new adventure must begin. Here’s hoping I can rebuild my collection over time. And a sincere hope that my trusted US Wings sidekicks have found new partners who will appreciate them as I have.

Michael G
The Indy-Style Jacket epitomizes a sense of adventure. I picture every time you put it on you hear echoes of the Indiana Jones theme song. Indiana Jones is a character young and old men strive to embody. He fights for good and along the way has daring adventures and the thrills of exploring. Getting this jacket would be the perfect companion for my future adventures. Hopefully, without snakes!
Josh B.

They just don’t make movies quite like they used to these days and it’s been a while since Raiders of the Lost Ark came out and and US Wings Indy style jacket stands the test of time as well.

When you put on an Adventure jacket from US Wings you know it’s the real thing with a strong pedigree & you just might even feel like Harrison Ford searching for artifacts and making the ladies take note in such a fine crafted Indiana Jones style jacket!

Chad R.
I have had my us wings legend steerhide jacket for about a year is a wonderfully designed jacket and the size large fits me perfectly!I have always wanted a jacket like in the Indiana Jones movies but never saw one and was internet illiterate enough that it never occurred to me to look online for it.I love the design.
I love bomber jackets but have never been comfortable with the knit cuffs.I am also one of those rare people who wears fanny packs a lot, so the slit back at the bottom works perfectly for accommodating my fanny pack.I also ride a motorcycle frequently here in Colorado. The shortness of the legend jacket and the length of the arms makes it a perfect motorcycle jacket as well!
I love the feel of the steer hidt but it’s a little hot for the summer just wearing it around, so I’m hoping to be able to forward a kangaroo eventually. The styling of this jacket makes it a great coat to wear out on a casual dinner which I have done many times.
Honestly, thank you for selling such a great jacket!

The Indiana Jones jacket like the character of Dr Jones himself is a unique piece of Americana – a promise of adventure, a symbol of freedom. This venerable jacket in characterful leather evokes dangerous exploits and fearless deeds in the name of good triumphing over evil. Yes, this is kind of old fashioned these days, and that’s probably why I, along with millions of Indiana Jones fans from around the world, love it.

Indiana Jones is the golden era in action, his never-say-die exploits provide a compass to point us on our way. Although he is an extraordinary man, Indiana Jones is not an unbeatable and unbelievable superhero. In essence he is a courageous man with an insatiable quest for truth, a defender of women and the powerless who will stop at nothing to get his answers even if he gets hurt along the way. And he probably would get hurt a lot more if he wasn’t wearing that jacket!

A valiant daredevil like Dr Jones requires a very special jacket to protect him from travails and treachery. The famous Indiana Jones jacket is the matchless companion for perilous voyages around the world, not merely in a quest for fortune and glory (although that may happen along the way) but also to uphold great American values of sticking up for the underdog, never quitting and – the best part – beating the bad guys.

Chris M.
I grew up watching Raiders of the Lost Ark and immediately fell for the style of Henry Jones. The jacket is an icon and as tough as the man wearing it. It is as part of the mans soul, a trusted piece of his EDC that protects and comforts him through his adventures. The dusted worn look has an armor presence about it and I could never find a jacket that could fit the profile. I would treasure an Indy jacket and wear it proudly.
Robbie B.
I don’t know I have grown up watching Indiana Jones and loved it from the moment I started watching it kinda a hero in my younger years I guess. But I have always loved that signature leather jacket. So thinking about getting one but I wanted something that looks like that. and could stand up to the rugged outdoor and work use as well as look good in public so I thought well you know what would fit that Bill a leather bomber style jacket so I thought I would enter. You never know maby I will win one. plus this is a grate company I figured I couldn’t go wrong.
Josiah D.
Exceptional jacket, well made, fit is great. Im thinking about buying one for my Dad.
Scott R.

I recently purchased the US Wings Indy-Style jacket in Kangaroo hide. Bottom line up front: The quality of material and manufacture is outstanding, the customer service and shipping speed were exceptional. I look forward to many, many years (perhaps even multiple generations) of use out of my US Wings Kangaroo Indy-Style Jacket! Highly recommended!

On to the jacket- I can’t say enough about the cut and fit of this jacket! I consulted with US Wings customer service (who were extremely helpful), and based on their advice, ordered a large (I’m typically a size 40-42 jacket, depending on manufacturer). When I put the jacket on for the first time, I was stuck by how well it fit! The sleeves, shoulders and chest fell just where I like them- the collar does a slight “off the shoulder” look as seen in some of the Indy films, which I love. The stitching is top notch, and overall quality of the Indy style jacket can’t be beat. I have no doubt that this jacket in any of the available hides would be a winner!

The kangaroo skin itself is gorgeous. Mine arrived in a whiskey color that’s just stunning! It’s a very rich brown, with some depth to it. The leather is initially very stiff, but some handling seems to soften it up fairly quickly. I noticed that the leather will go stiff again in absence of handling. It’s a lightweight but very “dense” leather, that I suspect will be very tough and durable. It will certainly age well and look even better as I get it broken in. In my opinion, the kangaroo leather is well worth the cost.

In conclusion I could not be happier with my purchase! US Wings has outdone themselves!

Matthew M.



The best-selling jacket I ever seen

Michael M.


Indiana Jones is the modern successor to Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, an all-American pioneer, braving the dangers of exploration in the name of adventure. He embodies the national spirit of daring, boldness and determination to succeed where others have fallen short. His jacket carries with it all the design elements that characterize the classic American style. Nothing unnecessary or superfluous, every feature is utilitarian and functional to the core while retaining effortless style and charm. The rugged leather exudes a rough and tumble resolve; a willingness to take blows and endure whatever the world can throw at it and come out stronger and better for having taken the beating. Unpretentious and unapologetic, the U.S. Wings Indy Jacket fleshes out the American spirit as a unique and enduring legacy.

Pat M.


The Indy Jacket makes me want to experience the thrill of going on a long hike in the woods, climbing a mountain range, taking a car across the eoads of South America, India, China to live life to the fullest….
You can do anything you want to the Indy Jacket but it will probably outlive me and any other armchair adventurer out to experience adventures undreamed by any Hollywood Scriptwriter
Jim K.

Ever since I first saw the Raiders of the Lost Arc it was love at first sight with that iconic jacket / light coat. The fact that the jacket is rugged enough to meet the most excruciating demands placed upon it is proven time and time again in the series of movies. Now that we know it’s rugged lets get down to the tender side. The lack of gathering at the sleeves and waist, plus a bi swing back means to me that it is comfortable and easy to bundle up in the colder days with no compromise. The fact, once again proven by the movies and the ads by US Wings is that this is a jacket that can be dressed up. Beige pleated pants a denim shirt with tie, and the famous Fedora that US Wings features 2 different models. Then on the other hand you can slip this on so quickly with jeans, t shirt, and baseball cap. What more can you ask for in a jacket. It’s one those jackets that becomes what I like to call my ” go to jacket “.

PS…..Because of the bi swing back you can jump in your car or adventure vehicle without removing this wonderful look, talk about looking cool while driving?

Tony C.
The Indy jacket bespeaks by its very design and heritage a true American spirit, elegant but not ostentatious, rugged and self assured but as familiar as an old and trusted friend. When all else may give way and waver the Indy jacket soldiers on and promises uncompromising service to meet any challenge the elements, an arduous quest or even a dastardly adversary might present. It’s tough enough to take to the skies, get you through no man’s land or to wear on the back of a wild bronc but dust off the sagebrush and road dirt and you can wear it to look your dashing best when presenting yourself to the belle that takes your breath away, so she won’t forget you just that little bit more. It is not merely a jacket for the intrepid Professor Jones, hunter of rare antiquities and voyager on the path less traveled where meeker men dare not tread, it is a jacket for any hearty soul that seeks to carve their own singular destiny through life and not succumb to conformity. It is the jacket of choice for a confirmed iconoclast, nothing less and it evokes, classic, timeless American cool as much as Steve McQueen’s motorcycle, John Wayne’s Stetson or the inimitable sound of the Delta Blues played on a Dobro guitar or the crack of a home run hit out of Yankee Stadium. As a former working cowboy and rodeo rider turned long time foreign correspondent and war reporter , the Indy jacket is a companion I can trust in almost any circumstance and if my Indy Jacket can handle what lies ahead on the unforeseen trail and fortunes of my next assignment, then I can too. The Indy Jacket is a “can do” piece of clothing that inspires one to live up to the legend. Clothes don’t make the man, that is more a matter of grit and fortitude and the hard earned wisdom of meeting life head on, but it doesn’t hurt to be wearing a piece of the “Right Stuff.” The Indy Jacket speaks to the spirit of adventure, individuality and tenacity in the heart of every true American.
Christopher K.
The thought of Indiana Jones brings to mind the adventurer life that I think most of us men would like to have. The care free life, travelling around the world searching for artifacts that have been lost to history for hundreds and thousands of years, saving women and children in distress, foiling the efforts of our country’s enemies, all the while sporting a fedora, whip, and the slick looking leather jacket. The leather jacket is a perfect match for Indiana Jones. The leather jacket has a rugged good looks and protects Indiana Jones from the various elements he encounters on his adventures. All in all, Indiana Jones with his leather jacket is one of the most admired characters I can think of.
Michael S.

In many ways, Indiana Jones appeals to people because he is from a simpler time filled with amazing wonders waiting to be discovered. He is a man of action but not one who is selfish. He is rugged, determined, and timeless in his pursuit of knowledge and right. The clothes Indy wears reflect that bygone era while being rugged, simple and timeless and outside of the hat, no other article of clothing captures the spirit of Indy better than the jacket. The US Wings jacket, with a direct lineage from the original jackets, capture the look of Indy’s unique design while constructing them from rich looking, luxurious and durable leathers and attention to details like the side buckles and the jacket’s lining.

John T.


I’ve been an Indiana Jones fan since 1981 and getting a USW Legend in bison hide was a dream come true. The craftsmanship was outstanding and as always the customer service provided by Sgt. Hack and his dream team was second to none!

As a side note, I’ve had the pleasure of touring USW in Ohio and even stopping in unannounced, Sgt. Hack dropped what he was doing to talk Indiana Jones, leather jackets and give me a comprehensive “behind the scenes” tour.

Warm regards,



The jacket is both fashionable and functional. It keeps me warm and dry. I particularly like the fact that is does not have the tight material around the wrist and waste since it makes it easier to put on and take off.

David W.


I like the style of the sleeves and the eliminating the cuffs and waist band. Very sharp looking jacket.

Edward W.


The Indy jacket proves that civilians can join in the adventure, just like the military action figures who wear leather flight jackets. The freedom of movement in the Indy is really great, as I have a few leather jackets that limit arm movements and swing movements. The best part of the Indy is the outstanding look and feel, that wears perfectly from the very first time.

George W.


I am the owner of a kangaroo skin model of this excellent jacket. It has traveled with me many a mile through thick and thin. Comfortable, enduring, rugged and as at home with an oxford shirt and tie as a safari bush shirt. Rarely leave town without it. Equips me for whatever environment I may find myself as I travel.

Kevin B.


I have now had the Imported Version of the Indy-Style Texas Steerhide Jacket for about two years, and I have to say, it’s been rock-solid thus far. The leather is clearly high-quality, and the jacket is built to last. I have worn it in all seasons, and although it’s a bit warm for the summer months, it’s the perfect jacket for a surprisingly large part of the year, even in muggy D.C. Why don’t you already have one?

Clayton K.


The Indiana Jones Jacket is an inspiration to anyone with an adventurous spirit. It is light enough to where on most adventures or even just to an adventurous night at the movies, whichever adventure a person decides to go on. The leather is hardy enough to protect a person from any adventure, from light to heavy. It is a jacket that can make the wearer feel like any occasion is an adventure.

Kelly P.


I bought one for my son. While the jacket is too big, and US Wings is excellent in helping me get the corrected size, I am still amazed at how nice this jacket is. I almost feel bad for my son because he will outgrow it long before it becomes unservicable. It is a very nice jacket with great features. And the steerhide will serve him well as ling as he can fit in it.

Michael B.


Shall it be the mysterious nights of the Egyptian desert or the dark caves of Europe? The Indy Jacket conjures up adventurous images of Howard Carter’s discovery of King Tut’s tomb or Lawrence of Arabia’s study of ancient Hyrogliphics.
Be the adventurer & travel wearing this smart jacket as your inspiration for study in distant lands or at home or school.

Thomas Pratt


Indiana Jones is probably THE most iconic action hero. Everything about that man SCREAMS adventure. From his dirty boots, to his old hat, to his beat up (practically indestructible) leather jacket. As any self respecting Indy-gearhead knows, U.S. Wings made the jackets for Temple of Doom. In that movie, his jacket gets just as beat up, if not more beaten, than the jacket in Raiders. Well, maybe not QUITE as beaten up, he didn’t get dragged under a truck this time. But he did jump out of a plane and trek across India with it. The Indy jacket has been worn through the jungles of India to the frozen tundra of Nepal, and why? Because it can. I had an Indy style jacket in the past (Although it was a cheaper knockoff brand, not something as high quality as this) and it served me well. I wore it in the -20F weather of Eastern Europe, to the deserts of Nevada. Why? Because a leather jacket is one of the greatest jackets around. There’s a reason pilots wear them, and there’s a reason Indiana Jones has one.

Having one Indy Style just alters the original classic traits of a leather jacket into one more iconic. Not iconic for it’s function, but for the man who wore it. A jacket like that isn’t just function, but inspiration. Indiana Jones made me want to be a hero. He, in fact, is the reason I began studying Archaeology. For that reason, I would love to have a jacket as iconic as his, and as tough as a US Wings bomber.

Joseph O.


It ain’t the age, it’s the mileage! And you get a lot of mileage from the Indy jackets! And they age so well! I wear mine all Fall and winter too. On Halloween I dress up in my Indy jacket and hat and greet the kids at my in-laws house. They all know exactly who I’m supposed to be and they think it’s really cool! He’s an inspiration to kids! Love the jacket, the character and the movie series!

Joe S.


Very comfortable jacket. A great 3 season jacket. Very good quality of leather and construction. I’ve bought these jackets for gifts for both men and women. Everyone enjoys this jacket!

David G.


It’s about the adventure, and romance (getting the beautiful, savvy girl), and traveling to exotic places that us older, balding, short dumpy guys can only dream about. The jacket makes a larger-than-life statement of confidence that no matter what life may throw at you, you can handle it, and still be home in time for dinner.

Robert W.



I always loved the movie Indiana Jones and remember back in 1984 when it first appeared on screen in my local theater.
Harrison Ford was perfectly picked to portray Indiana Jones and living back in those times would of been adventous indeed. And I always admired the brown leather jacket that he wore. It has a lot of character and a style that would make any man who wears one a MAN of ADVENTURE! It definitely is a very COOL JACKET and I would love to have one myself and hopefully will win one in this contest since I have an adventous side myself and this jacket would most certainly compliment it.

Joseph M.


I have owned a Signature Series Lambskin Indy Jacket for at least 8 years now and it has been the best companion any guy into the whole vintage yet timeless look and style could ever want. I am a fan of the movies and when I saw the jacket I had to have one! This jacket is the most comfortable I’ve ever owned, it looks great, and yes, I do feel a bit more adventurous and definitely cool when I wear it. The soft broken in feel of the jacket is comforting to the touch, and feels like an old friend. That’s because it is! It is a jacket that will never let you down. There may be other great leather jackets out there but me Indy jacket is my best friend.

Frederick C.


The Indy Jacket is a timeless classic that never, EVER goes out of style. This jacket is the best of all worlds: rugged enough to handle anything your weekend excursions can throw at it, but it cleans up for your Saturday date night or Sunday school the next morning. The bi-swing back gives you plenty of freedom to move as necessary for especially sticky situations but the absence of an elastic cuff at the sleeves and waist (as opposed to traditional bombers) helps it to wear like a fine blazer. The straps at the sides let you tailor the fit to your taste, and the slick liner helps it go on and off easily. It’s perfect for layering, or just being out and about. It can be dressed up with khakis and a nice shirt, but still looks right at home when coupled with a faded t-shirt and jeans. I’ve owned an Indy style jacket for nearly twenty years, it has never let me down, and I never want to do without one. The Indy Jacket represents a wild spirit of adventure, and it only gets better with age.

Shane B.


I love the US Wings adventurer series of jackets. I own several jackets from US Wings and they are all outstanding!! I have had my Indy Jacket for about 5 years and wear it through three of the four seasons. I feel like changing my first name to a “state” every time I wear the jacket. I must do that.

Sam L.


This jacket might be the most recognized jacket in all of cinema. Timeless design, functional, and practical. You’ll look great wearing it to your Temple of Doom or the mall.

Eric  S.


What a great Indy-style jacket! Looks like the real thing, could wear it with some swagger!

Britt F.


I own one of the limited Kangaroo-leather “Indy” jackets and it is super-comfortable! I especially like that it works well for a wide range of temperatures from upper 30s up to low 70s. Plus it’s very easy to move in. The Indy jacket is a real winner!

Paul H.


I have your G1 and A2 jackets. I love the quality of the fit and materials! This jacket would be a nice fill to my collection!

Karl D.


For those who were adventurers as children and still are as adults (or who weren’t but would liked to be), Indiana Jones instantly became the icon for rough-and-tumble exploits. And apart from his fedora, it’s Indy’s leather jacket that immediately identifies him.

The U.S. Wings Indy Style Jacket is thoroughly faithful to the one Professor Jones wears in the films, with exactly the right cut, the correct bi-swing back, adjustable side straps, collar size and longer sleeve-length. In goatskin or steer hide, it’s capable of standing up to anything your own adventurers can throw at it, and it only gets better-looking with wear.

So throw it on the next time you think you’re going to be dragged behind a truck in the desert or just if you’re hiking in rocky or densely-forested terrain. Pair it with a shirt and necktie, and you’re ready for a casual urban setting–but with dash and panache.

You can spend less to get a cheap, flimsy imitation jacket, or more for so-called “authentic” versions, but won’t find one as durable and reasonably-priced as the U.S. Wings Indy Style Jacket.

Philip S.


I’d love to own an Indy jacket! When I was a kid, maybe 3 or 4, my parents took me to see my first Indiana Jones movie. for the next few months, I would run around the house with my fathers belt (whip) and his brown fishing hat humming the theme song and yelling “Jones! Jones!” collecting relics (sisters barbie dolls painted green). Ive loved the movies and the character since, and even got a degree in Archaeology/Anthropology because of how much I romanticized the films.
It would be beyond excellent to own a piece of the lore! I might even run around the house yelling “Jones!” while wearing it, which I’m sure would make my wife very happy (or not). 
Thanks for the chance! 
Sean Lee
I’ve seen every Indiana Jones movie many times. Indiana Jones represents many things; an adventure comic book brought to life, a role model for every man’s inner child, an attitude of ‘Don’t tread on me’ or even a form of relief from life’s cares by vicariously going along on many adventures. Before owning the U.S. Wings distressed cowhide Indy jacket, I previously had one of lambskin by a famous English maker. After getting the U.S. Wings jacket, I gave the lambskin one away. The cowhide jacket is a little weightier and definitely is more durable, while having a better overall cut and draping better. Another thing I like is it’s also a little longer. The English one was too short, and I’m not tall!
What happens when you slip into a good broken-in U.S. Wings Indy jacket? The first thing is you get the heady aroma of the leather. Then you suddenly feel the need for a fedora and a bull whip. You know that if you get dragged behind a Mercedes army truck down a rocky desert road that you won’t get a scratch through the strong, supple leather. And walking through the mall suddenly becomes a trek through a cannibal and Tarantula-infested jungle on the hunt for a crystal skull.
No, putting on a U.S. Wings Indy Jacket is not just putting on a jacket – it’s putting on adventure!
Gary H.

USW’s stands for tradition.

I have been actively involved in the Indy hobby since its inception both through collecting as well as internet forums. I first came across Wing’s back in the mid 90’s, getting to know Sgt. David Hack, and have had a U. S. Wings jacket in my stable ever since.

A Wings jacket has been around during important events in my life for over 20+ years……I wore one to my Father funeral several years ago, to one of my daughters weddings as well as my sisters wedding, and at birth of my first grandson this past April.

A Wings jacket has that direct connection back to Indiana Jones and the start of that historic franchise, but it will always have a personal connection for me that can never be broken.

A Wings jacket becomes an old friend in very short order, and its that connection I celebrate every time I pull one on.

Mark Cross
Indy-Style Jacket. What an amazing adventurous jacket this is! The Indy-Style Jacket will be with you at all times during your trip to the deserts or jungles and you know it will give you the protection against the elements you need to complete your voyage. You will be more confident in your explorations – not only you look like an explorer but you will act like an explorer with your own Indy-Style Jacket from US Wings. US Wings has created an adventure jacket that “belongs in a museum”! Go ahead and obtain your own Indy-Style Jacket and you will be among those intrepid souls that dare to take a step beyond the ordinary. Because after all….the Indy-Style jacket is beyond the ordinary……!
George R.
When I was a kid, in the 50s, my Dad wore a very similar leather jacket and Fedora on weekends when we would go fly his RC model planes. When “Raiders of the Lost Ark” came out I was immediately reminded of Dad’ jacket.and hat combo…I waited until the early 2000s to buy my “Indy-“style jacket and I basically live in it for much of the Fall and Winter. It is getting nicely worn in by now, still gets the odd compliment here and there and, nostalgist tha I am, keeps me in touch with earlier times when there were adventurers and heroes. I stand a bit taller then.
Gregg G.
Wearing Indy Jacket inspiring maturity and pride.
Ismail J.
I bought the Indy style jacket for my sweetheart’s birthday a couple of years ago. He absolutely loves it. It’s a handsome jacket that looks like one costing three times as much. We live near Beverly Hills BTW where no amount is too much to spend on clothing, and the Indy Jacket looks every bit as good as the next guy’s. At the same time, it’s a sturdy piece. The absolute only downside is that my honey likes it so well he insists on saving it for better occasions. I’m seriously thinking about buying him a second one so he has an “everyday” Indy jacket. No worries people. This is a great product.
Jodi C.

Sense of courage, patriotism, adventure and challenge skin onto own self once the jacket is put on.

Got my dream to own US Wing A2 jacket thru ebay at the mature age of 51 years old and nothing else matter and hope to dream again to own the spirit of this freedom jacket one day.


Ever since I was a little kid I loved the World War II Pilot Bomber jackets. The brown beaten leather was always my fav. type of jacket!!
In 1980 my favourite movies were Star Wars and JAWS. And Harrison Ford was favourite Actor!! Then I hear that Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas had got together to make a movie called Raiders of the Lost Ark!
Well for a year I ran around telling everyone the this movie was going to be the best movie ever!! And I was right!!!
It also showed how amazing Harrison Ford was! Which I had been telling everyone since Star Wars.
But that Hat and Jacket to me became the coolest articles of clothing I ever thought a person could wear!! They took the bomber jacket to a whole new level! The design is perfection in a jacket to me! Since 1981 I never thought I could actually own that jacket. Over the years I had seen some close but not worth buying. Then in 2009 I saw that US Wings had finally made the perfect Indy Jacket!! I bought one and have been in love with it ever since!! Its so comfortable and I love it so much that I have slept in it quite few time!! This is and will been the last Jacket I ever own!! I would love to own another one! I tell everyone to buy form US Wings. And that if I ever own a lottery I would go right to US Wings and clean out their Warehouse!!
It took almost 30 years, but thank you US Wings for finally making my dreams come true!
Robert M.
The design and flexibility of the jacket made the character lighted. I am sure it can be utilized for any type of use in any environment, because of its unique product quality. I am sure it would be the best leather jacket in the world in terms of quality product.
Zaky A
a beautiful garment that would be a pleasure to own. i’m a steady customer of u.s. wings. eric michalke, chesterfield, mi.

I loved the portrayal of Indiana Jones. He was peim and proper in the classroom enviornment but the leather jacket came to symbolize the adventerous character. The jacket is a symbol of the the times. From mid ’30’s through 1945 leather jackets were plentiful and worn by working class people. It brought Indiana Jones to that level.

No matter the excercise, job, target or climate the “brown Leather” was at home and not out of place with the action.

Even though I have had people reflect upon my Brown leather aviation jacket in a negative context (was I immitating Jones?) I wear my jacket with pride and satisfaction.

Odd that in many events in my 75 years I have had some encounters that resemble, in some ways the adventures of Indiana Jones.

That Character, the Jacket and Fedora can never be replicated, replaced no portrayed any better than what we saw.

Gene W.
Plain and simply Indiana Jones character and style is the absolute cool thing.
Panagiotis K.
My brother was a bomber pilot, killed in action in 1945. His flying jacket was an Irwin, but in his non flying time, he wore a leather jacket similar to the Indy jacket. I have never been able to buy an Irvin, but the Indy would bring pleasant memories.
Martin S.
Been waiting the incredible jacket for ages now. But IndianNones fan here. My writing and photography takes me on very exciting trips.This jacket would complete me on them. Stylish and strong…this jacket was made in the fashion of I. J. and I believe will not let any fan down. Whether wearing it with a vintage baseball cap or fedora it will bring class to your adventurers. A Very strong and classy leather jacket that will only get better thoughout the years. No wonder…I want one. Get one for yourself today.
Timothy P.
great looking jacket for the sharp flier,or any one who just likes some style.
Bob V.
Looks to be a great jacket selection. Always wanted an Indy jacket. Someday….
Kevin C.

I brought my Indy Jacket a year ago now and for the most part are happy with it apart from the stitching around the pockets breaking, but all in all i am happy with it i have wanted one since i was a boy 35 years ago and i finally have one .

USWings where great to order from good communication and they gave me a DVD gift and jacket cover which is great . The Jacket feels good on and people say i look good with it on,

Samuel D.
It has always been a dream of mine to own the Indy-Style jacket! I already have a Indiiana hat which would go excellent with my hat.If I am chosen to win one of these jackets i would be one excited person! Also my all time favorite movies is all the Indiaina Jones movies! It also reminds me of the bomber jacket when i was in the USN back in 1970. Have seen this jacket in person at US Wings. High quality leather. Excellent workmanship! AAA+++
Bob C.
the Indian Jacket covers all the bases, style,looks great and best of all it’s warm. I live in Northeaster OH where winter seems to last 8 months out of the year. those cold windy winter nights with the hawk nipping at your body the jacket hold off the hawk and truly keeps you warm. for all of you out there hawk refers to the wind a nice cutting freezing wind chill effect. the type that goes right to the bones.
John O.
When “Raiders of the Lost Ark” was released, I was 15 years old; an age when I was old enough to understand that I was watching a masterpiece of celluloid, yet young enough to see the larger than life action hero on the screen and dream of one day being just like Indiana Jones…or at least wearing his cool leather jacket!
After watching that movie countless times, I found myself focusing on Indy’s jacket more and more. Soon I had memorized every detail: the wear-anywhere/survive anything practicality of the design, the dusty, vintage patina that told of countless adventures in far flung lands, the simple yet perfect blend of form and function. That jacket was, for me, THE perfect leather jacket. Equally at home in a Nepalese tavern or a Pan Am Clipper, Dr. Jones (or even John Q. Public) couldn’t choose a better leather jacket!
Richard T.
Indiana Jones is the adventurer we all have inside of us – tough, curious, persistent, alive. I don’t think there’s a man alive who doesn’t dream of tossing on his trusty leather jacket and hitting the road to explore the world. Indy lives in all of us!
John W.
Few things can bring back the feeling of being a child again. As a child and still as an adult we all crave adventure. Indiana Jones was a passport to adventure. My fond memories of watching the Indiana Jones films with my father are some of my favorites. My father shared these films with me and now I have the pleasure of sharing them with the youngsters in my life. As we age we forget the feeling of excitement, of being sweeped up into amazing storys. But when I share films like “The Temple of Doom” with my kids, I get that feeling back. All 4 indy films hold a special place in my heart. I am also a bit of a history buff. Ww2 as a primary interest. The Indy-style leather jacket is an amazing design. The A2 jacket influence is clear. Such a rugged, timeless style. I from time to time look over the Internet looking at replica jackets. day dreaming of jacket ownership. I personally never have owned a indy jacket. But from all the vendors US Wings seems to be the real deal. Supplying jackets for The Temple of Doom. Everyone else just makes a copy. I have dicided that when
I do decide to treat myself to jacket, US wings is the only way to go. I have heard nothing but amazing things. And I love supporting an American business when possible. Thank you for your time and consideration.-Nicholas
It’s a very well made jacket high quality, the fit is just right.
The one I have is a fall and spring jacket more of a wind breaker. But it looks great! Very nice jacket
Scott R.
If you are a fan of the Indy series, admit it, you have wanted one of these jackets since 1980. The Indy Style jacket, however, is so much more than a celebration of a favorite movie. This jacket incorporates all the greatest features of the best leather jackets from the last 100 years and blends them perfectly into the most comfortable and timeless leather jacket you will be proud to own. The jacket’s features include the bi-swing back of the U.S. Navy G-1 flight jacket, the straight lines and edges of the toughest motorcycle jackets, while maintaining the classic look of the USAAF A-2 flight jacket. As an owner of all of the above, the Indy Style jacket remains my go to jacket for comfort, style, versatility, and of course…ADVENTURE!!!
Brad H.
I’m actually watching Raiders of the Lost Ark right now while I’m writing this. I’m again reminded why I, and I would guess most people, love Indy-style jackets: it’s a reminder of lost times, of adventure, of history, and of excitement. What other item combines powerful nostalgia with religious imagery? What else mixes history with fiction, adventure with archaeology? Maybe a vintage Yankees cap? Or perhaps a pocket knife passed down from a grandfather? For my money, no other single item conjures up so many feelings as this jacket. It is, quite literally, like wearing a time machine. It is instant excitement and adventure. Whether you’re walking through a mall in Nebraska, or sitting in a cafe in Paris, this jacket makes you feel like a legend.
Justin C.
Why an Indy style jacket? Because while wearing it I can feel like a kid again. I can feel like an adventurer marching through the desert looking at the cold moon lit sky thinking of Nazis I’ve punched and Ladies I’ve kissed. So everytime I put the jacket on I can feel that spark of adventure that the monotony of life tries so desperately to crush disapate with my reflection in the mirror. So I can remember that kid inside of me who so very long ago dared to be a Hero.
Thunder B.
Rugged, practical, and stylish-these are the words that describe the Indiana Jones jacket. The leather is soft and supple, yet tank tough! Because it is so rugged, there is no babying this jacket, which makes it oh so practical! No fuss, no worries! If you like clothes that are made for a man-I mean a MAN-then the Indiana Jones Jacket by US Wings is always in style!
Sam J.
It would be my honor to be chosen to win the Indy jacket!
And I can assure you that I, like Indy himself, will put it through it paces whether wearing it out on the town, to the office or while exploring the caverns for worldly treasure!So, please choose wisely and pick me! Scott M
The jacket of Indy I like it because it’s my first myth since I the age of eight years because then I send adventure security and protection combined with a certain elegance and style that only an archaeologist of his caliber has, what about LUCK AND GLORIA ARRIVAL !!!.
Fabio S.
Feel like a hero of adventure !
Jim F.

I purchased an Indy Style Jacket from U.S. Wings and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The jacket provides to bthe protection you need but still allows you great ventilation around your arms and waist. It is a must for motor sports. Both convertable and motorcycle. It has ample storage for your gloves and other accessories.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did’nt mention the quality U.S. Wings provides. The jacket is made of fine leather and is stiched perfectly. I would definitely recommend U.S. Wing’s Indy Style Jacket.

Howard B.
About a year ago I decided it was time to buy a new leather jacket. I was initially thinking a classic biker style in brown but realized that it just wasn’t my style. I was watching Indiana Jones movies one weekend and thought “that’s the kind of jacket I want.” A google search turned up an Indy fan stir that specialized in Indy’s gear which is how I came across US Wings. Upon learning that US wings had even made the jacket for one of my favorite movies I knew that I would be getting the genuine article. So I ordered the jacket in good tough steerhide that could survive a rough trip under a German truck. When I walk outside it feels like I should be wearing a bit more with the jacket…maybe a nice fedora with a bullwhip and pistol, and although the pockets on the jacket are great I could really use the extra cargo capacity from a MK VII bag over my left hip. Even when I’m not all geared up I get compliments on the awesome jacket I’m wearing. I’ve just been waiting for the southern summer to come to an end so I can once again don my favorite article of clothing again. This jacket is awesome!
Josh R.
I bought a Bison leather Indy-style jacket a while back because I was inspired by the original Indiana Jone movies ever since I was a kid. The reason I like the Indiana Jone movies so much was besides them being badass, they also taught lessons like doing what what was right and never giving up in the face of danger. It was also because of the thrill of adventure that got me really into the whole movie series due to the fact that almost everything nowadays is digital and it is becoming harder to find genuine adventures that aren’t constricted in politics or business. The jacket itself was something I was wanted because it is so iconic and when you put one on, its like you’re going on an adventure no matter what you do. I ordered the Bison leather because it was unique and I liked the look of it, once I started wearing it I got so many compliments from various types of people from different age groups. The jacket itself had a good weight to it and was soft and smooth to the touch, however the leather was thick and durable to the extent where I would feel comfortable wearing it in harsh conditions. With that being said the U.S. Wings Indy-style jackets are one of the best adventureous jackets you can buy that not only offer the looks but the quality and durability to back it up.
Heriberto L.
I bought three indy-style jackets. These jackets are great and real reasonable price.since I bought it my son want one. So I bought it for him too.
Amir B. T.
This this Wings Jacket is absolutely wonderful !!!
I love it !!!Gregory P.
I’ve had my U.S.Wings Indy jacket for a couple of years now (Texas Steerhide). I can wear it in cool to cold weather. The Tex. Steerhide is rugged looking enough to wear with jeans, yet sharp enough to wear with slacks or Dockers to Sunday school or someplace. It fits perfectly, even on my hard to fit frame. And you know me…lookin’ good is what I’m all about. LOL. I nearly died when it was brand new…I dripped melted butter on the sleeve at a Cajun food place…but it just made it more macho looking.
Dr. Jan C.
I like the quality of the Indana Jones jacket, and it’s persona. When I ware the jacket I am ready for any situation, it works for any occasion! A traditional look that never loses and that jacket always reminds me of the one my grandfather wore back in the 1950s.
Marlin S.
The Indy-style jacket is popular for one reason, who Indiana Jones was, or rather, what he represents.
He is simply the man that many modern gentlemen wish they could be. Without the necessity for today’s culturally sensitive, gender balanced, emotionally intelligent male, who minds his p’s & q’s for fear of upsetting anyone around him with a sensitive soul.
He knew what was right. What was important. He did what was necessary to ‘get the job done’.The fact that he had incredible adventures at every turn, won the hearts of truly amazing Women & always found the treasure, is kind of a big plus too.His jacket, the ‘Indy’ is the pure embodiment of all that he stood for. It is tough, will see you through everything, from rainforest to desert & works very well with a Fedroa & stock whip.
The quality of the materials & workmanship have to be the best, pure and simple.
This is one jacket that is made for a lifetime of adventures, not posing down the mall or at the club.
Get real, Gentlemen, get an Indy!
Daniel T.
I’ts the kind of jacket that will fit both young and adult, it goes very well with the hat, so it looks very neat as a casual and formal jacket.
The jacket has a fit that will look good on both a lean and not so lean person and it can be worn both by man and woman.
The jacket will with care last a very long time no matter what purpose it’s ment for.Herrison Ford has made this jacket an icon with the hat and whip and in his movies the jacket is being put to the test.Get one of these jackets and a hat and feel like Harrison Ford!
Poul B. N.

If adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones.

While we can’t relive Indy’s escapades from the movies, we can “feel” like Dr. Jones in any one of the U.S. Wings Indy Style jackets!

Rugged, stylish and built to last. I am constantly asked “Where did you get that jacket? it looks like the one Indiana Jones wears.” Well indeed it is and I have traveled around the world with it. It has lasted 15 years and I won’t leave home without it! While my adventures aren’t as exciting as Indy’s, they are everlasting and I feel like the world trotting Indiana Jones every timeI put it on.

As Indy would say, “It’s not the years, it’s the milage….”

Michael F.
I’ve had my Texas steer hide Indy jacket for a few years now. It’s the only leather jacket I bother with anymore. Every year it just looks better and better, a bit like the man himself, and perhaps the owner!
Peter G.
Just opened the e-mail about the contest this morning. Thats what I get for having to work the mid-shift, day late and a dollar short as usual. Cool last night when I went to work on the airfied here at Wright Patt in Dayton, so I wore the Wings lambskin light weight Indy. Did put on the Temple of Doom fedora also, Upon donning the hat and jacket I’m always taken back to my grandfather’s barn in Darke county, with the aroma of tractor grease, tobacco stems and piece’s on screens waiting to be sorted, and just the faint smell of leather from old horse harness’s and even older leather jackets worn for years on the farm. I served 21 years in the Marines and continue with over 24 years of service to the Air Force as a civilian. Been around the block. I have three Wings Indy Jackets, lighter to heavier weights. They all remind me of the adventures I have lived, and the roots I have come from. They remind me I’m as authentic as they are. Past and present, come together.
Kent R.