Two American Patriots:
LTG Thomas Bostick & SFC David Hack 

SFC David Hack (CEO of US Wings) recently reunited with his good friend LTG Thomas P. Bostick (the 53rd Chief of Engineers and Commanding General, US Army Corps of Engineers) at the retirement dinner for the General on May 18, 2016 in Arlington VA; the General has retired after 38 years of service. Over 500 attendees were present, from top US Military brass to dignitaries and heads of state from many different countries.

During his farewell speech, General Bostick gave Sgt. Hack (who he refers to as simply “Sarge”) an unexpected tribute and spoke about him for several minutes, much to Sarge’s surprise. Prior to his command of the Army Corp of Engineers, General Bostick was the Commanding General of the United States Army Recruiting Command. As such, he became aware of Sgt. Hack’s remarkable accomplishments as an Army Recruiter (Sgt. Hack gained nationwide recognition as the US Army’s No. 1 recruiter from 1969 to 1973) and contacted Sgt. Hack and asked for his assistance to improve the US Army’s recruiting methods; thus, a long and fruitful friendship began. He praised Sgt. Hack’s dedication to the Army and its recruits and praised his efforts to help his fellow veterans by giving away hundreds of thousands of copies of his book The Life Of A Warrior, which has helped countless people around the world, including many military veterans with PTSD. He concluded by calling Sarge a “true patriot” and asked him to stand, to which Sgt. Hack received a standing ovation from those in attendance. It was a truly unexpected but gratifying moment!

Sgt. Hack cherishes his friendship with General Bostick and he, along with the whole US Wings family, wish the General a long & happy retirement as he embarks on this new chapter in his life!
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