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If you’re interested in selling your old Avirex jacket(s), we’re now accepting them for trade-in. Send us photos of your old Avirex leather flight jacket(s), and if we’re interested you can send us the jacket for a hands-on inspection so we can evaluate its condition. If we accept your jacket(s), we’ll give you a $100 credit per jacket that you can apply towards the purchase of a *new leather jacket from US Wings.

Since these old and “battle worn” Avirex jackets are still highly sought after, our expert jacket restoration technicians will make any necessary repairs and, once they’re restored, we’ll make them available for sale to leather jacket aficionados who appreciate that genuine “vintage” look that can only come from a well-worn, time-aged garment; these renewed jackets will form the basis of our Vintage Line. For more details about Avirex trade-ins or availability of our restored Vintage Line jackets, call us at (330) 655-5050 during business hours.

*Excludes Clearance or On Sale Jackets.