International Customers: Order from US Wings
and have your item(s) shipped to your hotel!


If you’ll be visiting the USA in the near future and would like to purchase something from US Wings, order it ahead of time and we’ll ship it to your hotel! This will save you money on shipping fees as well as possible duty fees. Here’s how it works: order your item(s) 21 days in advance and let us know where you’ll be staying (city, state, which hotel, etc) and when & how long you’ll be there. We will ship your order to your hotel, saving you the cost of international shipping (in fact, if your order is more than $295, standard shipping is free!).

In addition to saving money on shipping fees, taking delivery of your US Wings item(s) while visiting the USA allows you to wear your item(s) back home so you can avoid paying Customs & Duty fees, which are imposed by many countries on parcels sent from the USA. When placing your order, please provide the following information…

  • City & state of your visit
  • Hotel name, address, and phone number
  • Date and duration of hotel stay

You can order with confidence from US Wings: we have a solid system for hotel delivery that has proven itself over many years and many satisfied international customers! We’ll also soon be opening a US Wings outlet in Waikiki Hawaii to better serve our many customers from the Hawaiian Islands as well as Japan, South Korea, China, Europe & Australia (among many others) who frequently visit this popular vacation destination! More details will be announced soon!