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jacketrepair734x115Don’t throw out your favorite jacket… let us repair it! Over the years, a good leather flight jacket becomes like an old and trusted friend. Through hard wear, day-in and day-out, the leather becomes softer, more comfortable, and achieves that desirable “broken-in” look. Unfortunately, by the time the leather achieves that “broken-in” look, your jacket’s knit cuffs, waistband, and zipper are often “broken-down.”

US Wings Repair Service offers a cost-effective alternative, which will save your “old favorite” and give it many more years of useful wear. We’ll take those old, tattered, snagged, ripped, and stretched cuffs and waistbands and replace them with new ones! You may elect to have either, or both, replaced. We can also replace broken zippers and worn-out linings! Our turnaround time for repairs is 3-4 weeks. Linings take 5 – 6 weeks. And rest assured, your jacket’s integrity and authenticity will be maintained, because US Wings is the leading authority on aviation flight jackets… so you know your jacket will be in good hands. US Wings is a name known the world over, and it’s a name you can trust to do the job right.

Few items have as much character and personality as a comfortable, reliable leather flight jacket. Here’s your chance to extend the life of your “old reliable,” and keep it flyin’ high for years to come!


New! Do you have an Old Cooper Jacket that needs repair ? What better person in the world to  replace the worn out parts then Neil Coopers Former Partner “ Sgt. Hack”.
Note:  It does not have to be a US Wings Jacket, as we repair any leather jacket no matter who made it!


CLICK HERE to see all of our Repair Options! See Leather Care Tips for general care for a Leather Jacket.

Please download our Leather Flight Jacket Repair form and send it in with your order. Click Here to Download.

An additional charge of $19.95 per jacket for return shipping. You are responsible for shipping your jacket to US Wings. Please ship your product to:

US Wings: 561 E Hines Hill Road, Hudson, Ohio 44236