General Douglas MacArthur Sunglasses

General Dougas MacArthur Sunglasses


General Douglas MacArthur Sunglasses are Aviator sunglasses with Green tinted lenses.  Made famous by a photo taken of General MacArthur as he returned to the Philippines, photographs of that day significantly increased their popularity.  All news photo’s were in black & white, but the General Douglas MacArthur Sunglasses were green tinted.  Pilot Sunglasses were originally developed by Ray-Ban for aviators  in 1936.  The name Aviators was used as their original intention was to protect aviator’s eyes.  Characterized by dark, often reflective lenses, the surface area is two or three times the area of the eyeball, with very thin frames, a double or triple bridge and either bayonet earpieces or flexible cable temples that hooked behind the ears.  Traditionally the original style had neutral gray lenses which transmitted 15% of incoming light.

US Wings is offering two styles of the “General” sunglasses.  In appreciation for all of our servicemen, our “Welcome Home” sunglasses are our way to recognize & appreciate the service and sacrifice made by all military veterans and current active-duty military personnel. Many returning military veterans never received a proper “Welcome Home” after honorably serving their country, especially during unpopular wars like Vietnam. These outstanding, handcrafted aviator shades are made exclusively for US Wings by American Optical. Features include a gold frame, 52mm and 58mm lens sizes, AO’s impact resistant True Color® green lenses, 98% UVA & 100% UVB protection, and the words “WELCOME HOME” on the right earpiece & “US WINGS” on the left ear piece. Comes with a protective case with “WELCOME HOME” and the US Wings logo stamped onto the flap. Case is also sold separately. Makes a great gift for your favorite GI! Made in the USA exclusively for US Wings.  Additionally we have available this same style “General” style sunglasses with a blank right earpiece.

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