Cape Buffalo “Maverick” Top Gun G-1 Jacket (2nd Movie)


Our Cape Buffalo “Maverick” Top Gun G-1 Jacket are the ultimate version of this venerable flight jacket! These G-1s are accurate reproductions of the “Top Gun” jackets seen in the movies, but are based around our vintage Cape Buffalo G-1 to give them that authentic antique “100 Mission” look & feel of a G-1 from the 1950s and ’60s. Our Cape Buffalo G-1 is one of the strongest & most durable jackets we manufacture, making it ideal for aviators, bikers, adventurers or anyone else who needs or appreciates an ultra-tough jacket that’s made from a truly unique leather. But it’s also very luxurious & refined: the antique brown cape buffalo leather has rich & varied graining and is wonderfully soft & supple. Equally durable and luxurious, our Cape Buffalo Top Gun “Maverick” G-1s have our highest recommendation and are jackets that any “Top Gun” would be proud to wear!

Fit: Normal

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