Are US Wings Jackets in the Movies and Television?

US Wings Jackets in the movies

Are US Wings Jackets in the Movies and Television?  A question often asked.  US Wings jackets are seen in many movies and Television shows. As a result of their reputation for authentic quality product  they supply Bomber Jackets, Indy Jackets, Nylon flight jackets and military accessories .


US Wings Jackets in the movies and television

Harrison Ford wear’s US Wing’s Indy Jacket in the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  Furthermore their jackets are featured in many movies some of which you see  below.

  • Behind Enemy Lines                                                                      Space Cowboys
  • Dogs of War                                                                                     Tuskegee Airmen

US Wings Jackets

US Wings supplied HBO’s Tuskegee Airmen A-2 jackets.  ” We feel very strongly that the jackets in the movie be authentic” said co-executive producer Angela Williams.  “As a result we believe US Wings is by far the best source for quality A-2 jackets” she said.


US Wings Jackets in the movies and television

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon features US Wing’s Indy Adventurer Jacket.  This vintage Indy-style jacket is made from special pre-distressed cowhide leather. Similarly, this leather was used in the jackets worn in the fourth Indiana Jones movie.

US Wings Jackets in the movies and television

.What a fantastic surprise!   Ellen Degeneres presents several gifts to actress and pilot Angelina Jolie.  She and her son receive our A-2 flight jacket, Silk Scarf, RAF goggles and Snoopy cap. Check out the big smiles!


  • Jon Voight                          John Travolta                                          Tom Cruise                          Deidre Imus
  • Clint Eastwood                 Arnold Schwarzenegger                         Marc Anthony                    Angelina Jolie
  • Toby Keith                        Eric Clapton                                            Greta Van Susteren             Erica Lane
  • Hugh Laurie                      David Letterman                                     Liam Neeson                       Kenny Saylor

About US Wings

US Wings was founded in 1986 by  SFC David D. Hack USA (r), a Vietnam veteran.  Visiting our website,, provides a great adventure in the discovery of our entire product line. Furthermore, rich in the ambiance of American military history, you will find every type and style of military jacket.  If you’re nearby, stop by at our store located at  561 E. Hines Hill Road, Hudson, Ohio 44236.

For more information please call us at 1-800-650-0659 or email us at :


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