Freedom Line

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Our new Freedom Series of jackets includes some of our finest & most popular jacket styles, including our US Army A-2, Cape Buffalo A-2, Cape Buffalo G-1, Goatskin A-2, and Goatskin G-1, all featuring a silkscreened US Flag sewn into the lining. These jackets have a rich history going back to World War II and are a wearable tribute to all US Military pilots, aviators, aircrew & paratroopers who fought valiantly in the air & on the ground to keep our nation, and the world, free. The quality of these jackets is absolutely top-notch and you’ll definitely feel the pride of wearing such an outstanding jacket!

Cloth Patches & Blood Chits

Freedom Line Leather US Flag Patch


Cloth Patches & Blood Chits

Freedom Line Large Leather US Flag Patch