Cape Buffalo Jackets from US Wings

5 types of cape buffalo jackets

Our limited edition  Cape Buffalo jackets from US Wings have quickly become our best sellers and it’s easy to see why. They’re among the toughest & most durable jackets we manufacture. They have all the quality & luxury of high-end leather jackets, thus making them ideal for both your rugged outback or big city adventures. In fact, the outstanding quality, look, & feel of the cape buffalo leather must be seen to be truly appreciated… it’s one of the best leathers we’ve ever worked with!

Choose from our Cape Buffalo A-2 Jacket, our Cooper Original Cape Buffalo Indy-style Jacket, our Cape Buffalo G-1 Jacket, our Cape Buffalo Classic Biker Jacket, or our Cape Buffalo Barnstormer Vest; check out our full selection in our Cape Buffalo Collection. They’re a real value too: similar jackets by other manufacturers retail for nearly twice as much. These are limited edition jackets that we can only produce while our supply of this leather lasts, so get ‘em while you can!  Cape Buffalo Jackets from US Wings exclusively!

Cape Buffaloes are one of the “big five” African game animals.  They are not categorized as an endangered species.  Our tanning and antiquing process ensures that no two jackets will look exactly alike.


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