Cleveland Clinic’s Mask suggestions

multi use face mask

Cleveland Clinic’s Mask suggestions are from one of the premier Hospital systems in the world.

Why do we encourage masks?

Masks play a key role in controlling the spread of the coronavirus in our communities. They help prevent people who don’t know they’re infected from potentially exposing others to the virus.


Do caregivers wear masks?

Yes, all of our Cleveland Clinic caregivers also wear masks. Their masks protect you, and yours protects them.


Is social distancing still important?

Yes. Masks don’t cancel the need to practice social distancing, but they do provide an extra layer of protection.


As we all resume some of our pre-pandemic activities, we must not take our eyes off of COVID-19. When you’re considering whether an activity is safe to do, it comes down to three main factors: time, space and people. Carefully weigh how much time you’ll be spending there, how enclosed or ventilated the space is, and whether the people you’ll be interacting with are practicing the same safety measures.

More Cleveland Clinic Mask suggestions

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the wearing of masks and other facial coverings has become mandatory in most public areas. But how effective are these cloth facial coverings?  In an article from Consult QD (May 5, 2020), Raed Dweik, MD, Chair of Cleveland Clinic’s Respiratory Institute and Steven Gordon, MD, Chair of Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Infectious Disease were asked these questions.  You can read the full interview here.

Should I wear a face mask out in public?

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