Consumers love US Wings products and service

Consumers love US Wings products and service!  Great product, great service, great people!   We receive thank you letters every week from consumers around the country attesting to satisfaction with their purchases.  Read below recent comments from a small sampling of very satisfied customers.

Cape Buffalo G-1 Front

Vintage Cape Buffalo G-1

Well, the US Wings® Vintage Cape Buffalo G-1 Jacket Reg-XL [Order #56196] arrived yesterday; very fast shipment at least. I didn’t open the box right away because I’ve been burned in the past with products that fall short of sales hype where the product just doesn’t live up to what I had envisioned. I opened the box last night, peered inside and the jacket appeared to look like what I had expected; closed the box to avoid disappointment before turning in.
I reopened the box this afternoon, removed the jacket from the plastic wrapping, inspected it and, finally, tried it on. WOW! The jacket fit absolutely perfectly – length, shoulders, waist, sleeves; it had the “right’ color and the expected heft. You’ve completely destroyed my negative impressions of online sellers with a quality jacket. My compliments to your entire team.
Next project is to take the jacket to the tailor at the NSA Monterey NEX to sew on a bunch of ship’s patches to chronicle my time in the Navy (a long time ago). I’ll send you photos when it’s ship-shape. You are correct in advising me not to leave the jacket lying around – it will get legs and walk away!
Many thanks for your sizing recommendation and for speedy shipment of a super quality jacket. I could not have asked for more at double the price!

USN 1968-72

US Wings Leather Flight Jacket Modern A-2

A-2 2000

I received my A-2 two days ago and I could not be more pleased!!! I’m 5′ 11″ 228lbs. w/49.5″ chest and the XXL fits great. The jacket feels meaty but not stiff and hard to move in. I’ll be 60 in a couple months and this thing will likely outlive me. Well worth the money! Thanks US Wings!!


US Wings Buffalo Indy-Style Adventurer Jacket
Indy Buffalo front

Cape Buffalo Indy

This is a solidly built jacket, that can be worn with jeans and a t shirt, all the way up to business casual.

I am 5’11’ and 190lbs, with an athletic build, and the Large fits perfectly.

I will be purchasing from US Wings again in the future. I am looking forward to getting the Army A-2 for uniform wear once I get a set of the new “Pinks and Greens.” (I am currently serving as a Company Commander within a US Army Airborne unit.)

Great company, great product, great history. Carry on, US Wings.

Joseph, United States Army

US Wings

Consumers love US Wings, as attested by these customers.  Additional testimonials can be found at  U.S. Wings Customer Testimonials.  Go to US to view our Indy-Style Jackets, A-2 Jackets, G-1 Jackets and many others.   Founded in 1986 by SFC David Hack, USA (R), U.S. Wings has the perfect jacket for you.


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