Cooper Original Goatskin G-1 with Removable Collar

Cooper Goatskin G-1 Jacket w/ Removable Collar front

Our US Wings Cooper Original Goatskin G-1 with Removable Collar has all the standard G-1 features including a shell made from the finest full-grain goatskin leather, two button-flapped front cargo pockets, a bi-swing back for freedom of movement, silky nylon lining, and a windflap with “USN” perforation. What sets this outstanding G-1 Jacket apart from standard G-1s is the removable genuine mouton fur collar, which can easily be buttoned-on or off depending on your mood or weather conditions! There is a leather “G-2” style collar beneath when you don’t need the extra warmth & protection of a fur collar, making this jacket much more versatile than a standard G-1.


The G-1 has been around since WWII (as the M-422 before becoming the “G-1” in the 1950s) and still looks as good now as it did back then. Our Cooper Original Goatskin G-1 with Removable Collar retains the timeless style of the original but adds a functional & practical upgrade to this classic USN/USMC aviator’s jacket! It’s sure to become your go-to jacket season after season!

The G-1 remains a current uniform-issue item in naval aviation for officer and enlisted aviation personnel on flying status in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Coast Guard.  More technically, the jacket may be considered the U.S. Military flight jacket developed in 1947 and used in the Korean War, since the term “G-1” was not used as a label for this fur-collared military-issued jacket until after World War II. However, the term “G-1” has come to be used for this style of naval leather flight jacket. Prior to the end of World War II, and starting in 1940 when it was officially named by the U.S. Navy, the jacket had the military spec number of M-422


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