Face Masks in Schools

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Face Masks in Schools is a very important subject.  The 2020 School year will begin in a few months and wearing face masks is a critical issue. Students and teachers should wear Face Masks in Schools as well as all social gatherings.

Senate Hearings

Senate committee hearing on reopening schools in the fall underscored the level of uncertainty facing American schoolchildren, teachers and parents.   Panelists and senators on the body’s Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee considered a broad range of issues including masks, and what the 2020-2021 school year will look like.

The coronavirus has been shown to pose far less danger to children than to adults. Concerns were raised about the health of educators, which did not get addressed substantively at the hearing. The health of vulnerable parents was also brought up.

Custom School Facemasks

US Wings is proud to offer USA-made Custom School Logo Masks to all schools, universities, and educational institutions!  In addition to promoting unity among the students and teachers, these products make great School Face Mask Fundraisers.  Show your school pride while helping to prevent the spread of contagions! With our ability to give schools a quantity discount, these masks are a great fundraising item as well.

Made in USA

Unlike many sellers who are offering foreign-made masks, ours are made in the state of Virginia. These commercial-grade masks are made from breathable 3-ply cotton and features single-needle ribbed binding, anti-bacterial coating, comfortable ear loops that allow the mask to fit most faces, and your school’s logo in the upper right corner.

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