Nose Art and Tail Sash patches now available at US Wings

nose Art and Tail Sash patches

Nose Art and Tail Sash patches are now available at US Wings.  Resident world renown artist Jim Harley is recreating hand painted WWII nose art and Tail Sash patches. Traditionally aircraft Nose Art has been painted on the back of leather jackets.  Jim Harley is now reproducing your favorite nose Art on five inch leather patches.  As a result, you have a less expensive alternative to display and honor your favorite nose art.

Nose art is a decorative painting or design on the fuselage of an aircraft, usually on the front fuselage.  Begun as a means of identifying friendly units, the practice evolved to express the individuality due to constraints of  uniformity of the military.  Firstly to evoke memories of home.  Secondly, peacetime life, and lastly as a kind of psychological protection against the stresses of war and the probability of death. Furthermore the appeal in part came from nose art not being officially approved.  Most noteworthy regulations against it were not enforced

Taking a photograph sent from a customer from North Field Guam, the B 29 “City of Flatbush” nose art has been handpainted on a five inch leather patch.

Another example is the B17 “Nine ‘O’ Nine”:

To further honor these great aircraft US Wings is introducing Tail Sash patches.  Each aircraft had marks on their vertical stablizers to identify their bomb group.  To facilitate control among thousands of bombers, the USAAF devised a system of aircraft tail markings in 1943 to identify groups and wings. The system evolved gradually to one using large areas of color in conjunction with symbols or patterns of color.  Hence, identifying the wing and often different colors for the group.

19th Bomb Group                                         91st Bomb Group

Embellish your A-2 Flight jacket with Nose Art, Tail Sash Bomb Group, Bomb Squadron, name tag and theatre patches:

19th Bomb group, City of Flatbush nose art, 30th Bomb Squadron, Name tag and 20th Air Force patches on a US Wings Cape Buffalo A-2.

For more information call 800-650-0659 or go to :

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