My son’s bomber jacket needed the cuffs and waist bands replaced and I sent it in for repairs.    

    The jacket has extreme sentimental value to Zach, as it was a gift from his deceased father.  While I was hesitant to ship it off for repairs for fear it would be lost and/or damaged, I wanted more for Zach to be able to continue to enjoy the memories and the wearing of his FAVORITE jacket.  I sent the jacket off right after Christmas. 

    I was so elated when I received a package from Wings.  I opened the box and found Zach’s jacket placed in a plastic bag for protection and packed as if it were the most valuable item in the world, which it really was.  The work done and time it took to do repairs was OUTSTANDING!!!!  

    I want to convey a HUGE THANK YOU for taking such great care of Zach’s precious gift.



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