Lee Blankenship

Well, the US Wings® Vintage Cape Buffalo G-1 Jacket Reg-XL [Order #56196] arrived yesterday; very fast shipment at least.  I didn’t open the box right away because I’ve been burned in the past with products that fall short of sales hype where the product just doesn’t live up to what I had envisioned.  I opened the box last night, peered inside and the jacket appeared to look like what I had expected; closed the box to avoid disappointment before turning in.

I reopened the box this afternoon, removed the jacket from the plastic wrapping, inspected it and, finally, tried it on.  WOW! The jacket fit absolutely perfectly – length, shoulders, waist, sleeves; it had the “right’ color and the expected heft.  You’ve completely destroyed my negative impressions of online sellers with a quality jacket.  My compliments to your entire team.

Next project is to take the jacket to the tailor at the NSA Monterey NEX to sew on a bunch of ship’s patches to chronicle my time in the Navy (a long time ago).  I’ll send you photos when it’s ship-shape.  You are correct in advising me not to leave the jacket lying around – it will get legs and walk away!

Many thanks for your sizing recommendation and for speedy shipment of a super quality jacket.  I could not have asked for more at double the price!


Lee Blankenship

USN 1968-72

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