Steve Z.

Dear Sgt HacK,

Just wanted to say that my recent purchase of a modern A2 goatskin leather jacket was the best decision I ever made. I served in the USAF as an air crewman from 1970 to 1980 and I never did own a leather A2 jacket . I was totaly blown away about the jackets quality and workmanship. Ive recieved some very nice comments from current military and ex military about the jacket and even from civilians as well while in movie theaters and other establishments when I wear it. When they ask me where I bought it, I reply GOOGLE US WINGS on the web and be prepared to be staring at some of the nicest quality military jackets to be found anywhere for hours. A jacket for every budget too !

As a matter of fact, while searching for my A2 jacket, I had several web sites saved on my pc searching for that perfect coat and deal. Then I found the US WINGS web site. NO CONTEST AT ALL !!! ( I deleted all the rest ) Even the US WINGS site was set up in a manner that was complete with very detailed description of each product you carry with very nice pictures of each skew you offered. Whom ever designed your web site did it right !

There are certainly some COPIES of A2 and G1 appearing in the market now and from a distance the may fool a few onlookers but Ive seen them up close and the MADE IN CHINA label inside says it all. Not to slam the Chinese but if the US WING jacket rates a 10 as an example, the imported knock-off would rate a 6 at best. Im not even sure what kind of leather is used in the Chinese imported products. ( Im a little afraid to even ask too ) 

Im so happy with my purchase sarg that Im going to convince the wife that theres a terrific G1 NAVY jacket on your site in my size and fits my budget . My father was a NAVAL AVIATOR from 1946 to 1972 and flew thousands of hours and gave me his old G1jacket and its beyond restoration as to the leather is totaly dried and partially rotted. I cant even save the old squadron patches sewn on it as to their totaly faded. Besides, I grew a bit larger than dad and the coat wouldnt fit anyway. Im going to locate as many of my dads old squadron patches as I can since many companies make reproductions now. By the way, dad is still living at 87 years old and would certainly be pleased of me wearing a beatiful US NAVY G1 jacket with many of his old squadron patches neatly attached to it. My father even commanded a submarine hunter squadron during the cold war so he was in a sense a real hero that in some small way contributed to our nations security so a personal salute to his career would not be appropriate in a CHINESE KNOCK OFF PRODUCT. 


Thank you Sargeant Hack for your time. Steve Z. Virginia Beach, Virginia

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