The Ultimate Indy Jacket from US Wings

decorative indiana jones hat and jacket

US Wings has created many Indy Jackets over the years in many types of leather.  At last We now believe we have created the US Wings ultimate Indy Jacket!

Limited Edition!

Our US Wings Cape Buffalo Indy-style Adventurer Jacket is one of the toughest & most durable jackets we manufacture!  But how tough & durable is this jacket?  US Wings is honored to supply our Cape Buffalo Indy-style Adventurer Jackets to Disney.  Our jacket is worn by the performers in the “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!” show at Walt Disney World in Florida.  This show has been seen by millions of people since its inception in 1989.  It features scene recreations and epic stunts from Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Our US Wings Cape Buffalo Indy-style Adventurer Jacket was specifically requested by Disney.  The jacket’s authenticity makes it the ideal choice and its quality & durability ensure that the jacket will withstand the rigors of the show.  This is the ultimate US Wings Indy Jacket.

Cape Buffalo Leather

But as tough as these jacket are, they also possess all the high-end quality & luxury that any cultivated, dyed-in-the-wool urbanite would demand. The antique brown cape buffalo leather has rich & varied graining.  Additionally it is wonderfully soft & supple.  You will be equally at-home in the rugged outback or the concrete jungle.  Finally It has three-season wearability.  The tanning & antiquing process ensures that no two will look exactly alike.  Our Cape Buffalo Indy-style Adventurer Jacket is ideal for anyone who needs or appreciates an ultra-tough luxury jacket.  Furthermore it’s extremely versatile and made from a truly unique leather.


The quality & durability of this jacket is legendary. Its origins will definitely conjure up the spirit of adventure whenever you slip it on!  Exclusively from US Wings.  To see the entire line of Indy-style jackets go to US Wings Indy-Style Adventurer Jackets.

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