US Flag Bomber Jackets at US Wings

freedom line jackets

US Flag Bomber Jackets at US Wings are part of our new Freedom Series.  They include some of our finest & most popular jacket styles. Featuring our US Army A-2, Vintage Cape Buffalo A-2, Vintage Cape Buffalo G-1, Goatskin A-2, and Goatskin G-1.  All feature a US Flag sewn in the lining. These jackets have a rich history going back to World War II. They are a wearable tribute to all US Military pilots, aviators, aircrew & paratroopers who fought valiantly in the air & on the ground to keep our nation, and the world, free. The quality of these jackets is absolutely top-notch and you’ll definitely feel the pride of wearing such an outstanding jacket! Stay tuned to our website for more info and release date.

Even if you weren’t there blasting Zeros and Me-109s out of the skies, you can still experience some of the excitement and glory by dressing the part! Handmade from Grade A, drum-dyed leather & hand-inspected. This gives you a superior level of quality unmatched by inferior mass produced, machine-made garments. Our collection of A-2s is the finest available and we think you’ll agree!

Naval Aviators are often considered to be the finest of military flyers. Their G-1 flight jackets have always identified them as members of an elite group. Now you have the opportunity to own one of these authentic Freedom Series G-1s through US Wings!

US Flag Bomber Jackets at US Wings coming soon!


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